Want to ‘binge and chill?’ We’re here with ‘Koimoi Library’. Below is the list of the web-shows recommended by us and feel free to click on the show/movie’s name to read the full review. We’ve also provided the OTT platforms on which these shows/movies are available on.

Koimoi Library – Recommended Web Shows To Binge On OTT
Koimoi Library – Recommended Web Shows To Binge On OTT

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Movie/ShowOne Line ReviewRating out of 5Available On
Chintu Ka BirthdayThis is one of those films that will tell you that the lockdown you are in right now, is nothing compared to what Chintu and family are in. Watch it for hope, watch it for a family that does not let the love die. Does Chintu finally celebrates his birthday? Watch it to know that too!
13 Reasons Why Season 4As you watch the final season of 13 Reasons Why expect a roller-coaster ride of emotions and keep the tissues handy.
Choked Choked is an intriguing watch laced with brilliant performances. It’s the closest you can come to witness the tension and chaos happened during demonetization.
The LovebirdsDo watch The Lovebirds with your family or life partner in this Lockdown period. The only bad thing about this film is that it’s just 86 minutes long.4Netflix
Control ZControl Z is watchable for its hard-hitting storyline and the way it takes you among the high school brats. The environment in which it takes you can be haunting for a long time especially if you a parent.3.5Netflix
Paatal LokWATCH! WATCH! WATCH! You don’t get great content every day. Paatal Lok is the perfect biryani with no elaichi in it. Watch it for the metaphors, the messaging. If not that, there’s massive adrenaline rush waiting for you. Binge right away.4Prime Video
IllegalIt’s ‘illegal’ to miss Voot Special’s Illegal because it’s one of the best Indian originals in recent times. From story to screenplay to performances, there’s nothing about the show that you won’t end up loving.4Voot
Into the Night Into The Night takes you on an unimaginable ride and is worth a binge-watch. If you love thrillers, you should not miss it. Interestingly, it’s the first Belgian Original by Netflix and everyone in the team deserves kudos for it.3.5Netflix
Hasmukh This show is engaging, one can’t predict what’s going to happen next and you’ll find yourself rooting for Hasmukh despite his act of committing murders
Money Heist Season 4This season of Money Heist action-packed and dramatic sequences that will surely send shivers down your spine. A MUST watch!
I Am Not Okay With ThisI Am Not Okay With This is a fun watch if you love the supernatural genre. The best thing is that it’s quite light in its treatment and is easy to complete.3.5Netflix
Zindagi InShortsWatch it to see how a story can be told in a limited timeframe without compromising on anything. Watch it to see how varies pallet of stories we have and endorse. Also, 7 stories in just 2.5 hours are stolen. If I am even 50 per cent successful in convincing you, give it a chance!
4Flipkart Video
You S02Go, take a dive in the deep dark world of Joe but make sure you come out before it’s too late.
Yeh BalletYeh Ballet is made out of conviction and is a story that needed to be told. Enter the world of ballet like Asif and Nishu do, learn to pronounce it and rise in the air. Watch it to see how Sooni conveys the importance of a dream and how every obstacle turns out to be small in front of it.
The WitcherThe Witcher is for sure an amazing add on to the fantasy drama list and a breeze of fresh air amidst the wannabe content that is being force pushed on the platforms.
The Forgotten ArmyThe Forgotten Army is your go-to show this Republic Day weekend. Binge watch it right now and I promise you’ll take away a lot from it.
4Prime Video
The Crown S03Watch Crown and you should. Engross yourself in the experience. Learn a thing or two about the crown, bow before the queen and embrace the dark yet shinny world of the royals that awaits.
Taj Mahal 1989Watch Taj Mahal 1989 if you believe in love, if you don’t, there is something in there for you too. Watch it for the stellar cast, the thoughtful writing and the heart that is in the right place. Concluding this I would want to quote Akhtar who says, “Ishq Jismani Nahi Roohani Baat Hai.”
MessiahWatch Messiah for sure and you should. For an idea that is different and not just one of the many generic ones, for a perspective that is untouched and for the goose flesh it brings.
Little Things S03 Little Things Season 3 is a must-watch if you crave for light-hearted yet realistic romantic shows. Although you’ll love to binge-watch it but I recommend you to enjoy it slowly just like you drink “masala chai” sip by sip.
Kota Factory Kota Factory is not just a relief from the mediocre digital content all around us these days, it also emerges as one of the best Indian web shows ever. A much-needed comeback for TVF.
4TVF Play
El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie El Camino makes us want more because good stories are never enough!4.5Netflix
AfsosWe are sold into Afsos and everyone who is a part of it! 4Prime Video
13 Reasons Why S03 13 Reasons Why Season 3 is a must-watch for the hard-hitting storytelling and all the important messages it has to deliver you directly and indirectly.
The Family Man The Family Man is one of the best action thrillers to be made in India which is totally worth binge watch. Complete all your tasks for the day before you start watching it because it will not let you move for 7-8 hours of its duration.
4.5Prime Video
Marianne Double thumbs up to Marianne for being a terrific horror show. Go and enjoy this scary ride.4Netflix
Cheesecake Cheesecake is a small but beautiful story that will touch your heart in a big way. Definitely worth the binge-watch.3.5
MX Player
A Summer Story A Summer Story is a feel-good web series. It has a lot of emotions, joyful moments, eye-opening and woke talks and it’s high on relatability factor.4YouTube
The PlatformThe Platform isn’t an easy watch as it’s a gut-wrenching reality check for all of us. It has many brutal and explicit scenes, including cannibalism. Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia’s direction in tensed and eerie that perfectly sets the petrifying mood for the film.4Netflix
State Of Siege: 26/11Overall, State of Siege: 26/11 is a must watch to know the untold story of these courageous NSG Commandos during the 26/11 attacks in Mumbai.4.5Zee5
DraculaYou must watch Dracula as it’s one of the best web shows on Netflix in the horror genre. The ‘flavour’ of this show will linger on your tongue for a long time and when you watch it, do come back here to tell me that you have understood why I used the word ‘flavour’ here.
Bard Of Blood Totally worth binge-watching!
Special OpsWatch this Neeraj Pandey’s show for the love of the genre. It is thrilling, exciting, and intriguing all at the same time. Pro tip: Special Ops doesn’t have anyone jumping out and narrating a patriotic monologue, isn’t that a good news? 4Hotstar
AsurAsur is a must-watch because of its novelty factor. The way two opposite worlds have been brought together in a show is fascinating enough and equally fascinating is to get into the brain of a psychopath.4Voot
PushpavalliPushpavalli season 2 is worth your watch. While many call her the Joe (a character from Netflix’s You series) of India, she creeped us out way before he did (in 2017).3.5Amazon Prime
Ghar Ki MurgiGhar Ki Murgi is an important film. Watch it to see a story that is real and raw. Watch it to see how amazing an actress Sakshi is, how in control as writer and director Nitesh and Ashwini are.4Sony LIV

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