Dracula Review (Netflix): Star Cast: Claes Bang, Dolly Wells, John Heffernan, Morfydd Clark, Jonathan Aris, Lydia West, Sacha Dhawan

Director: Jonny Campbell, Paul McGuigan, Damon Thomas

Streaming On: Netflix

Dracula Review (Netflix): Claes Bang's Count Dracula Gives You One Of The Best 'Flavours' Of Horror And You Must Check It Out
Dracula Review (Netflix): Claes Bang’s Count Dracula Gives You One Of The Best ‘Flavours’ Of Horror!

Dracula Review (Netflix): What’s It About? & How’s The Screenplay?

The 3 episode series, Dracula by Netflix is inspired by Irish author Bram Stoker’s novel by the same name. It’s 1897 and Count Dracula is an old vampire living in a mysteriously built castle in Hungary. He now wants to shift to England and to do the paperwork he invites a lawyer Jonathan Harker to his castle. Unaware about the reality of Dracula he visits his castle but finds him stuck there. Dracula just doesn’t want Jonathan to leave because he is secretly drinking his blood which has a motive of absorbing all his English speaking skills. Also in no time, Dracula starts aging reversely while the lawyer starts getting old.

When Jonathan tries to escape his castle he fails because it’s not that easy to do so. Also, he now knows that Dracula wants to go to England to feast on the English people which is as scary as it gets.

What happens next? You have to watch the show to know.

The screenplay of the show has been written by Mark Gatiss & Steven Moffat and full marks to them for making it a scary, edge of the seat and enjoyable affair. I haven’t read Bram Stoker’s novel but as far as this onscreen adaptation is concerned, it keeps you hooked.

The writing is absorbing, the character of Count Dracula is ugly yet charming. The way he speaks has a charm of its own kind and you’ve no option but to listen to each word he is saying. Each dialogue of him has been written very cleverly and leaves a lasting impact. Plus the fact that he has a large motive behind selecting each of his target is intriguing. The way he looks at them, the way he reaches out and makes them the target makes you bite your nails. The sheer audacity with which he does what he does will make you disgusted but at the same time curious to know more about him.


All the 3 episodes which are almost 90 minutes each, have been written and developed very well. They keep you glued as something new is happening every now and then. There are no major twists and turns but it has a lot of novelty factor as far as the drama is concerned. I personally loved the 2nd episode more but 1st and 3rd are also very good. The finale is amazing and unimaginable. Basically, the writers have changed the way we look at vampires and the whole ideology behind their existence and non-existence. This very fact makes the show even more interesting.

Dracula Review (Netflix): How Are The Performances?

Claes Bang as Count Dracula gets into the skin of the character. It seems he’s made the play this role as never ever he looks out of the character he plays. You’ll simply love to hate him and will think about him for a long time after completing the series.

Dolly Wells has a dual role to play in the show and she plays it convincingly. You’ll fall in love with her honest characters and the way she has played it.

Lydia West shines as she plays Lucy, one of the brides of Claes. Her character, as well as performance, will intrigue you. Watch out for the scene where her undead version faces its reality and breaks down. What follows next is also very chilling.

The rest of the cast has also performed ably.

Jonny Campbell, Paul McGuigan, Damon Thomas have given excellent direction to the show. Be it a castle in 1897 or a ship going towards England or the 2020 world, they have created just the right environment. All three in their respective episodes have done a phenomenal job.

Overall, You must watch Dracula as it’s one of the best web shows on Netflix in the horror genre. The ‘flavour’ of this show will linger on your tongue for a long time and when you watch it, do come back here to tell me that you have understood why I used the word ‘flavour’ here.

Rating: 4 stars

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