What could be a better way to uplift your mood than indulge in some good music? The Indian film industry primarily Bollywood and South depends heavily on songs to promote their films. The Hindi film industry is known all over the world for its extravagant dance and song sequences. So if you like to be updated with the latest music, we at will recommend you with some tracks that you can binge on, and others that you must ignore. Under the ‘Music Reviews’ section, you will find our detailed song review of a film album and even of an independent number. We share opinions on each track in our music reviews, and conclude the same with an overall rating to the entire score.

Besides album reviews, Koimoi also recommends situational songs that might suit your mood for the day. We also have a popular category called ‘Koimoi Bollywood Music Countdown’. Under the same, we take your opinion on recent songs through a poll, and then list down the top 10 numbers for that particular month. Moreover, Hindi song reviews are always in great demand, and we at Koimoi make sure to serve our dear readers with the most honest and unbiased feedback on an album or a track. If you are in a hurry, then our music albums ratings can give you a quick preview of what to expect from the entire analysis.

Fans on social media too like to endorse popular songs of their favorite stars and our new music reviews can come in handy at that time. We have a large team of experienced and dedicated reporters who you can trust to serve you with the most interesting and entertaining song reviews. Our writers closely track every latest song and make sure to report about them first. So what are you waiting for, browse on for all the latest music reviews.

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