Sadak 2 Music Review: A Mixed Bag Of Intense & Emotional Songs That We Were Longing For This Year!
Sadak 2 Music Review: A Mixed Bag Of Intense & Emotional Songs That We Were Longing For This Year!

Music Directors: Ankit Tiwari, Keet Gannguli, Samidh Mukherjee, Urvi and Suniljeet

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Sadak 2, starring Alia Bhatt, Sanjay Dutt, Pooja Bhatt and Aditya Roy Kapur will soon release online. Despite all the negativity, there are people who are genuinely looking forward to watching the movie. The film is helmed by Mahesh Bhatt. He has returned to direction after a long sabbatical.

Mahesh Bhatt’s movies always have complex stories and characters. Even the love stories aren’t the usual happy ones. But another factor that made his movies memorable are the songs in it. So far, he has never gone wrong with music in his movies. Has Sadak 2 music album managed to surpass that or reach to that level? Read our review to find out the same.

Sadak 2 Music Review – Tum Se Hi (Composed by Ankit Tiwari, Lyrics by Shabbir Ahmed, Crooned by Ankit)

Reminds me of Tu Hai Ki Nahi from Roy. But it’s a good song that won’t take time to grow on you. The lyrics are easy to remember. Ankit Tiwari is as usual in his good form. It’s at the end of the song, we get to listen to Leena Bose’s vocals and she’s sweet.

Sadak 2 Music Review – Shukriya (Composed by Jeet Gannguli, Lyrics by Jeet Gannguli, Rashmi Virag, Sung by Jubin Nautiyal)

Jubin Nautiyal’s voice gives you goosebumps as the song begins. What they call as ‘hauntingly beautiful’ is exactly suitable for this track by Jeet. It’s a slow song with hard-hitting and meaningful lyrics. Despite not being a song that one can listen any time, but will be people’s favourite.

Sadak 2 Music Review – Dil Ki Purani Sadak (Composed by Samidh Mukherjee, Urvii, Lyrics by Vijay Vijawatt, Sung by KK)

Another intense track composed by Samidh Mukherjee. Crooned by KK, he takes you on a journey in your head as you listen to the song. From the lyrics, it seems like a song of separation/departure. The violin segment in this song incredible.

Sadak 2 Music Review – Chal Tera Shukriya (Sung by Shreya Ghosal)

It’s the female version of Jubin’s song sung by Shreya Ghoshal. An apt voice for a song that’s meant to strike a chord with you and make you grateful for life. However, Jubin Nautiyal’s version is still my favourite.

Sadak 2 Music Review – Ishq Kamaal (Composed by Suniljeet, Lyrics by Suniljeet & Shalu Vaish, Crooned by Javed Ali)

Javed Ali’s voice always brings a smile on my face. Even with Ishq Kamaal, he manages to light up your mood. It’s a romantic track from the album. This isn’t something we haven’t heard Javed singing before, but still, you’ll fall in love with this lively melody.

Sadak 2 Music Review – Purani Sadak (Reprise version sung by KK)

Purani Sadak is already a slow song and the reprise version is even slower. This one seems like a song that will be used during a significant moment in the film.

Sadak 2 Music Review – Shukriya (Reprise version by Jubin and KK)

This is another reprise track in the movie. The surprise element in this version is KK. His voice and intensity complement very well with Jubin’s voice. This is going to be on your playlist at midnight when you are lost in deep thoughts or good memories.

Sadak 2 Music Review – Dil Ki Purani (Unplugged version by Samidh Mukherjee)

The song is crooned by composer Samidh Mukherjee. Despite being the same song, it’s very different. Samidh’s deep voice strikes an emotional chord. Despite being a good song, this seems like the one that’s going to be the lost gem in the album.

Overall, Sadak 2 songs are good. There is nothing extraordinary, but it has been a long time since we got a wonderful music album in Bollywood. Everything now depends on how the makers plan to use these tracks in movies. After all, a good song requires an apt situation to feel the emotion.

Sadak 2 Music Review Rating: 3.5/5

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