Radhe Music Review Rating: 2.5/5 (Two and a Half Stars)

Music Director/s: Sajid Wajid, Rockstar DSP (Devi Sri Prasad)

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Radhe Music Review: Another Eid, another Salman Khan film, another music album creating situations for the character instead of delving into the narration. Too harsh? Well, you should read what do I’ve to say about the album.

Salman brings his trusted musicians like Sajid Wajid and Himesh Reshammiya on board, but is that enough? Let’s take a look at what the album has to offer!

Salman Khan's Radhe Music Review Out Now! Will I ever listen to the song by searching in the app? Nope. Will I change the channel if it's on FM? Nope.
Radhe Music Review Out & The Songs Are Missing A Lot Of Himesh Reshammiya! (Photo Credit – Facebook)

Radhe Music Review – Seeti Maar

If you look at just the titles of the first two songs, this one sounds ‘mass’ier, and I guess that’s the only reason you won’t open your album with a Himesh Reshammiya song when you have one. This mistake might sound trivial, but the first song of an album always leave a great impact.

On to the song, it’s outright annoying. It’s not even wrong, it’s annoying, and that’s worse than bad. It starts at a good note laying the base for the “Salman Khan” entry, but it goes downhill from there, resulting in a snowball effect. At first, it’s just Shabbir Ahmed’s lyrics turning this into a mediocre product but then happens Iulia Vantur.

The setup of the song demanded someone like Himesh to hold the mic as Kamaal Khan just couldn’t get the mood right. Reimagine this song with Himesh singing the ‘le le le, dil le le le’ portion; you’ll understand why I said so. This is a pretty forgettable and might be the weakest ‘opening song’ of bhai-films in recent time. Overall, this is “bleh bleh bleh bleh blllle-blllle-blleeh”.

Radhe Music Review – Dil De Diya

The overall impact would’ve indeed been a bit better if the makers would’ve chosen to open the promotions with this song. Totally in the zone of ‘Le Le Mazaa Le’ from Wanted, Himesh Reshammiya seldomly goes wrong with Salman Khan.

Don’t tag me a ‘Himesh fan’ when I say that I wish he should’ve sung this. Despite the “oh, I’ve heard this music somewhere before” sentiment, this comes across as the number fans would’ve gone crazy in Mumbai’s Gaiety-Galaxy.

This is the magic of a good melody, it helps even the singer to shine, and that’s what happens with Kamaal Khan. The freestyle tempo of the song allows Kamaal to go all out. Payal Dev’s rustic voice couples up beautifully, with Kamaal delivering a treat to bhai-fans. Just listen to the first 30 seconds of both Seeti Maar, and you’ll know how Himesh traps you without wasting much time.

Radhe Music Review – Radhe Title Track

More than listening to this on big-screen, I’m excited to see how some ‘tejasvi singers’ would churn a religious song off this. I even have some lyrics in my mind which I won’t write here because I just can’t go to Pakistan. This is the ‘mandatory beats-pumping, bhai-entering’ song, and it’s fun.

This is nowhere near Dabangg or even Bodyguard, but it still holds the swag required by ‘bhai ke gaane’. It’s totally in the “why do I even like this?” category which is an improvement from the Dabangg 3 debacle. It comes with Sajid Wajid written all over it, with the former lending his voice and tuning it playfully throughout.

Will I ever listen to the song by searching in my music app? Nope. Will I change the channel if it’s on FM? Nope. It’s a track not made for those who aren’t Salman Khan fans. For the major part of you guys reading this, this might be your favourite track of the album.

Radhe Music Review – Zoom Zoom

Can we rename this song to Khoon Khoon (kaano se)? Also, Salman Khan fans, would you support me if I create a petition of not letting Iulia Vantur sing for any Salman film? It starts with a catchy tune which immediately turns annoying after Sajid Wajid pump it up to a deafening high pitch zone, and it’s all pure noise after that.

Ash King tries to pump in something of value to the track, but everything else is too turbulent to save the ship from sinking into the sea of “why this was even composed?” melodies. The only chance Iulia has to sound better in a song is if she sings a duet with me. By a whisker, this one takes the crown of the “oh my god, why?” track of the album over Seeti Maar.

Radhe Music Review: Last Word

All said and done; this needed more Himesh Reshammiya! Thankfully it doesn’t have many songs, maintaining a 50-50 balance of good to bad. I will miss the amazeballs craze of the title track in a single-screen theatre, but here’s hoping to the end of this new normal.

Two and a half stars!

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