Rakhee Was Once Allegedly Slapped By Gulzar
Here’s Why Gulzar Allegedly Slapped Rakhee One Night(Pic Credit: Movie Still, Wikipedia)

Rakhee and Gulzar’s relationship was much-talked-about during that time. Even though they were head over heels in love with each other, an incident broke them forever. It was just a matter of one night, a story that includes Sanjeev Kumar and Suchitra Sen too. Keep scrolling further to know the entire story of that one night which changed the couple’s marriage.

Actually, the shoot of the film ‘Aandhi’ was going on in Kashmir. Suchitra was the actress in the film. She was partying with Sanjeev the night this entire incident took place. But did you know that it was on the same night when her husband slapped Karan Arjun actress?



According to certain reports in Pinkvilla, Suchitra Sen was partying with Sanjeev Kumar that night, and the actor was drunk. Later, when Suchitra moved towards her room, suddenly drunk Sanjeev grabbed her hand and started pulling towards her. When Gulzar arrived there, he thought of saving the actress. He caught her other hand and started pulling towards him.

Suchitra Sen became very angry with Sanjeev Kumar, after which somehow Gulzar managed to take the actress from there to her room. After this, there was talk between the two for hours in a closed room. When he came out of the closed room after two hours, Rakhee caught him.

Now, obviously, any wife would first get wrong thoughts when she would see her husband stepping out of another woman’s room. Something similar happened there.

Rakhee was shocked to see her husband coming out of Suchitra Sen’s room in the middle of the night. Gulzar tried to handle the case, but the actresses anger was on the seventh sky. Her voice was so loud that the hotel staff gathered.

Gulzar’s patience was broken, and he apparently hit his wife. Later, news came through the hotel staff that Gulzar had beaten his wife a lot that night.

Rakhee, hurt by her husband’s beating, made up her mind to go to films again and started a new inning from Yash Chopra’s film Kabhi Kabhie. The couple separated from each other in 1974 after their daughter was born. Although both appear on public forums, Gulzar has been living alone for the last 44 years.

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