Little Things Season 3 Netflix Review: Little Things ever since its inception has been that gift to the digital audience which they deserved. The first season of the show was released 3 years back on Dice Media’s official YouTube channel. The breezy content, beautiful chemistry between the lead characters and the “Little Things” but big enough to put a big smile on your face was such a welcoming change on India’s small screen. It was a time when Indian content started evolving and millenials finally got what they were looking for.

At that time, Little Things’ episodes were of less than 20-minute duration and they were 5 in total. Later, Dice Media renewed it with Netflix and we must say the show has only got bigger and better ever snce.

If season 1 was all about the cute, easy & breezy chemistry of Dhruv & Kavya and how they deal with “Little Things” in their life, Season 2 got a little bit dark and philosophical which was the ultimate need also because the characters grow with time. Now in Season 3, things have changed significantly.

Little Things Season 3 Netflix Review: Watch It Just Like You Enjoy Masala Chai, Sip By Sip!
Little Things Season 3 Netflix Review: Watch It Just Like You Enjoy Masala Chai, Sip By Sip!

Dhruv & Kavya have got a new challenge this time and that is to survive “Long Distance Relationship”. Will they ace this new challenge or will they become one of those couples who lose against the tide of changing times?

Little Things Season 3 actually offers more than that. While the core of the show has been kept intact. It’s still beautiful, it’s cute, it offers so many little but important things to notice but the world of Dhruv & Kavya has now become much more realistic. From the days when they used to spend the whole day together, eating food, watching TV and chilling around, they are now in a time when the stress about the career is more. They are little more worried about their future, little more worried about parents, little more worried about not being able to get hold of the time and little more worried about where there relationship is heading.

I’ll give the due credit to Dhruv Sehgal’s writing here because the man is shaping up the show really well. The way his characters have matured with time is commendable. The way the world around them has changed is so real and the challenges are relatable. Even though the whole show is really good and worth watching, I’ll say Episode 4 and Episode 5 are the best when Dhruv & Kavya go back to their home. While the hints have always been there but this is when you realise what makes “Kavya” a “Kavya” and what makes “Dhruv” a “Dhruv”.

Little Things Season 3 starts with a scene that will make your heart sink and will also prepare a stage for the things that are going to happen next. The writing is very engaging and absorbing here even though it doesn’t necessarily rely on cliffhangers. However, from 6th episode, it just gets more philosophical with which not everyone would be able to relate to.

Also, there are some issues related to detailing which I feel is the only major flaw.

Little Things Season 3 is rich performance wise as well. Mithila Palkar as Kavya Kulkarni is naturally excellent. She is such an effortlessly expressive actor and deserves all the accolades. Dhruv Sehgal as Dhruv Vats is simply amazing. If he rocks in writing, he delivers well as an actor too. Dhruv Vats is a complex character which has shades of grey. He is fighting with his own insecurities which often reflects in his behaviour. Dhruv Sehgal has aced the frustrated, insecure yet an honest character beautifully.

Ruchir Arun & Sumit Aroraa’s direction is excellent.

Overall, Little Things Season 3 is a must-watch if you crave for light-hearted yet realistic romantic shows. Although you’ll love to binge-watch it but I recommend you to enjoy it slowly just like you drink “masala chai” sip by sip.

Rating: 3.5/5

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