Hasmukh Review (Netflix): In India, we rarely get to see good black comedies and Vir Das has taken this risk with his latest Netflix web series Hasmukh. So is it good? Read on to know.

Cast: Vir Das, Suhail Nayyar, Raza Murad, Ranvir Shorey, Ravi Kishan, Deeksha Sonalkar and Manoj Pahwa

Creator: Nikkhil Advani, Vir Das and Applause Entertainment

Star Ratings: 3.5/5 stars

Hasmukh Review (Netflix):
Hasmukh Review (Netflix): Vir Das KILLS It In His Latest Black Comedy!

What is it about?

Vir Das starrer tells us the story of an aspiring comedian named Hasmukh who was never encouraged by a single person in his life. He has the talent and can write good jokes, but he also has stage fright. Every time he is out to perform, all that comes out on the stage is lots of sweat and shivering. For years, he trusted his mentor named Gulati, a popular local comedian in Saharanpur to make him a comedy star. However, all Hasmukh does for years is his slavery. One day, amidst an argument, Vir’s character loses his calm and ends up killing Gulati. On the same night, when Hasmukh goes on the stage to perform his act, his jokes land well and the audience is left in splits. Gulati’s manager Jimmy (played by Ranvir Shorey) sides with Hasmukh and the two decide to do more and better shows and earn lots of money. Killing before his performance becomes a necessity for Das’ character otherwise he turns into that nervous man again. When a channel calls Hasmukh in Mumbai to be a part of their comedy show, it’s a challenge for him to find people to kill in this big city. Also, once you are on TV, you are popular. So does he manage to find people to kill with so much popularity? You have to watch the show to know that.

How Is It?

It’s said that every artist needs some kick to give his best. Similarly, Hasmukh can only give his best comic act when he murders someone before the performance. Jimmy and Hasmukh together find someone every time when there’s a performance. But in Mumbai, it is tougher than a Bigg Boss task. There are no cameras but there are always eyes on you.

In the show, Vir’s character decides to kill only the bad guys. This reminds of Dexter in which the lead character used to kill bad boys, criminals and public offenders by chopping off their bodies. I didn’t feel so bad for them because these people had committed heinous crimes. The lead character in Vir’s Netflix series is our Desi Dexter. But Hasmukh has his own ways. He isn’t confident about what he does and also isn’t happy with what he has to do to fulfil his dreams.

The show is out there to test you. What can one do to fulfil their dreams? How do we decide what’s wrong and what’s right? Credit goes to show’s makers Nikkhil Advani and Vir Das. Along with all the drama that’s happening on the show, I enjoyed the not-so-subtle digs at the way media covers breaking news, damage control for accusers called out in #MeToo and also demonetisation. Well, it’s Vir Das’ show, all this has to be there!


I’ve missed Vir Das not being himself for a long time and I’m glad he did Hasmukh. He is phenomenal as the guy with big dreams from a small town. Vir kills with his act, or I can say ‘for his act’ in the show. Ranvir Shorey as Jimmy, Vir’s manager in the show gives a hilarious act. He makes you laugh and makes you crave for a friend like him. The supporting cast Suhail Nayyar, Raza Murad, Ravi Kishan, Deeksha Sonalkar and Manoj Pahwa play a crucial part in the story-telling and they all are fantastic.

Final Word: 

The show is a perfect blend of black comedy, thrill, and amazing performances. Sometimes, the jokes made by the comedians in the show failed to make me laugh much. But overall, Hasmukh is the kind of web series I needed during these times. It’s engaging, one can’t predict what’s going to happen next and you’ll find yourself rooting for Hasmukh despite his act of committing murders.

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