13 Reasons Why Season 4 Review: A Binge-Worthy Finale To The Much-Loved Netflix Show
13 Reasons Why Season 4 Review: A Binge-Worthy Finale To The Much-Loved Netflix Show

13 Reasons Why Season 4: Star Cast: Dylan Minnette, Alisha Boe, Ross Butler, Brandon Flynn, Davin Druid, Miles Heizer, Grace Saif, Deaken Bluman, Jan Luis Castellanos, Christian Navarro, Tyler Barnhardt, Justin Prentice, Timothy Granaderas, Gary Sinise

Creator: Brian Yorkey

Genre: Teen Drama, Mystery, Thriller

Streaming On: Netflix

13 Reasons Why Season 4 Review: What’s It About? And How’s The Screenplay?

Season 3 of 13 Reasons Why ended with the murder coverup of Bryce Walker. While Zach, Alex & Jessica were involved in the murder, a dead Monty’s name is used for the coverup. Now Monty’s hookup Winston knows that he’s not the murderer because both of them were together at the night of the murder and he wants to expose the real one. As Winston joins Liberty High School, he gets support from Diego, a footballer friend of Monty for the mission.

At the same time, Clay is going through a huge mental trauma as he’s been keeping more secrets than he can handle. Winston and Tyler become friends and soon Win-Alex start dating. As the show progresses things start getting complicated.

While Winston and Diego are leaving no stone unturned to find the real murderer(s), things become more difficult for Clay and friends.

I’ve always liked 13 Reasons Why because of the way it plays with your mind as a viewer. If season 1 was about 13 reasons which made Hannah Baker commit s*icide, season 2 and season 3 added new dimensions to the storyline. Even though many criticised the show and considered it getting overtly stretched, it worked for a lot of people including me because it still made sense. Season 4 does the same as it gives you so many nail-biting & WTF moments.

Honestly while watching the trailer of Season 4, it looked like we have seen it all already. I mean, what’s left to be seen in the show now? We already know who the murderers are and these two guys sooner or later will expose them. THE END. But no, give the creator and team a chance.

13 Reasons Why Season 4 still has a lot that keeps you hooked. Apart from being a murder mystery, it still has a lot to tell about mental problems, sh*t teenagers go through as they grow up faster than they need to.

The best things about this season are that it provides a good end to the story, has very good emotional connect, not at all slow like previous seasons and Man, what character arcs! Despite being an almost 10 & half hour long show, it’s totally binge worthy.

While I’ve always admired Clay’s character arc it gets even more interesting and shocking this time. Watch the scene in the 6th episode when Clay hallucinates both Bryce and Monty. It will f*ck your mind. Also a few scenes of him in the College Tour episode. You are going to feel for the guy really hard and shout WTF many times. Then we have Alex who finds out about his sexuality in this season. He is quite interesting to watch especially when dating Charli. Now that brings me to Charli. There’s no way you are not going to fall in love with his character. Watch out this season for him as well but get ready for a heart-breaking ending. Just saying that without giving spoilers.

13 Reasons Why Season 4 Review: How Are The Performances & Direction?

13 Reasons Why Season 4 Review: A Binge-Worthy Finale To The Much-Loved Netflix Show
13 Reasons Why Season 4 Review: A Binge-Worthy Finale To The Much-Loved Netflix Show

The performances have always been a strong point of the show and this time it just gets better.

Dylan Minnette aces as Clay while he displays the mental pain he is going through so well. There’s a shade of mystery added to his character this time and Dylan has done a fab job bringing it out.

Alisha Boe keeps on getting better. If she was amazing in the previous season, she rocks it this time as well. Be it the scenes in which she has to look strong and rebellious or the ones in which we see her emotional side, she has done a terrific job.

Brandon Flynn as Justin does well and is going to leave you teary-eyed. Davin Druid as Tyler is also very good. Ross Butler as Zach is fine, Grace Saif as Ani acts ably.

Jan Luis Castellanos as Diego is superb. Deaken Bluman as Winston is good. Miles Heizer as Alex is also good. Christian Navarro as Tony is decent. Tyler Barnhardt plays cute Charli with heart. Others lend good support as well.

Directors have done a tremendous job in giving the show a good ending. The way they have put together the whole season is excellent and makes for a compelling watch.

13 Reasons Why Season 4 Review: Final Verdict

As you watch the final season of 13 Reasons Why expect a roller-coaster ride of emotions and keep the tissues handy.

Rating: Four stars

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