Illegal Review: Voot Select Hits Another Sixer After Asur & It's Illegal To Miss This Piyush Mishra & Neha Sharma Show
Illegal Review: Voot Select Hits Another Sixer After Asur & It’s Illegal To Miss This Piyush Mishra & Neha Sharma Show

Illegal Review: Star Cast: Piyush Mishra, Neha Sharma, Akshay Oberoi, Satyadeep Mishra, Kubbra Sait, Aditi Tailang, Ankit Gupta, Parul Gulati, Kriti Vij, Nikhil Sangha, Deepak Tijori, Rishab Chadha, Sheeba Chaddha.

Director: Sahir Raza

Streaming On: Voot Special

Illegal Review: What’s It About? And How’s The Screenplay?

Voot Special’s latest show Illegal takes you inside a top law firm in the country. Janardan Jaitley aka JJ (Piyush Mishra) who is a top lawyer of the country and also the owner of the firm hires Niharika Singh (Neha Sharma). Popularly known as the Mad Lawyer, Niharika is a perfect fit in JJ’s law firm because she can’t control herself from speaking truth.

Currently living in Bangalore along with her mom (Sheeba Chaddha), Niharika has to shift to Delhi for her new job. Although a strong girl, Niharika is scared to move to Delhi because of her haunting past related to her dad (Deepak Tijori) who also lives in the National capital with his second wife and son.

In Delhi, as soon as she starts her work on her first case i.e. regarding Meher Salam (Kubbra Sait), a convicted woman who has murdered her own family, her focus is brought on another big case. This is a r*pe case and the accused Neeraj Shekhawat (Ankit Gupta) is a client of JJ’s law firm and also the best friend of his son Akshay Jaitley (Akshay Oberoi). The law-firm not just wants Niharika to take up this case but also leave the previous one due to some political reasons.

Now as the luck would have it, Neeraj is also the step-brother of Niharika and she doesn’t want to support him because she doesn’t trust the accused. This is not it, Niharika and Akshay had a thing between them in the past and the destiny has also brought them together.

Illegal Review: Voot Select Hits Another Sixer After Asur & It's Illegal To Miss This Piyush Mishra & Neha Sharma Show
Illegal Review: Voot Select Hits Another Sixer After Asur & It’s Illegal To Miss This Piyush Mishra & Neha Sharma Show

What happens next? Will Niharika be able to take the on-work and off-work pressure while justifying her job? Will she take the case to support the accused and in what conditions? What will happen to the Meher Salam case? Not just that, watch the show to also enjoy several other interesting subplots which this show has to offer.

Voot Select is on fire! After Asur, this is yet another stunning show from the OTT platform. Reshu Nath’s screenplay is brilliant as it brings together so many subplots and crafts them together in an extremely engaging way. From Niharika’s fight with her own fears to working on two cases at a time, the track has been told like a pro. The use of philosophy is good and adds another dimension to the overall impressive narrative.

But as I said above there are many subplots, so the show is not just about Niharika and she handling the cases. The cases itself are something that have been knit in a way that they have a lot to offer. While commenting on r*pe culture in the so-called white-collar people, the show also talks about how our judiciary system has become faulty due to the influence of politics. The cases also define everything around Niharika and her own life. As there’s a dialogue of Niharika in the show which compares life to a jigsaw puzzle. Every piece is like every human, incomplete in its own way but completes each other when comes together.

Illegal Review
Illegal Review

Then there’s also the story of JJ who has many shades to his character. As the story goes on we get to know more about him and it makes the show even more watchable. Further, the tracks of Niharika, Akshay & his wife, Niharika & Meher, JJ & his family, JJ & his assistant Randeep, Puneet Tandon (the lawyer of r*pe victim) & his client, Puneet and Niharika, Puneet and Onir and other tracks keep you involved as a viewer and never let you escape.

The characters are also really well written and Reshu deserves all the appreciation for it.

It will be an understatement if I say the show is just engaging. I binge-watched the show when I was tired AF after wrapping up my daily work but forgot my sleep till it ended.

Illegal Review: How Are The Performances & Direction?

Piyush Mishra as JJ enthralls you totally. Fact that he is an actor of another level is known to everyone. But while playing a character of several shades like JJ with so effortlessness he still left me surprised.

Neha Sharma deserves all the praise for giving her career’s best performance so far. She nails the character of Niharika as she brings out her honest, strong yet vulnerable and emotional side on-screen too well. This is also a defining moment of Neha’s career. While watching her as Niharika, she makes you believe that she is the character only.

Akshay Oberoi does a sincere job.

Satyadeep Mishra excels as Puneet Tandon and leaves you impressed with his portrayal of a sensitive yet strong and ideal lawyer.

Kubbra Sait has very little to do but she marvels in a couple of monologue scenes towards the end which let her flaunt her acting skills.

Aditi Tailang is impressive in the role of someone who has been a r*pe victim. Ankit Gupta is impressive as the r*pe accused. Parul Gulati as Akshay’s wife is lovely. Deepak Tijori is okay. Others are also good in their respective roles.

Sahir Raza does a terrific job as a director and leaves you spellbound by handling such a heavy script so well.

Illegal Review: Final Verdict

Overall, It’s ‘illegal’ to miss Voot Special’s Illegal because it’s one of the best Indian originals in recent times. From story to screenplay to performances, there’s nothing about the show that you won’t end up loving.

Rating: Four stars

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