Marianne Review (Netflix): In Bollywood, we hardly see a good horror film. So when Netflix arrived in India, I was excited to finally see some gorgeously scary stuff among the various unexplored genres in Bollywood and other Indian entertainment industries. To make a point, I must say that French show Marianne satisfied my taste buds for the horror genre.

So, the story is about Emma Larsimon (Victoire Du Bois) who has become an extremely popular horror book writer after she started writing stories of her nightmares related to Marianne. But she’s yet to face the challenge of her life which drags her to hometown.

As she goes Elden, her hometown, she’s shocked to learn that her books have badly affected the lives of people here along with her own parents and the sole reason behind it is Marianne (A witch who is the wife of demon Beleth). Now as she counters some terrific and chilling incidents in otherwise an eye-pleasing town, she also learns that Marianne doesn’t want her to stop writing those horror books. Because these books make a path for her to enter the lives of normal people.

Marianne Review (Netflix): A Delicious Treat For The Lovers Of Horror Genre
Marianne Review (Netflix): A Delicious Treat For The Lovers Of Horror Genre

What will she do amidst all this chaos? Watch the web show to know.

Samuel Bodin & Quoc Dang Tran‘s screenplay is filled with moments that will send a chill down your spine. The very first scene of the show sets the stage and spooks the hell out of you with a terrifying moment. Not just it promises a show but a character that will stay with you for long. I am talking about Mrs. Daugeron here whose character has been played by Mireille Herbstmeyer. Mrs. Daugeron solely manages to give you ample amount of horror-filled moments that you won’t be able to forget easily.

But it’s just a start and she’s not the only part exciting here.

As you move ahead and the story starts building up, there’s always something or else which keeps you looking for more. The most amazing thing here is the approach of the writers towards horror. Apart from a few resemblances to the old horror movies or shows, this one has quite a unique approach. The scene in which Emma encounters her parents in an awkward situation has a great shock value. Further, the scenes in her native house are spooky as hell. The whole investigation part about the disappearance of Emma’s parents is intriguing. The flashback scenes of Emma and her friends when they tried to summon Marianne for the first time keep you hooked. The curiosity to know what connects Emma to Marianne is always there and makes you looking for clues. The scene in which Emma dreams about her friend’s wife giving birth to a devil is disgusting and brilliant at the same time. I wonder how the writers would’ve imagined it. And then the finale is worth all the time you invest in this show. Without giving you spoilers, I’ll just say that you would’ve never imagined that horror can be this beautiful and so satisfying.

The show also has some light moments. Some early scenes between Emma and her assistant, the romantic angle between her and Seby is cute.

Also, the show has been very beautifully shot. The breathtaking locations will take your heart away and will give you travel goals.

Performances wise, Mireille Herbstmeyer has done a terrific job and the best by far. Full marks to her and the casting director for bringing her on board for the character she plays. Her creepy smile even surpasses Pennywise from It and that’s where she wins.

Victoire Du Bois is confident, cute and a heart winner.

Alban Lenoir as Inspector Ronon is good. Délia Espinat-Dief as Marianne is the most surprising element of the season. You won’t believe your eyes when you see her and the dreamy scene which follows. Others lend good support.

Samuel Bodin has done a fantastic job as a director and has shown his brilliance by getting fab results in almost every department. He has made a horror show which is a treat for the lovers of the genre. Background Music is amazing and looks inspired by Bollywood. Editing is good and the show hardly drags.

Overall, I’ll give double thumbs up to Marianne for being a terrific horror show. Go and enjoy this scary ride.

Rating: 4/5

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