Feeling bored on a lazy weekend or tired of beating weekday blues? We’re here with ‘Koimoi Library’. Below is the list of the films recommended by us and feel free to click on the movie’s name to read the full review. We’ve also provided the OTT platforms on which these movies are available on.

Koimoi Library – Recommended Movies
Koimoi Library – Recommended Movies

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MovieKOIMOI Says...Rating Out Of 5Available On
BulbbulBulbbul may not be the top scorer, the message is the winner in itself. Watch Bulbbul for Tripti Dimri and the idea. As said it takes a woman to be a witch for the world to be afraid of her.
3.5 Netflix
Hamilton If you are a fan, it’s an experience like no other. If you want to learn, it’s your textbook performing. Moreover, its education while you are entertained and honestly not many of us can afford a Broadway ticket! Go watch.4.5Disney Plus Hotstar
French Biryani We deserve this film right now. French Biryani is a film about you, your surrounding and what’s going around, but with comedy. Maybe this way, it’s less offending! Watch it to see how a woke comedy is made.
3.5Amazon Prime Video
KadakhKadakh blows your mind with its simplicity. It entertains you, has ample thrills and is gifted with good performances. A must watch!3.5Zee 5
Angamaly DiariesAngamaly Diaries is a non-preaching tour guide to a town that you might not even visit ever. But this film will take you on its tour, while you are on your couch. Join Pepe as he comes of age. Get into his fights, droll over the food he shows, marvel the climax, and thank me later!4Netflix
Ayyappanum KoshiyumWatch Ayyappanum Koshiyum see how a normal masala entertainer plot can be presented in a different way. Watch the two egos clash and descend in their own rage.3.5Amazon Prime Video
Njan PrakashanThe template of self-realisation and finding your own space in this big world has been done to death by now. But how to present it yet again with freshness, is Fahadh Faasil’s 2018 film Njan Prakashan.3.5Netflix
JallikattuI never thought a 95 minutes long film with no concrete dialogues but only ‘organised’ chaos, would suck me to an extent where I name it the best. Watch Jallikattu, experience a film like no other.5Amazon Prime Video
VirusThe Aashiq Abu directorial is a long shot on how an epidemic looks like. An eye-opener for the ones, neglecting the effects and a more aware approach to the ones who want to know more.4.5Amazon Prime Video
Ala VaikunthapurramlooA perfect family entertainer to watch with your near and dear ones, not only for Allu Arjun fans but also for every movie lovers.3.5Netflix
Chintu Ka BirthdayThis is one of those films that will tell you that the lockdown you are in right now, is nothing compared to what Chintu and family are in. Watch it for hope, watch it for a family that does not let the love die. Does Chintu finally celebrates his birthday? Watch it to know that too!
Choked Choked is an intriguing watch laced with brilliant performances. It’s the closest you can come to witness the tension and chaos happened during demonetization.
Chal Mera Putt 2Chal Mera Putt 2 is a film not to be missed. It’s a thorough family entertainer which will make you laugh, cry and will create a special place in your heart.3.5
What Are The Odds?Watch it for how ‘good’ the film looks. The pastel-colour treatment will make sure to keep the artist in you hooked till it lasts. Also, Abhay Deol, can you please bless our movies more often?3.5Netflix
OnwardOnward is as special as any other film in the Disney-Pixar filmography. It has something for everyone and still some refreshing elements to top everything. Get set for some moist eyes!

KaamyaabKaamyaab manages to make you smile while showing one of the meanest realities of cinema. It’s an irony in the disguise of delight.

ThappadThe impact left by this ‘Thappad’ is eternal. It questions a social stigma that’s bothering around 80% of the women, leaving us men think of what are we even doing? A riveting watch!

4Amazon Prime
Zindagi InShortZindagi InShort is a concept that needs to be promoted. Watch it to see how a story can be told in a limited timeframe without compromising on anything. Watch it to see how varies pallet of stories we have and endorse.

4MX Player
SufnaSufna is a great escape from the mindless and silly cinema Punjabi audience is being offered. Go, watch it, cry your heart out and change your life.

Love Aaj KalLove Aaj Kal is yet another wild ride taken by Imtiaz Ali in the quest to give a new meaning to the old love. Watch it along with your broken heart.

ParasiteWatch Parasite and you must. Witness what magic cinema is capable of and the spellbound art that it can create. Go for it!

5Amazon Prime
MalangMalang takes you from one ‘thrill’ to another without taking much time. The fast pace doesn’t miss anything important and manages to narrate an intriguing story without making you look at the watch.

Vaanam KottattumVaanam Kottattum is a treat for music lovers, for people who understand relationships and for Mani Ratnam fans. Watch it to see how South cinema can also churn out subtle stories with the right amount of action.

Birds Of PreyBirds Of Prey is colourful, quirky and entertaining. It gives you what would you expect and a lot more than that. It’s just a start to a wonderful billion-dollar franchise lying ahead for DC. So to be with the time, start with this one even if you haven’t seen Suicide Squad.

Jawaani JaanemanJawaani Jaaneman not only ensures making you laugh but also is backed by some heartwarming moments. An easy recommendation, go in without any expectation & you’ll like it more.

3.5Amazon Prime
19171917 is the best cinematic experience one could ever have in a theatre. This is filmmaking at its finest & an example of how putting efforts at the right place will bring you the desired results.

Tanhaji: The Unsung WarriorTanhaji serves what it promises – a historical lesson with unabashed entertainment. Once in a blue moon, there comes a film that redesigns the genre and that’s Tanhaji for you.

Uri - The Surgical Strike Uri: The Surgical Strike is a story of courage told with utmost honesty. Vicky Kaushal’s disciplined performance and the way of balancing tensions, thrills make this a movie you don’t want to miss.3.5Zee 5
Manikarnika: The Queen Of JhansiManikarnika – The Queen Of Jhansi is a visual form of our History chapters but a very intriguing and beautiful looking one. No one could have done this better than Kangana Ranaut and she is brutally bloody beautiful!
3.5Zee 5
Alita: Battle AngelAlita: Battle Angel is visual porn, a lot of style with a little bit of substance. Definitely one of the best looking movies to come out from world cinema.3.5Amazon Prime
Gully BoyGully Boy is a once-in-a-blue-moon film! There rarely comes a film that perfects almost everything. This is an interpretation of emotions at its best. It’s not all about rap music, it’s about humanness and achieving your dreams.4Amazon Prime
Sonchiriya Sonchiriya takes, what Bandit Queen started, a level above. It maintains the ‘everyone crosses everyone’ metaphor very smoothly. You'll lose the count of how many times you'll scream ‘WOW’ in awe of the powerful drama happening on screen.

4Amazon Prime
Captain MarvelCaptain Marvel is a marvellously made superhero film, that along with serving its purpose of entertaining you makes your tougher for that one grand finale. A big screen wonder with all the required ingredients making it worth your while.

BadlaBadla does not just keep you hooked till the end but it destroys your delusion of ‘I’ve predicted the climax’. Outstandingly performed mind-numbing drama that is on a slow burner and in those last couple of minutes, it explodes like a good dream.

Mard Ko Dard Nahi HotaMard Ko Dard Nahi Hota celebrates the flaws of Bollywood like never before. Watch it before its too late, and you regret the decision while laughing your heart out in front of your television/laptop/mobile screen months later.

KesariKesari is a brave depiction of courage. Akshay Kumar’s streak on delivering memorable performances continued with this one. Watch it get entertained, informed and emotional at the same time.

3.5Amazon Prime Video
Avengers: EndgameEndgame brings something with itself that you must not be ready to accept it. An epic finale to what started years ago.4.5Hotstar
Pokemon Detective PikachuDetective Pikachu brings back your childhood in a very entertaining manner. Also, it’s just a start to a lot of more coming ahead. The second instalment is already announced and it would be interesting to see the proceedings.

3.5YouTube Movies
Toy Story 4Though Toy Story 3 had the perfect ending, this gives us a flawless closure. Watch it with your kids & you’ll love it more than them!4YouTube Movies
Kabir SinghKabir Singh gave Shahid Kapoor another chance to prove himself yet again of how brilliant an actor he is. It’s not Shahid who shines alone, it’s a team film where everyone perfectly contributes to the narrative.

Spider-Man: Far From HomeFar From Home is a delightful end to the third phase of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe. This is like the meme of ‘hold my beer’ coming to life. Because, when we thought Avengers: Endgame ends everything, Spidey must be smirking as he swings!
4Amazon Prime Video
Super 30Super 30 surely has the heart at its right place i.e in the head. Hrithik Roshan’s spellbinding performance maintains the Intrigue. Watch it for what it has to say, rather than what it shows.

The Lion KingThe Lion King is a must-watch for those who’ve seen it or those who will experience this for the first time. Despite knowing everything about the film, you still will leave with your heart filled with something new.

3.5YouTube Movies
Judgementall Hai KyaThis isn’t a normal movie. From its treatment to the narrative, everything screams madness. On a brighter side, the story is strong enough to back the wacky side of it. Kangana Ranaut is definitely the queen, but this deck of cards have multiple aces to offer.

3.5Zee 5
Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & ShawThere is one post-credit scene in the film, don’t miss that. Breathtakingly spectacular action sequences backed up by an intriguing storyline makes this a hallucinatory watch.4YouTube Movies
Once Upon A Time In HollywoodThis 9th film by Quentin Tarantino is a once-in-a-blue-moon movie because we don’t have many directors to invest a whole school of thoughts behind a subject like this. Leonardo DiCaprio & Brad Pitt make sure to make this a memorable venture for every fan out there.
4Amazon Prime
Batla HouseBatla House gains all the marks in keeping us thrilled till the end. John Abraham’s flawless performance, Nikkhil Advani’s effortless direction and Ritesh Shah’s absorbing story help the story to flourish in its own enthralling way. Informs you things in an exciting manner!
3.5Amazon Prime
CrawlThis is the kind of horror movie we deserve! A proper amalgamation of thrills and story, resulting in an exhilarating watching experience. If you can digest it, go for it!

3.5YouTube Movies
It Chapter TwoIt chapter two is eerier, scarier, spookier than the first one. It mixes skillful writing and the other-worldly screenplay to package this extraordinary horror flick. A not-to-miss treat for this genre lovers!

3.5YouTube Movies
ChhichhoreChhichhore is a whole lot of platter that serves entertainment and emotions. With quite a many memorable performances, it’s a film that will linger in your mind long enough after you leave the cinema hall.
Dream GirlIt not only busts the stress but also reminds you of how bad Bollywood was missing a good-written out and out comedy film.
4Zee 5
Section 375This movie is more than the nitpicked flaws. It presents the judiciary system in a very abstract light and moves you in the right direction. It makes you think with its very unique approach.3.5Amazon Prime
JokerThis movie is above and beyond any kind of reviews. Joaquin Phoenix levels up the bar set by Heath Ledger and the standard of touching the character of Joker is now at an all-time high. Recommended for that insane side of yours!

5YouTube Movies
The Sky Is PinkThe Sky Is Pink is a colourful take on the Importance of life. A perfect example to – “Broken crayons still colour.” Backed by outstandingly performances & equally good directions, this is a throat-lumping watch.

Housefull 4Housefull 4 is unabashed, crazy, insane fun. A proper out-and-out comedy, without a mashup of any other genre, after ages. Perfect festive watch!

BalaBala along with bringing in a house full of laughter also has something very important to say. It’s a significant message draped under the entertaining layer of humour. A MUST WATCH!

Frozen 2Those who’ve seen Frozen are aware of the world it takes you in & it’s unmissable yet again. Under the layer of delightful spectacle happening on the screen, there hide many emotions that are worth exploring.

3.5YouTube Movies
Mardaani 2Mardaani 2 is a disturbing yet a required watch. It’s tightly packaged & you may not like what’s in it but you’ll have to take a look because it’s happenings for real. Kudos Rani Mukerji, Vishal Jethwa & the team for showing us the mirror.

3.5Amazon Prime
Star Wars: The Rise Of SkywalkerThe film redefines the saying “It’s not the goodbye that hurts, but the flashback that follows.” It has everything that a fan would expect and nothing that a critic could look for.4Not Available
Avane SrimannarayanaAvane Srimannarayana is a welcome change for those who think what we can with all this ‘masala’. It’s a wake-up call for every acting director & aspiring ones too; the call of ‘we can do this’. The team attempts something very different and manages to entertain for over the course of 3 hours and that’s where it will win all of us.
4Not Available
Good NewwzGood Newwz is a pain-in-your-stomach laugh riot from the word go. It’s a complete package of fun, smart, entertainment & emotions. It will enjoy a tremendous repeat-value ending up a comedy that’s watched on television even years later.

4Amazon Prime
Da 5 BloodsDa 5 Bloods is a Spike Lee joint that’s high on history and hysteria. It’ll not surely hint at what’s wrong with the society or you as a person, but it’ll surely question your thinking. A MUST WATCH! 4Netflix
Home StoriesYou should definitely watch Home Stories. It’s a short and sweet amalgamation of 4 short stories that you are going to fall in love with.
3.5Netflix India YouTube

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