Pushpavalli Season 2 Review: Star Rating: 3.5/5 stars (Three & a Half Stars)


After 2 years, Sumukhi Suresh is back with the second season Pushpavalli and it’s worth your time. Along Sumukhi, the series also stars Naveen Richard and Manish Anand in pivotal roles. In the second season, we get to see Pushpavalli in a revenge mode against Nikhil Rao (Manish Anand) after she gets exposed and he slams her for being obsessed with him, stalking him and also for hurting his pet dog.

Cast: Sumukhi Suresh, Naveen Richard, Manish Anand, Ashok Pathak, Latha Venkatraman, Vidyuth Gargi

Pushpavalli Season 2 Review: Sumukhi Suresh & Naveen Richard Leave You Wanting More
Pushpavalli Season 2 Review: Sumukhi Suresh & Naveen Richard Leave You Wanting More

What’s Pushpavalli season 2 about?

After a funny and astounding season 1, season 2 gets dark and funnier. The first episode starts with Pushpavalli getting engaged to Vidhyut (played by Vidyuth Gargi). As we start to believe that our girl has finally moved on, we get an immediate shock at the beginning itself that she’s faking the engagement only to get Nikhil’s attention. Every big or small incident happening in the second season is a smart and selfish move by Pushpavalli, who is unstoppable and desperately wants to seek revenge from Nikhil. However, just like the first season, she gets a lot of support from the T Boi (played by Ashok Pathak ). This time, Sumukhi Suresh’s character wins Nikhil trust, however, she’s still not over him. Amid all this, it’s poor Vidhyut and Pankaj who suffer because they trust her the most and end up getting hurt the most, especially Pankaj.

What’s Good:

For me, season 2 was funnier and more riveting to watch. I was hooked to every scene because as the writing is crisp and tight, so there’s no waste of time in telling us the story. Sumukhi Suresh is amazing even in this season and I was stunned to see how mean and heartless her character can get at times. I thought maybe she’ll stop somewhere, but no, Pushpavalli has no plans to look back now that she has made up her mind. Her quest for revenge is stronger than her obsession with Nikhil and she’s here to go to any extent to make sure her plans are successful.

However, my most favourite performance in this season was by Naveen Richard. As Pankaj, he’s a riot and you will laugh till it hurts seeing him angry all the time, mouthing his dialogues at the speed of light and even when he’s being all cute in love. I also feel a little bad for him because if someone is angry all the time like him, that person would definitely have high blood pressure. So kudos to Naveen for playing the character with such conviction and making me LOL with his anger. Manish Anand as Nikhil gives a good performance this time and every time he would be sweet to Pushpavalli, I had my doubts that he has some secret motive. Maybe he has, maybe he doesn’t, but a good build-up for the next season. Also, Vidhyut who plays Sumukhi’s on-screen fiance is adorable and we get to see more of his character in the last few episodes. The scenes between Vidhyut and Pushpavalli make your ship them but you also know, our guy deserves better. Along with this, season 2 treats you with wonderful and entertaining appearances by Preetika Chawla, Shraddha, Urooj Ashfaq, Sumaira Shaikh and Rahul Subramanian.


The second season has a lot of one-liners that land well and will tickle your funny bones. The last episode is crazy and you get to see to what lengths Pushpavalli goes to destroy Nikhil. She has a chance to do the right thing and live a happy life, however, vengeance is all on her mind! The second season ends on a shocking note and it’s a smart move by the makers to tell you that the drama isn’t over and it also leaves you anxious as you have to wait for another year to know what’s going to happen.

What doesn’t work:

I don’t have much problem with the second season, but some situations are tough to believe as a viewer. It’s baffling to see how Pushpavalli gets away with everything without getting caught even once and that too with the help of a T Boi. Some scenes made me think, that why is no one doubting her for talking so much with a man who makes tea, that too not outside her office, but Nikhil’s office? Why is Nikhil not sensing a foul play every time Pushpavalli would go out of her way to help him? After all, she had stalked him, stole his pet dog and hurt him. So how could he easily believe everything she says? But then, our girl also played and fooled others well, although sometimes it seems too much.

Pushpavalli season 2 Review: Last word

Pushpavalli season 2 is worth your watch. While many call her the Joe (a character from Netflix’s You series) of India, she creeped us out way before he did (in 2017). The second season is entertaining, thrilling, and will leave you disturbed with the ending. So don’t miss it out.

Star Rating: 3.5 stars

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