Kota Factory Review: Being an IITian is something which makes everyone’s chest swell with pride. Almost all parents in India want their kids to crack the IIT entrance exams and “uske baad to life set hai”. While we all know how much “set” the lives of IIT Engineers and non-IIT Engineers are, Kota Factory talks about the life of students while trying to crack the IIT.

So, Vaibhav is one among the students who during their XI or XII standard studies reach Kota (which is known as the coaching hub of the country) every year to crack IIT-JEE exams.

When Vaibhav doesn’t get an entry into the best coaching institute Maheshwari despite scoring 90% marks in the 10th standard, his father has no other option left but to get him a seat in rather less prestigious institute named Prodigy. And because Vaibhav is late, he gets admission in the A 10 batch (which is considered the least priority for mentors). However, he has a chance to jump in the upper batch by cracking the upcoming reshuffling tests.

Kota Factory Review: The New TVF Web Series Is As Magical As It Gets!
Kota Factory Review: The New TVF Web Series Is As Magical As It Gets!

Will Vaibhav be able to pass the reshuffling tests? Will he get the right environment and coaching in Prodigy? Will he crack the IIT?

More than answering these questions, Kota Factory talks about the life of students in Kota. Without passing any judgment on the education system, It puts stress on the personal and educational challenges they face and how they overcome it & the importance of good friends and teachers.

The most beautiful part of Kota Factory is that it talks more about the solutions and less about the problems. And that’s where it touches the hearts. Also, the web series has taken a very less dramatic route to narrate the story which makes it extremely relatable watch.

Black and white template of the web series is another masterstroke by the makers and we leave it on you to interpret the reason.

Music and emotions have always been a couple of important factors in driving the TVF web series and with Kota Factory, the team takes it on another level.

Kota Factory is strong on the performance perspective as well as all the actors have done a very good job. The casting is perfect and every character touches your heart in its own way.

Mayur More as Vaibhav is excellent and highly relatable. You feel for him when he is calm, frustrated, happy or emotional.

Ranjan Raj as Meena is an extremely sweet and lovable character. His performance is top notch and he gives a lot of hilarious and some emotional moments too. The way he speaks the Hindi language is so adorable and on top of that, he has got some really great dialogues.

Alam Khan as Uday is good and has his own moments.

Jitendra Kumar as Jeetu Bhaiyya will leave you speechless. As Meena describes his character, “Fan banne laayak hai woh aadmi”. He is such a natural actor that it’s unbelievable. Throughout the season, he is too good to be true. Apart from that, his character will make a special place in the hearts of the public.

Ahsaas Channa as Shivangi Ranawat is extremely confident. It’s a treat to watch her onscreen. Urvi Singh is fine and Revathi Pillai is cute.

Raghav Subbu‘s direction is terrific and he deserves accolades for all his hard work. Writers Saurabh Khanna, Abhishek Yadav, Himanshu Chouhan and Sandeep Jain have done a beautiful job.

In short, Kota Factory is truly worth a watch. All the episodes are out now and you can binge watch if you haven’t watched the series as of now. Kota Factory is not just a relief from the mediocre digital content all around us these days, it also emerges as one of the best Indian web shows ever. A much-needed comeback for TVF.

Rating: 4/5

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