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Top 5 Newest K-Dramas Streaming on Netflix Right Now: From Doona! To Strong Girl Nam-Soon & Destined With You, Pick One To Begin A Binge Session (Photo Credit –IMDb)

Following the release of “Squid Game,” global interest in Korean dramas skyrocketed like never before. K-dramas now are not only specific to Korea but are being produced to cater to a larger audience all around the world. New shows are being released by the minute. And we kid you not, they’re good enough to garner somewhat of a cult following almost instantly.

If you’re searching for new K-dramas to watch but are unsure where to start, Netflix has you covered. Here are five of the latest K-Dramas currently available for streaming on the OTT platform.


Top 5 Newest K-Dramas Streaming on Netflix Right Now
Doona! Poster (Photo Credit –IMDb)

“Doona!” is a romantic K-drama starring Bae Suzy. It follows Doona, an impulsive K-pop idol who drops out of her idol group after a breakdown and starts lodging in a small college sharehouse. One of the tenants there is Lee Won-Jun (played by Yang Se-jong). A kind, simple, and wholesome college student who does not know who Doona is. Although their first interaction is less than ideal, they cannot deny the mutual feelings developing between them.

“Doona!” is a drama that explores themes of self-love and self-discovery. Its slice of life and occasional comedy elements make up for a wonderful watching experience.

Strong Girl Nam-Soon

Top 5 Newest K-Dramas Streaming on Netflix Right Now
Strong Girl Nam-Soon Poster (Photo Credit –IMDb)

For avid Korean drama watchers, “Strong Girl Nam-Soon” may sound very familiar. It’s a spinoff to the massively popular romantic K-drama “Strong Girl Bong-Soon,” released in 2017.

The new installment takes a slightly different route and focuses more on action rather than romance. The famous Squid Game actress, Lee Yoo-mi, plays the titular role of Gang Nam-soon.

Gang Nam-soon is a girl with superhuman strength who went missing in Mongolia as a kid. As an adult, Nam-soon returns to Korea to look for her family. To her surprise, both her mother, a rich businesswoman, and her grandmother possess the same superhuman strength as her. They somehow end up getting tangled in a drug case and now have to work with the police to solve it.

The show maintains its comedy from “Strong Girl Bong-soon” and blends elements of action, family, and crime in a well-rounded watching experience.

Daily Dose of Sunshine

Top 5 Newest K-Dramas Streaming on Netflix Right Now
Daily Dose of Sunshine Poster (Photo Credit –IMDb)

Healthcare-themed K-dramas have always been received very well by the public. “Daily Dose of Sunshine” is another one of these gems streaming on Netflix right now.

Centered around Jung Da-Eun, portrayed by Park Bo-Young, (known for her role in “Strong Girl Bong-soon,”) a young nurse working in the psychiatry department of a hospital. The show primarily explores themes of mental health surrounding individual patients, showcasing how nurse Dar-Eun interacts with them.

The show has vibrant, immersive cinematography that is visually engaging and keeps the show enjoyable despite its serious tones.

Destined With You

Top 5 Newest K-Dramas Streaming on Netflix Right Now
Destined With You Poster(Photo Credit –IMDb)

“Destined With You” is a fantasy romance K-drama that was released on August 23, 2023. It features Jo Bo-Ah and Ro Woon in lead roles.

The story revolves around Lee Hong-Jo, a regular civil servant who discovers a cursed book. This book is the source of problems for our high-profile lawyer, Jang Shin-Yu. His life is in danger because of it, and the two join forces to break his curse.

Destined With You” comes with the perfect blend of drama. The fantasy elements and the amazing cast will keep you hooked and wanting more.

Castaway Diva

Top 5 Newest K-Dramas Streaming on Netflix Right Now
Castaway Diva Poster (Photo Credit –IMDb)

K-dramas are known to have very unconventional storylines to them. In terms of that, “Castaway Diva” might just take the cake.

While officially categorized as a romantic comedy, its premise is quite unusual. Seo Mok-ha, portrayed by Park Eun-bin from “Extraordinary Attorney Woo,” is a young woman aspiring to become an opera singer. However, Mok-ha unexpectedly ends up stranded on a remote island for 15 years before she is rescued. The show follows her journey as she tries to readjust to society and get back on track.

The unusual premise of the show is what makes it binge-worthy. And with Park Eun-bin in the lead role, we can definitely expect an exceptional performance.

So, if you want to jump headfirst into a whirlwind of emotions and fun stories as the winter kicks in, these are the K-Dramas you need to watch. And don’t worry if you do not speak Korean — they’re available on Netflix in English dub and with subtitles as well. So get cozy, grab some snacks, and start knocking these out one by one.

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