Bae Suzy Starrer Doona! Meets Criticism For 'Modern Treatment' Of Characters, Netizens Express Dismay Over Netflix K-dramas
Bae Suzy Starrer Doona! Leaves Viewers Disappointed With Modernized Concept, Netizens Slam The Netflix K-drama For Bittersweet Ending! ( Photo Credit – Instagram ; IMDb )

Did you know there is a new genre of K-dramas? Recently, we came across the term ‘Netflix K-dramas,’ which refers to fast-paced Netflix originals that deal with modern relationships, and Doona!, which landed on the streaming giant this Friday, seems to have aptly fit the bill. Starring Bae Suzy and Yang Se-jong in leading roles, Doona!, adapted from the webtoon ‘The Girl Downstairs’, has seemingly displeased the K-fanatics for embracing the free-wheeling spirit, a common occurrence seen in Netflix K-dramas in the last few years.

After Love Alarm and Nevertheless, Doona! has now become K-lovers’ worst nightmare with its modernized approach, which does not align with the values they held high in their hearts for K-dramas. The Korean web show follows Lee Doona ( Bae Suzy), a former idol, and Lee Won-jun (Yang Se-jong), an Engineering major, who find themselves getting entangled with each other despite setting their boundaries straight initially. Failing to resist the temptation, the two end up sharing a complicated romance while still being in denial of their passion most times.

The new Netflix show tries too hard to tackle complex modern relationships, but many netizens have criticized the drama for being too unserious. A Reddit community discussing the drama even pointed out how it appears to be a visual representation of a BLACKPINK fanboy witnessing his wildest dreams come true. The bittersweet ending open to interpretation further left viewers baffled. Some also pointed out how unreal Bae Suzy blowing smoke in every other scene appears because if one smokes their lungs out five times ( or more) in a day, they wouldn’t be glowing as she does in every frame. A bunch of netizens also weren’t happy with the whitewashing of Suzy in the drama as she appeared very pale in comparison to her press photos and other K-dramas.

Doona! [Episodes 1-9]
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Despite its many flaws, Doona! has its moments, too. For one, the Netflix drama is aesthetically pleasing and gets the spirit right from the very first episode. It does not boast an ensemble cast, giving an in-depth divulgence into the stories of its lead characters. Another thing that Doona! gets right is the casting – Bae Suzy and Yang Se-jong’s electrifying chemistry keeps you hooked.

Have you watched Doona! yet? If yes, what are your thoughts? Let us know.

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