Park Bo Young's Remark Gets A Controversial Change In Subtitle, The Episode Faces Major Backlash!
Strong Girl Bong-soon Fame Park Bo Young’s Episode Is Facing Backlash Over A Controversial Change In Subtitle! ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

Park Bo Young is one of the most versatile and popular South Korean actresses who has been leading headlines for her recent dramas. She had created a buzz when she appeared in a cameo role as one of her famous characters, Bong-soon, in Strong Girl Nam-soon, along with her on-screen husband, An Min-hyuk (played by Park Hyun Sik).

However, recently, she had appeared in a show, and Bo Young’s remark was changed in the subtitle, creating a massive stir and controversy around it. The episode even got 88k dislikes. Scroll ahead to read more about it.

In the recent episode of Pinggyego, Park Bo Young had appeared as a guest, where she talked about going to parks with her nephews and nieces and referred to a baby stroller as “yumo-cha.” However, in the subtitles, the editors had changed it to “yua-cha,” which caught massive attention and courted controversy. While ‘yumo’ denotes mothers or nannies, ‘yua’ gives a more gender-neutral meaning, like ‘baby or child,’ and ‘cha’ means a car or a mobile unit.

The deliberate change in the subtitle irked netizens, which impacted the episode that garnered 88k dislikes. For the unversed, in 2018, the Seoul Foundation Of Women and Children had signed petitions to change the word ‘yumo-cha’ into a more gender-defining expression, as the word only refers to women pushing the prams.

While no one really cared how Park Bo Young and the MCs of the show, Yoo Jae Suk and Jo Se Ho, referred to it as ‘yumo-cha,’ the netizens couldn’t accept the change in the subtitles.

Check out the full video here:

In the website Theqoo, K-netizens have poured their heart out in the comment section, finding it quite absurd that over such a small issue, people have been creating controversy around it. One wrote, “Wow, 88,000 people are like that? This country is ruined.”

“The answer to why we have low birth rates is here,” another one wrote. Another netizen commented, “The #1 community is a disgusting male community, but you can think of most Korean men as having stuff like that stuck in their heads. I really don’t even want to pass by it haha.”

“They’re being like that because the subtitles used “yua-cha” instead of “yumo-cha?” They really are bullsh*tting over everything…,” penned another one.

Well, it seems another gender clash was observed over Park Bo Young‘s comment. On the other hand, the actress can be currently seen in the movie Concrete Utopia, along with Park Seo Joon.

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