Castaway Diva Review: Park Eun Bin Starrer Opens To Positive Response But Fans Suspect Second ML Trauma!
Castaway Diva Review: Park Eun Bin Delivers Another Smash-Hit After Extraordinary Attorney Woo But Fans Suspect Second ML Trauma! (Photo Credit –IMDb)

The Hallyuwood has been buzzing with new shows every week. In terms of delivering top-notch K-dramas, 2023 has so far been an eventful year for K-fanatics. From ‘My Liberation Notes’ to ‘Call It Love’ and ‘King The Land‘ to ‘Destined To Be With You’, the varied K-content range has surprised fans, giving them many iconic dramas to swoon over. Adding to the esteemed list is Kim Eun Bin’s Castaway Diva, which has premiered with a positive response from the audience.

Castaway Diva follows a young girl named Seo Mok Ha who dreams of growing up to be a diva. However, her dream is shattered into pieces after she finds herself deserted on an island for 15 years after a tragic accident. After being rescued, she sets out to fulfill her childhood dream only to wake up to the reality that the world as she knew it does not exist. But, after her island adventure, she finds herself ready to take on any challenge that life throws at her and prepares to become the diva that she always wanted to be in the modern world.

The first and second episodes of Castaway Diva are now out and the first reviews have suggested Eun Bin is set to deliver another hit after the success of her smash-hit ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’. Directed by Oh Choong Hwan of ‘Big Mouth’ fame, and written by Park Hye Run known for ‘Start-up’, TVN’s weekend drama also features Kim Hyo Jun, Chae Jong Hyeop, Cha Hak Yoon, and Kim Joo Heon.

A Reddit page ‘r/KDRAMA’ discussed the first two episodes (Warning: Spoilers Ahead), where the story traced Park Eun Bin’s childhood and how she ended up being isolated on an island. Many Redditors have praised the casting in the drama, highlighting how Lee Re is the spitting image of Park Eun-Bin, a younger version of her. A few users have also pointed out that the drama is going to give us a major second male lead syndrome-like Start-up, given both the dramas have been written by Park Hye Ryun.

Castaway Diva [Episodes 1 & 2]
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“Really solid first episode from me. Can’t wait! The younger actors were so good, especially young Mok Ha— can see her transitioning to Park Eun Bin. Also ki Ho… is the main lead right??? Are we being set up for falling for the 2ML again lol,” one user wrote.

“Just finished episode 1 and wow what a ride it was. It was not what I expected. Despite the bright color grading and the beach vibes, the episode was quite dark due to the domestic abuse scenes :( Not just one kid, but both kids… That scene of Ki-ho sacrificing himself to stop Mok-ha’s father from getting up the boat and getting beaten up in the process? Oof, it hurt,” a Redditor mentioned.

A third user commented, “I’m so happy to see queen Park Eun-bin back on the screen! Honestly, I wasn’t initially sure what to expect from this one (except Park Eun-bin’s awesomeness) because the premise sounded kinda campy. But then again we’ve something like Crash Landing on You, so an aspiring diva getting stranded on a remote island is hardly a cause for surprise in Drama Land.”

Another user added, “Honestly, this is probably my most anticipated show of the year and it’s not even close. The premise of this show is so unique and with Park Hye Ryun at the helm, it’s bound to be well-written. But even if it wasn’t written by her, I would tune in just for Park Eun Bin (and Potato Boy too but that’s beside the point). I cannot wait for the premiere episode to drop and to watch this show with all of you. Enjoy and have fun discussing, everyone!”

You can watch Castaway Diva on Netflix!

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