'King The Land' Continues To Stay At The Top: Here Are The Three K-Drama Recommendations About Office Romance To Swoon Your Hearts
Here Are The Three K-Drama Recommendations About Office Romance If You Liked ‘King The Land’ ( Photo Credit – IMDb )

Who doesn’t love a lil bit of romance in the middle of the week? And as recently, Lee Jun Ho and Yoona starrer ‘King The Land’ ended with the sweetest note, we thought to come up with a list of a few more K-dramas about office romances that would swoon and melt your hearts, leaving a few butterflies in your stomach. Scroll ahead to read on!

Korean culture has been spreading all over, be it in fashion, music or the entertainment industry. We all are getting involved in something or the other, be it listening to K-pop music, turning our style statements to look like them or watching K-dramas and getting immersed in the beautiful storylines. Honestly, my sleep has no cycle anymore as I binge non-stop, and once you start, you probably won’t be able to stop either!

King The Land

Last weekend, King The Land starring Yoona and Lee Jun Ho, showed a happy ending as Gu Won and Sarang exchanged vows, making our dreams for these two characters come true. For the unversed, the storyline was about a love affair between the Chairman’s son President of the King Hotel Gu Won (Lee Jun) and an employee Sarang (Yoona), who also turns out to be the ‘Best Talent’ of the same. It will leave you with happy tears for sure.

So, here are three more K-dramas based on almost the same storyline for you to go back and binge-watch like I did.

Business Proposal

Ahn Hyo-Seop and Kim Sejeong played the lead characters Kang Tae-Moo and Shin Hari, respectively, in Business Proposal. After showing up on the blind date with Kang Tae-Moo in disguise of her friend, Shin Hari realises he is her company’s CEO. Slowly they both fall in love with each other, and after facing some hurdles, they finally decide to get married to each other. The drama will definitely instigate those hormones.

What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim

Here, the ignorant but warm-hearted CEO Lee Young-joon (starring Park Seo Joon) falls in love with his secretary Kim Mi-so (Park Min-Young). And apparently, through knowing each other, they figure out they had a childhood past together. With a correct hint of a little back story and full on romance, this might be a perfect pick for you to turn your partner into a K-drama lover!

Strong Girl Bong-Soon

This one is the cutest office romance I have ever seen. The CEO, An Min-Hyuk (Park Hyun-Sik), falls in love with a strong girl, Do Bong Soon (Park Bo-Young), and appoints her as his bodyguard as he fears somebody wants him dead. This fantasy-comedy-romance will be a perfect weekend binge if you are just as single as me and has nowhere else to go!

Social media platforms are going crazy viral over these four office romance K-dramas as they could find uncanny resemblance among them. If Gu Won (Lee Jun Ho) is the son, Kang Tae-Moo (Ahn Hyo-Seop) is the father, Lee Young-Joon (Park Seo Joon) is the grandfather, and An Min-Hyuk (Park Hyun-Sik) is the great grandfather of this dramas’ generation. Haha!

Watch them and let us know your thoughts! Tell us if you would like to read more K-drama and movie recommendations in the comments!

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