BTS' V Aka Taehyung's Radiant Skincare Decoded: From Face To Hands Singer Is Extremely Particular About His Beauty Regime
BTS Member V Aka Taehyung’s Skincare Routine Decoded ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

Commoners like us always crave for the flawless skin of celebrities who are always glowing and are at their best. And, when it comes to K-pop, the way BTS boys glow in their videos is enviable and something to die for, isn’t it? Though being celebrities they lead very hectic lives with performances, appearances and travelling that forces them to use a lot of makeup, their skin seems to be forever smooth.

Talking about BTS, keeping the fans’ choices in mind, V aka Taehyung is undoubtedly one of the most handsome boys in the group and when it comes to his skincare regime, he is very particular about maintaining gorgeous skin.

On various occasions, Taehyung has been vocal about having breakouts and didn’t shy away from talking about them. So you must be wondering how he maintains such bright glowing skin, despite his acne-prone skin! Good news, we know his secret skincare tip and here you go.

So, as we have seen the Christmas Tree singer working hard onstage to give his best in his performances, he gives equal effort offstage to keep his skin clear, radiant and healthy. To start with, he prefers a foaming cleanser as he puts a lot of emphasis on proper cleansing. Though he uses a foaming one, time and again he has emphasised that one must opt for a nourishing cleanser that suits the individual’s skin type and ensure to use it at least twice a day to keep the skin blemish-free.

Following this, V uses a toner that serves as a second cleanse to take off any remnants of makeup from the skin. And, the BTS boy is very particular about this as well. Earlier he had shared that his dermatologist suggested using a cotton pad instead of his fingers for the toner and he follows it dedicatedly. V had also asked his fans not to be aggressive on skin, rather to be gentle to cleanse areas that have a higher chance of having leftover makeup, like under eyes.

After this, the BTS member uses a hydrating and nourishing face moisturiser to give himself a good facial massage that helps in proper blood circulation and ensures the softness in the skin. Interestingly, V also makes sure to moisturize his ears when he applies the moisturiser, which is usually missed by commoners. He also applies an extra dollop of cream before going to bed to keep his skin hydrated overnight. According to his skin care regime, he also takes proper care of his hands and uses hand cream to massage the gaps between his fingers and applies it on to his cuticles.

Once V is done with all these, he applies a lip balm generously on his lips to keep it hydrated and prevent it from drying. V says that the best way to apply a lip balm is to take some on the finger and apply it exactly how we apply toothpaste to a brush, and then brush.

As South Korea is known to have the world’s most advanced and effective Korean skin care lines, Koreans have a wide range of brand options to choose from. Talking about V, he prefers to use Zeroid, which stands for Zero Steroid. Zeroid is a top-selling Korean skin care brand which started in Korean hospitals. It’s known as the #1 Dermocosmetic in Korea.

Though his skin care routine is pretty much this, one thing that Taehyung suggests the most is to drink tons of water and stay hydrated. Lack of water can result in dull, dehydrated skin. Thus, if you wish to achieve the goal of a flawless glowing skin exactly like V, drinking plenty of water throughout the day is a must.

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