Smitten by the box office bug? Don’t miss reading our compilation of highest grossing Hollywood movies of all time.

Well, here’s the latest update on highest Hollywood grossers in India.

Check out the list of all time Highest Hollywood Grossers in India:

RankIndia Nett (Cr)
1. Avengers: Endgame365.50 crores
2. Avengers: Infinity War (3D)222.69 crores
3. The Jungle Book (3D)188.00 crores
4. Fast and Furious7 (3D)110.00 crores
5. Jurassic World101.00 crores
6.Fast and Furious 8 (3D)86.00 crores
7. Captain Marvel84.20 crores
8.Mission: Impossible - Fallout77.00 crores
9.Avengers: Age of Ultron76.00 crores
10.Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (2D)72.00 crores
11. The Conjuring 262.00 crores
12.Thor: Ragnarok60.00 crores
13.Captain America Civil war59.00 crores
14. Spiderman: Homecoming58.00 crores
15. Aquaman55.00 crores
16. Deadpool 254.00 crores
17. The Avengers53.00 crores
18. The Amazing Spiderman 252.00 crores
19. Jumanji: Welome To The Jungle51.90 crores
20.Iron Man 350.50 crores
21.Aladdin50.00* crores
22. The Amazing Spiderman48.25 crores
23.Annabelle: Creation44.50 crores
24.The Nun42.00 crores
25.Incredibles 240.25 crores
26.Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice40.00 crores
27.Black Panther38.00 crores
28.Justice League35.00 crores
29.The Dark Knight Rises33.00 crores
30.Ant-Man And The Wasp30.60 crores
31. Skyfall30.00 crores

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