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Star Cast: Mammootty, Raj B. Shetty, Sunil, Anjana Jayaprakash, Shabareesh Varma, Bindu Panikkar, Dileesh Pothan

Director: Vysakh

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What’s Good: The fight choreography and visuals, especially with Mammootty, are genuinely electrifying. Mammootty‘s precision and stylish delivery of knockout punches make every fight sequence a thrilling spectacle! The Hollywood pop culture references, like Turbo Jose’s mother mourning Tony Stark’s death or a local don channeling Vito Corleone with a similar mustache, clothing, and demeanor, add fun and nostalgia to the movie.

What’s Bad: The movie had a few plot holes towards the end and lacked iconic music. Although the soundtrack was good and served its purpose, it had no standout tracks that left a lasting impression. In some scenes, a turbo spooling noise and horn sound are used as background sounds for Mammootty’s character before he appears. This felt out of place because no one in a crowded festival or a two-story house would hear that noise and stop everything to look at the road.

Loo Break: It’s best to avoid taking a break during this film. However, if you must, try to do so during the interval.

Watch or Not?: This film is a must-watch for action movie buffs seeking heart-pounding fights and jaw-dropping visuals! With Mammootty’s electrifying performance, it’s a rollercoaster of excitement from start to finish.

Language: Malayalam

Available On: Theatrical release

Runtime: 152 Minutes

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Turbo Jose, played by Mammootty, is a troublemaker in his hometown. After an attack on his friend Jerry, played by Shabareesh Varma, Turbo Jose discovers that Jerry’s girlfriend, Indulekha, played by Anjana Jayaprakash’s family, was behind the assault. They orchestrated the attack to scare Jerry away and marry Indulekha off to another man. Without Jerry’s consent, Turbo Jose decides to help Indulekha escape her family to reunite with Jerry. However, when they arrive at Jerry’s home, Jerry denies knowing Indulekha, lying to protect himself.

Now, Turbo Jose is wanted for kidnapping Indulekha and attacking her family, which includes several military personnel. To let things cool down, he moves to Chennai. In Chennai, where Indulekha and Jerry work at different banks, Jerry uncovers a massive conspiracy involving Vetrivel Shanmugha Sundaram, played by Raj B. Shetty.

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Turbo Movie Review: Script Analysis

Much like his previous works, the script by Midhun Manuel Thomas contains some plot holes, although they are fewer in number compared to his earlier movies. However, what sets this script apart is its effectiveness in keeping the plot less predictable. While the final outcome may still be understandable, the journey to reach it takes unexpected twists and turns. Additionally, the dynamics between the characters are unique, adding an intriguing layer to the storyline. Overall, the script offers a fresh perspective and a refreshing departure from the usual tropes of the genre.

Turbo Movie Review: Star Performance

At the age of 72, Mammootty portrays the character of Turbo Jose and delivers a commendable performance in the fight scenes, exuding the vigor and vitality of a man in his late 40s. Raj B. Shetty, as Vetrivel Shanmugha Sundaram, impresses with his intimidating presence, although his physicality falls short in establishing him as an equal adversary to Mammootty, which is especially evident in the final fight sequence. Notably, Nepolean in “Devaasuram” (1993) is a prime example of a formidable antagonist. Sunil, portraying a local Don with shades of Vito Corleone, provides effective comic relief. Anjana Jayaprakash’s portrayal of Indulekha lacks conviction, failing to convey emotional distress even in life-threatening situations, unlike Niranjana Anoop, who convincingly portrays fear and impending danger. Bindu Panikkar delivers a solid comedic performance, while Shabareesh Varma, like Jerry and Dileesh Pothan, excels in their respective roles.

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Turbo Box Office

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Turbo Worldwide Box Office (After 12 Days): Cruises Past 66 Crore Globally

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