Justin Timberlake Was Asked Not To Perform Cry Me A River Aimed At Britney Spears But His Epic Reaction Left The Audience In Splits
Justin Timberlake Was Asked Not To Perform Cry Me A River Aimed At Britney Spears But His Epic Reaction Left The Audience In Splits (Picture Credit: Facebook)

Justin Timberlake has been facing the heat from the Internet ever since a few excerpts from his former girlfriend Britney Spears’ tell-all memoir The Woman in Me has surfaced on social media. Now, a recent video of Timberlake has surfaced where he can be seen telling the crowd during a performance that he was asked not to perform his hit song which takes a dig at Spears. It comes at a time when Spears’ book is set to hit the shelves soon. Scroll down to know the details.

Britney Spears, in her tell-all book, has shared how she and Justin Timberlake went for an abortion after the latter was not ready to become a father. The songstress also accused him of cheating on her with ‘another celebrity’, also revealing that he broke up with her via a text.

Speaking of Justin Timberlake’s video, according to Just Jared, the singer is seen performing to an audience after comedian Dave Chappelle’s stand-up act. Before hitting the notes of his hit single Cry Me A River, Timberlake can be heard telling the audience, “They said not to do this song no more,” before adding, “F*ck that!” The song is apparently based on Timberlake’s former lover, Britney Spears and was penned after she allegedly cheated on him. The lyrics of the song describe the same as he croons, “You don’t have to say, what you did / I already know, I found out from him / Now there’s just no chance / For you and me.” Timberlake has not yet responded to the video as it has surfaced just days before Spears’ memoir.

Take a look:

Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears dated from 1999 to 2002. It was recently reported that the former once threatened her to reveal “every dirty thing” about the Princess of Pop.

“I dated Britney half my life but I don’t know that person anymore. I’m not sure I knew her before,” said Timberlake in 2006 adding, “If I was writing an article about her, I would not be able to fight the urge to write every dirty thing about her.”

Speaking of Britney Spears, she once reacted on Justin Timberlake’s song Cry Me A River saying, “I think I was in shock, to be honest. I didn’t know what to say, what to do. That was the last thing I ever thought somebody might do. I was really shocked s**tless. But you live and you learn.”

She added, “He got what he wanted. I think it looks like such a desperate attempt, personally. But that was a great way to sell the record. He’s smart.” Britney Spears’ memoir The Woman in Me,” is set to be released on October 24.

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