There has been immense hullabaloo about how mesmerizing the box office collections of Chennai Express are. While a section of the audiences are celebrating the triumph of their favorite star’s box office victory, the intelligentsia has been mourning the celebration of moronic film replete in gags. I had maintained the safe way out by deciding to abandon my brains just before I entered the theater to watch Chennai Express and I managed to scrape out with a passable entertaining time. However, the ‘hate’ comments of our loyal readers haven’t stopped coming in ever since. And with Chennai Express surpassing the box office records created by 3 Idiots, the looming question remains – do good content films get their due value from box office?

Let’s direct our attention to the much touted 100 crore club of box office. With 22 films in the club, there is a real dearth of impressive concepts in the club that epitomizes success of films. What exactly is a successful film – a content rich, refreshing film that is hard to forget or a blunder like Aashiqui 2 which dishes out the same old wine in a new bottle? The reason why I cared to mention Aashiqui 2 is because the film has recorded the highest profit this year, without entering the “100 crore club”. Personally, business prospects and cinematic aspects are distinctly different, cinema these days focus exceedingly on business rather than on content.

Chennai Express And 3 Idiots Movie Poster
Chennai Express And 3 Idiots Movie Poster

In many of my columns I’ve pointed out to the distinction between a thorough commercial film and decadent intelligent film. But it is only recently that the gulf between these films have become more apparent. I have been fed on the pedigree of Bollywood and respecting commercialism is inherently in me. As Neo realist pioneer of India, Satyajit Ray pointed out, “Film is the highest form of commercial art!” Bollywood has literally personified commercial cinema for years. Be it films like Sholay or Don, there is a visible presence of effervescent writing and refreshing ideas.

But the problem with commercial films these days is slack and stale writing that has nothing new to offer in terms of content. Stories more or less settle on similar plots and commercial films work mainly either for their stunts or their star value. Amongst the 22 entrants in the 100 crore club, 6 are either completely lifted or rehashed versions of South flicks – namely Singham, Ghajini, Son Of SardaarRowdy RathoreReadyBodyguard. While Race 2, Don 2Housefull 2 and Golmaal 3 are franchises which rely mostly on their successful predecessors to work into hits! Bol Bachchan and Agneepath are both remakes of old Hindi films which we might end up watching simply for the nostalgic feel. And in the end, there are those films which work mostly because of its star value. Be it Yash Chopra’s last film Jab Tak Hai Jaan or old flames coming back together in Ek Tha Tiger or Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani, the reason why these films worked despite the lack of a fresh script is simply because of star value and sleek direction.

There are rather few films in the 100 crore list which really have made a place on the basis strong plot. Anurag Basu’s Barfi!, Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra’s Bhaag Milha Bhaag and mostly Rajkumar Hirani’s 3 Idiots have claimed the place more for the plot of their films and less for the star value of it.

Even if Chennai Express has managed to surpass the box office numbers of 3 Idiots, it is indeed not a cue for people to thrash 3 Idiots saying how Aamir Khan is a lesser star than Shah Rukh Khan. Though hero-worship is quite a trend in our industry, it would be better if script looms as the hero in the larger picture of cinema. And as for box office numbers, they have never been indicative of good films.

The most celebrated films of Bollywood have been underrated at box office. In the end, it is the films that linger on in our memories. Chennai Express might rake up way more than 3 Idiots in the domestic circuit, but when one has to name the most memorable films of the decade, it wouldn’t even stand a chance. Human brain is thus, in the long run it manages to dissipate the fragile and remember the strong. When it comes to cinema, the best of films are the only ones that sustain over the content drained, quick hefty earners, that fail to carve a place!

I am not ashamed to say that a 3 Idiots or a Barfi or even a Bhaag Milkha Bhaag will establish itself in my memory far more strongly than the flimsy likes of Chennai Express or Ek Tha Tiger, which I’ve already forgotten. And for our readers, box office numbers are not slaps on critics. In the words of LA Times’ critic Kenneth Turan, “Critics are not meant to be applause meters! Everyone goes there, it must be the best theory doesn’t apply to films at all. We judge on variant criteria than audiences, that’s our job!”

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  1. All SRK haters were trashing the film saying it was cr@p and insulting their intelligence. One does not become an intellectual by simply ridiculing Chennai Express. No one forced them to go and watch the film. The film would not have sustained so well at the box office had it been really bad and rejected. Chennai Express was never promoted as anything but a full family entertainer. All those who are saying that CE is no 3 Idiots are right. I agree CE is no 3 Idiots. But SRK never said he was making an award-winning film or anything. The film guarantees nothing but clean entertainment for the whole family for two-and-a-half hours. Why were free tickets given out on Raksha Bandhan if SRK only wanted to make money? He wanted everyone to enjoy the film with their family. SRK himself said that if he just wanted to make money he could easily start a new business venture and make more money than he makes in Bollywood. Cinema is just entertainment, nothing more and nothing less. No one looks for logic in real life. But everyone wants logic in cinema. What irony

  2. writer is actually a fool. He needs to know for Indians, masala films are films with best content. And at last dont compare Indian films with boring american films because every cinema has its own identity.

  3. these days this big stars acts like Frog … SRK, Salman, Akshay etc….
    nd nothing wrong in that because they knew that people will accept them anyway
    u named about Barfi, BMB nd 3 Idiots
    but movies like Vicky Donor, Kahaani deserves better than they did
    nd also u mentioned about remakes but i feel nothing wrong about it, if movie is gonna better than classic one
    yeah many of us agreed on it that Hrithik’s Agneepath is far better than Amit Ji’s old 1
    i like to add movies like Bol Bachan, G3, Ready also had entertainment package in it, people wants it..they also want to refresh themselves…… one cannot handle serious cinema for too long

  4. Mr. Mohar Basu (author of the above article) Review about Chennai Express – which was published on 8th Aug’2013
    His Rating for CE – 3 Stars
    What’s Good: There is a clever humor, a few really genuine laughs and a man whose charm doesn’t wear out – SRK.
    Loo break: NONE

    Clever humor..genuine laughs loo break….Sir you expressed true feeling towards the Movie on the first day.

    My Question to you ..???
    What has changed now. Why its so difficult to accept things and keep your stand.

  5. the only thing that SRK haters are masters in is DOUBLE STANDARD game, when SRK delivers a Blockbuster movie like OSO..RNBDJ or CE they start talking about QUALITY and CLASS but when he gives GOOD films and when the quality is there be it MNIK DON2 or SWADES they neglect all this and start joking how SRK has no more STARPOWER bla bla..
    But when their favorite stars gave films like SIK; DHOOM2; FANAA; RAWDY DABANG; ETT.. etc they seem not care about content at all, all what counts for them is celebrating their favorite star’s STARPOWER but when qualitative films like TZP LAAGAN RDB SPECIAL CHABBIS etc happen fans start celebrating the ability of their stars of giving memorable films and the B.O game is no more important..yeah i know SRK fans do the same (talking about quality in case of SWADES MNIK…) and only B.O in case of (OSO; CE) but we haven’t seen SRK fans writing this kind of article crying for a bad film that broke records.. DHOOM2; GHAJINI; ETT etc all broke records but no one cried over that! the same story will repeat itself with films like KRRISH and DHOOM3..Aamir and Hrithik fans already preparing their party and the rules are: quality be damned and BO is the king!

  6. this is what all of us know but it’s hard to digest as fans. none of these 100 cr movies can hold a candle to 3 idiots except for barfi.

  7. The dead bodies of a dabangg tiger, a besharam bunny, a rowdy khiladi and three idiots were found on the railway tracks. Cops say they were all run over by Chennai Express train.

  8. Apart from Chatur’s speech,i don’t remember anything..from that movie…but films like SWADES,DDLJ,CHAK DE,MNIK remains in our heart forever..i mention all SRK movies coz u compared it to CE..nd as far as CE is was full on entertaining movie..which can be seen many times,without getting bored,nd my list of movies which can b seen any times are:all those which i mentioned above ,golmaal,krrish,wanted,kkhh,khnh,rnbdj,oso,phir hera pehri , hera pehri,kabhi ha kabhi na nd baadshah…!! nd BMB is very much better than 3idiots…for me 3idiots is very much overrated movie,audiences liked it coz it was based on engg students life nd nothin else

  9. The article shows just what the mind of the writer says. Please keep in mind that chennai express has done the business of 214 cr+ which means that it has repetitive value. People accepted it, owned it thus it will be remembered. Secondly the writer is bound to remember this movie atleast for sometime as it is a fastest grosser and biggest grosser as well. Comparisons in future will be done taking into regard the standard of business that this movie has created. This article is biased and against the verdict of Janta who have loved Chennai Express

    • No u coward fans
      digest the fact that it is not a film that has over others
      it has done a business because of hiking ticket prices + doubled even third times more theaters nd screens
      dude according to situation it should be over 600+ right ??

  10. content content content what the hell is wrong with these critics (expect Taran Adarsh)
    evry1 wants content okay get content from MNIK,SWADES,DDLJ,VEER-ZARA,CHAKDE
    but there are audience who wants entertainment from movies
    their concept of movies are a hero.heroine,gud music,action and mainly comedy

  11. there is no comparison between chennai express and 3 -idiots …. 3 -idiots fully a youth entertainer with message , chennai express masala entertainer , Indians decided chennai express was good movie so collections came . similarly 3-idiots , quality matters whether it reached audience or not , quality defines that .. if people got their requirements , the product surely reach … Chennai Express did it !!! … Crap Article From Mohar Basu

  12. i only remember one dialogue from all movies i have watched………


    just loved it

  13. 3 idiots is a crappy movie starring 3 old bafoons. Except for Chatur and Boman, there is nothing else in the movie. Munnabhai was unusual, good acting and excellent message. SRK films offer something to the audience. That is why his fan base is huge. Be it Kabhie haan kabie naa, chak de, Swades, Veer zaara, DDLJ, CE,OSO, MNIK. The only aamir khan films i likded are Jo Jeeta wahi Sikandar, Taare zameen par,Ghulam, Ghajini and Talash. As all these stars are getting older,When they lose their star value i am sure they will take up more realistic intelligent films. Right now they have to have films which rake in moolah to keep their star value, brand value and businesses running

  14. I think people are missing the point here. Labelling the article as a SRK hating article or calling some people haters here is really pulling people out of the subject area. First and foremost, the article does not put SRK in a bad light nor the movie. The movie is enjoyable but the author’s point is (which everyone seems to be neglecting especially SRK fans) that while Chennai Express did break 3 Idiots box office record, it remains as an average film with nothing really memorable. It was fuelled with powerful marketing and a holiday season. Take for example movies like A Wednesday or Yeh hai mumbai meri Jaan. Both excellent movies lacked in marketing and 100 times better than CE failed to hit 100cr club. Point of the article is: just because a movie breaks all box office records doesn’t mean its a awesome film. 3 Idiots has been used as an example here because it is also rated 221 in top 250 movies of all time at imdb (not CE) and it means a lot.

    The article also covers a sensitive issue that no one bothered to comment on is the fact that the 22 movies in 100cr club, a lot of them are based on south movies while I think 2 of them are remakes.

    I think its a brilliant article that tackles the complicated subject of box-office dominance measured in quantity rather than quality.

  15. Bmb, tzp, mnik, swades, cdi, dch barfi are better than 3 idiots. but why 3 idiots on top ?. it had 202 cr nett. so only collection matters in box office.

    • no man never!
      we decide our best according to Mouth Publicity, obvious stay at theaters
      3 Idiots were stayed for 3 months all over India
      low ticket prices etc…..
      i bet u CE gonna exclude in mere 30-35 days from all over world

  16. LoL,
    Dear Mohar Basu Just accept Whats true. your fav. star is no more on No. 1 and Records made by him are smashed by shahrukh and yes 3 Idiots was awesome but chennai express also not a crap and 3
    Idiots or a Barfi or even a Bhaag
    Milkha Bhaag will establish itself just in your memory. chennai express estsblish itself in all srk lovers memory and whenever it comes to Bollywood’s highest grossing Movie Everyone will talk about CE.

    # srk lover

  17. Frankly I finds 3 idiots far far and more far from reality. That’s it and ya bmb,sawdesh,rang day basanti, mnik, chack de are master class but ultimately box office is the king. Box office denotes what people like and ” movies are made for people” and their entertainment all rest is secondary.

  18. The best bollywood movie which i hv ever seen is my name is KHAN bt it could not do the business what i expected from it, it even could not passed the margin of 100 crores.. In this movie there was class, stars like shahrukh n kajol, n one thing there was in this movie story was better than 3 idiots…
    where were u that time???

    u talk about class even u dont know what z class..

    And as far as CE is concerned it z awesome movie n full entertainer with 0 % nudity… That y families go again n again to watch this movie.

  19. even with the BO counting, chennai express is far behind three idiots.What was the ticket rates for 3 idiots then, 100-150. Whats the ticket rates for CE now 300-400. that means 3 idiots’ is worth of 500-600 crores Box office now.

    • if thats the case why r u even puttin 3 idiots on the list, as per ur calculation it ranks no where near sholay and DDLJ.

    • You need to open up your excel and some old facts and figures… as per your calculation, how would you calculate… Sholay, QSQT, DDLJ or Devdas
      I saw DDLJ for 15 rs…!

  20. 3 Idiot can be a good movie but 3 idiots copied from a story of chetan bhagat without his permission and it was also a multi starcast movie i think this 3actor worked well so it should not compare with chennai express cause srk was only hero in chennai express.and the main thing is 3idiot will be a hit without amir khan but chennai express gone hit for srk only so it proves whatever it is.

  21. People say so much abt films like dabangg, chennai exp., etc. that these are mediocre films &would be forgotten soon….& intelligent films would remembered……well only successful films will be remembered…that’s a fact…..imagine if u make a intelligent film like black, phir milenge….& no one watches it….how will they remember the film that they hadn’t even watched…..the more succesful the folm , the more public watches it & the more it will be remembered…….simple as that…….

  22. then one thing i wanna tell you apart from boxoffice collection swades MNIK DDLJ and many other movies of diffrent heroes hold bigger position than this overrated 3I
    and weiter sir before writing any thing you have to think atleast twice and and if you do so as i mentioned above then you have to giveup your job you are not the worthy of this job.


  24. Both Rohit Shetty and Raju Hirani are very good directors as both make audience laugh in their own way.Rohit uses bolder way to entertain public and Raju Hirani supposedly a subtle way.But,if you take 3 idiots ,its most famous and crowd pleasing scene was the 10 minute speech scene by omi vaidiya that did the whole trick for the otherwise mediocre movie and AAMIR KHAN had nothing to do with that scene and also it was also very very crude scene in terms of language used(but it was fun and made 3 idiots to do the business it did).The message given by 3 idiots was that Hard working guys in scientific institutes are duffers and only smart guys are those who can make money without hard work(in this case the students who do not get good grades and hard working students were mocked to entertain 90 percent less able students who nowadays make 90 percent wealth holders and it is this 90 percent who liked this movie as they were shown in better light and made heroes by Raju Hirani, a manipulative way of making entertainment work)..Now if you take Rohit Shetty’s CHENNI EXPRESS ,it doesn’t manipulate as it just entertains at every step except last 20 minutes where SRK and Deepika try to play sentimental lovers.If 3 idiots had OMI’S speech for 10 minutes and makes 200 crores ,then CHENNAI EXPRESS deserves 500 crores as you had extremely funny character of DEEPIKA throughout the movie and their were many more funny moments with SRK and others and nothing was crude.You never mentioned CHAK DE INDIA or where SRK was so brilliant and nothing compares those performances.A look at SRK’s face in CDI after INDIAS final win can make any steely heart move .Give me one example where Aamir was better than SRK in CDI,SWADES,DDLJ,Veer-ZAARA,DARR,KHNH,MNIK to name a few.Was Aamir better than him in LAGAAN,SARFAROSH,3 IDIOTS(he had a small role) RANG DE BSANTI(again a small role)…WHERE was AAMIR better and when was he better(watch these movies again and judge by yourself).SRK had started to make different movies and unfortunately those movies only made 110-130 crores(eg RA 1,DON 2,JTHJ,MNIK) and you started to compare him with Dhabangh Khan,Idiot Khan,etc etc. Even though all of these movies made more than 250 cr.worldwide and declared them underperformers and projected Aamirs DHOBHI GHAAT a blockbuster irrespective of the fact that it did only 2 cr. business worldwide.Now that he calloborated with the BAAP of entertainment ROHIT SHETTY and very likeable DEEPIKA(unlike vampy Kareena,katrina),the results were very uncommon which you never expected from these common men and women.The results could have been100 time better if last 20 minutes would have been a bit funnier.I think next time this combination comes together,they will be much improved in order to become richer as SRK rightly said that ROHIT really deserves it( How does Rohit think of so many funny scenes without copying and so many times ina year….Remember RAJU Hirani onlydelivers once in 5 years)…

  25. You critic mind just try and understand the simplicity of the movie which can be enjoyed by all family members of different ages.certain feelings are to be experienced not analysed thats what you call amusement.

  26. 3 idiots was not amir’s single hit.. there was equal contribution from R madhavan, sharman joshi, boman irani and Omi Vaidya. Their’s a reason the movie is titled 3 IDIOT’S. orelse the movie would be known as A IDIOT… Giving Amir Khan complete credit for the movies success is the same as saying AVENGERS is a ATBB obly due the presence of Robert Downey jr.

  27. after reading comments of aamir and even salman fans i have just remmember a dialouge from chennai express:( aurat ko koi nahi samaj sakta and the same salman aur aamir ki fans ko bhi koi nahi samaj sakta) when we talk about box office they are talking about critics when we are talking about critics they are talking about box office.when swades realase and an article came about which movie is better swades or lagaan all of aamir fans answer lagaan and they were saying that how can you compare a hit movie with a flope movie and some of them were trying to say that how can you compare a flop movie with oscar entering movie and after that when mnik and 3idiots realase and indicine show the box office comparison betwen these movies all of aamir fans were saying that a good movie will have good box office collections and a bad movie will have a bad box office result and they were saying that how can you compare a flope movie with atbb movie and now they are saying that shame on india public if ce cross 3idiots very few days ago why you don,t think the same when these two srk movies realased.(log kapdi badal thi hai aur aamir,salman ki fans apne soch (thought)). and i want to say that they were even wrong in thinking that 3idiots was far better than mnik and i want to say them that mnik was far better than 3idiots in terms of script, acting,music and directing both movies have very good ideas but mnik have even bigger idea but it was not new but the script was new the only thing it have was the scenes even 3idiots have a lot of scene problems but the critics just ignore these problems i don,t know was they were paid or not by not perfect but his fans called him perfect aamir khan and students didn,t live in college the way they were living and mnik is a hit and even swades was better than lagaan both mnik(better than 3idiots) and swades was better than lagaan but why they reject these kind of master piece kind of movies so don,t blame public blame yourself srk didn,t make swades and mnik kind of movies because he know that indian public only like funny movies and even fans were saying that 3idiot if better than mnik because it,s funny and mnik is sad movie and last i want to say that these all things that i say is about chennai express collections comments when aamir and even salman fans talk about.

  28. It may be a well-written review, but is it a review that reflects the proper picture. It is always very hard to establish a film to be good by this kind of subjective interpretation. If anyone contents that 3 idiots was a better movie than Chennai Express that may be believable but if anyone says 3 idiots was one of the best film of Indian cinema that will not be very justified and a very disputable comment.

  29. Shameless article out of jealously. Chennai Express is much better and entertaining film than 3 Idiots. 3 Idiots was cheap copy of novel and this is real fun. I don’t need to say this box office collections has already proved CE. So slap on you moron mohar. Write sth sensible next time.

  30. I think the purpose of cinema is to entairntain the people first and the critics comes last. Time and again audiences have proven you people wrong so grow up respected critic. If the film wd have been moronic how come people from 5 to 80 yrs are enjoying it. That means you are saying that audiences are morons and country is left with few intelligent people like you…..Stop writing such cheap articles showing favourism ti your fav stars….

  31. well i like 3 idiots and it was a nice film but theres no reason why chennai express has to be lambasted for surpassing its records……after all making a loose adapation of a successful book, making some slight changes here and there and not even properly crediting the author is much more easier thn to make a fresh humour and original screenplay work for 2 long hours…and for the message seekers..i can make a list of at least 10 messages chennai express dishes out..just ask

  32. movies are not great but actor can make movie great like srk. The presence of srk in the movie is enough, its quiet above over the remarks of critics. If actor has potentiality and charm he can make any movie superhit.

  33. 3 idiots some scenes was not good like tohfa kabool kijiye etc..full family was not accept it was not called a family movie.while ce with full of entertaining and complete family bad scenes at all thats called a real full family movie.

  34. The author is just trying to demean Chennai express’s success.. Another jealous guy or a journo paid by Aamir.. Here are some untarnished facts..

    1. To become India’s biggest blockbuster of all time Shahrukh’s Chennai express took just 15 days!! In comparison, 3 idiots took about 45 days!!

    2. Chennai express had a solo lead actor, Shahrukh while 3 idiots had 3 lead actors (Aamir, Madhavan, & Sharman)!!

    3. Chennai express had a relative newcomer heroine (Deepika) while 3 idiots had the biggest heroine at that time, Kareena Kapoor. It also had Soha Ali Khan as the second actress!!

    4. 3 idiots had a great story & a top director at the helm while Chennai express had to rely on Shahrukh & Deepika to deliver the goods. And they did despite no proper plot or good direction..

    5. 3 idiots got a much smoother run at the box office since there weren’t any big releases at the same time.

    So, Chennai express’s success was much more harder to come by than 3 idiot’s!! Still Shahrukh’s express came out on top & how fasttt!! Super express!!

    It’s very clear that Shahrukh & Chennai express rule!!

  35. why ppl are trying to compare SRK with chillars like aamir or salman …SRK is not in their league ..sorry bout the language

    • SRK is way ahead of LIKES OF aamir or salman khan ..

  36. how can u compare two movies of different genre mughal e azam can not be copared with sholey or sholey with 3idiots ……..ce is entertainer of merely two characters whereas 3idiots is masterpiece of a team work……..all this compsrison started when ce crosses 3i….

  37. 3 idiots is a copy bt ce is a fresh sript u cant compare ce wit 3 idiots nd 1thing der r many films wich r more memorable den 3 idiots like swades,my name is khan,etc. jab srk class kar rahe the toh records ki baat kar rahe the,aur masala kar rahe hai toh class…bt 1 thing is der tum kabhi bhi srk ko sabse bada manoge nahi……

  38. we can not compare the 3 ideats and today time other movie,because 3 ideats is great for human things,
    so 3 ideats so better to all ,

  39. what do u thnk of urself??a big critic!! whn srk makes serious flms u talk abt money and when his films earn mney u tlk abt content!! what d hell!!! do u undrstnd entertainmnt????? hv u seen srk’ s mnik?? hv u seen chak de?? hv u seen tere nam where salman was fantastic!!! with due respct i beg u sir stop writing dese nonsense..jthj was a poor movie?u r mad or what??????evn yashji is laughing at u frm hvn….

  40. how can u say like that???we will remember CHENNAI EXPRESS even after 1000 years also…i still SRK starrer chamatkar & one jackie shroff starrer teri meherbaniyan …both these movies were low on content and had nothing new to offer but its just the entertainment and the emotional values that i liked in it….mind you it is collecting 200cr just because WE PEOPLE LOVING IT…and even after so many negative & mixed reviews we r still more than willing to watch it one more time…

  41. if ur talkin abt the intelligentsia, u shudnt hve compared CE with 3I for d basic reason every story is different…just like every drink is different every food is different….just bcoz sum1 likes a particular thing and is famous among masses doesnt means it should be devalued….CE box office collection tells us it has reached to a lot of people than compared to other movies in recent history….the real intelligentsia would deliver a story/film which can be catered to d masses….n lemme inform u….d masses are not on internet…n wen ppl bring in BS like it was released on more screens n prices wer hiked…i hve 1 question….who has stopped d rest of BOLLYWOOD to do d same???

  42. Mohar Basu…you should stop watching movies dnt really know what is entertainment..stop giving rubbish comments..i fell asleep while watching Barfi–do u think thats entertainment..3 idiots and bhaag milkha bhaag were good entertainment movies–but y compare with CE–you stupid man..dnt hate SRK for breaking all records…he deserves to be praised..

  43. CE has beaten 3 idiots because the movie was awesome! You’re just mad becuz ur a fan od aamir but let’s face the fact SHAHRUKH KHAN is the BEST of ALL!

  44. We all know that you r the one of bbiggest srk haters. ..kabhi tum article le aate ho wo rude hai kabhi kuch kabhi kuch…btw its sure ki teri bhot buri traha sulag rhi hai…phele to tum chennai express release se phele ek list nikalte ho records ki… how many records CE has to break…..aur jab usne saare break kar diye to sulag gyi teri…btw koibhi movie without good content itni success nhi le sakti…star power or promotion only 1st n 2nd day ka business de sakta hai…three weeks ka nhi….exp RA.1 wo bhi srk starrer thi uski bhi promotions hui thi but can’t make it na….CE doing good till 3rd week…it means what….it has a good contant…getting good word of mouth. ….n why comparing two movies with each other…both have a different genure. ..n both r best in there each genure. ..CE is best becz it delivers what it has promised. ..a good family entertainment. …anyway tu nhi samjhega…..teri aise hi sulagti rhegi….ye baatein tab yaad bhi jab ETT, YJHD etc aayi thi….

  45. Bulshit u r ! When other actors doing bloody chipo south remake nd bloody idiotic films nd that only films of their goes to the100 cr !
    Nw when srk gone past 202
    U r the hellers comparing with 3 idiots
    U r the bloody haters
    Srk just want that our bolywood will see an image like hollywood !
    Nd nt only one movie srk’s lot’s of chakde india , swadesh , my name is khan are the masterpiece ! U didnt mentioned !
    He is the king in india nw nd king in overseas frm the past years ! He is the worldwide king !

  46. Dis is really shit….
    When mnik was released, everyone keep on sayng dat it doesn collect evn 100 cr..
    Jus chck out its cntent n acting of srk…
    N nw we he literally hav to prove himslf dat hez d undisputd king of bwud in terms of numbrs
    Again u r blaming him…
    N wat d hell 3 idiots is…
    Being an engg studnt
    I knw datz mere a shit….
    Hw a prson is allowd to shit in any class dat too in d bst engg colg of india
    Ok its accptable
    Bt hw hez able to undrstnd 5th chaptr witjout knwing d abc of first four…
    Dat shuffling of papers is mere a shit
    Dat speech
    N olso impossible coz its obvio evry teachr aleast listn dat speech once as it was fo chief guest….
    Dat delievry scene
    Wich is jus possible in bwud muviz
    Dat aall is well scenes
    It has no real significnce….
    So hw u cn say dat its epic…
    Brainless morons…..

  47. We always need to compare deeply about movies script , genre , music pattern and star cast . All those film where the main cast is a either super hero or carrying a special character like : Amir in 3 idiots( Very intelligent character ) , Sallu in ETT , Dabbang , Ajay in Singham , Hrithik in Krish 3( Super hero ) , again amir in Dhoom 3 ( smart thief ) but SRK in CE is very common character and entire film is revolving around the deepika therefore there is not comparison between all movies as writer said .

    So SRK said in movie “Don’t under estimate the power of common man “

  48. Bullshit. You must be an amir khan fan. So keep your crap for yourself.
    Film is not made for critics to like. Its for audience.
    People liked 3 idiots. And they liked Ek Tha Tiger, Aashiqui 2 and Chennai Express.
    Audience is the true judge. Not the messed up critics you fool

  49. Lol. You like 3 idiots. You cannot expect others to like it.
    Audience decide wedr movie is good or bad not critics who are nothing but low lives who give rating according to their moods.

  50. Mr. Mohar,

    I like your command on english…

    But are you strong enough to point that high-powered perception about ur own self…..
    Cinema is made for audience ,they r the only judge….
    Dnt call urself the one….

  51. Forget about content, 3 idiots is still a bigger hit than CE. 3 idiots opened to around 1200 screens, which is 2300 screens lower than CE, and ticket rate hick of CE was around 25% – 30% higher than 3 idiots. and above all 3 idiots was released 4 years ago.

    • Why dont we release DDLJ and HAHK and Sholay today and then see the fate of 3 Idiots. Either compare on content (subjective) or compare on numbers. If numbers, dont bring in inflation else 3Idiots will be nowhere.

      • DDLJ will be the only movie which will work today also. others lack the contemporary feeling. and 3 idiots will still rank high.

  52. Ideal films of last dexade who deserve 100 cr club :
    Lagaan,Gadar,Dil Chahta Hai,Company,Swades,Rang de Basanti,Lage Raho Munnabhai,Jab we Met,Tare Zammen Par,3Idiots,Barfi,QUATIM
    Now people u decide which Actor is no 1…
    Also m completely aggree abt Mr Mohar Basus analysis…. Indian audience is really stupid who liked such a crap product CE…. it dont deserve 50 crs…

  53. Y r u soo jeolous..chennai express is a full on masala movie and it is a good movie to watch…and if u r saying that it is not as much good so y in overseas also it has crossed 100 cr mark…onpy 3 film have crossed this mark in overseas 3idoits,mnik and chennai…so stop criticising a film…audiences are loving the film and this is proven by its box office collection…in imdb also chennai express has 6.8 rating so shut upp…but I am really disappointed that a fipm like yjhd a full on ddlj concept was copied and than also it became a hit

  54. most 50% people said Chennai express is totally bakwas
    ..just shahruks bakwas movie could make more then 200 then what will happen if give blockbostr….1000 cr in 4weeks

  55. Pseudo author Basu ji,its your point of view. Families have loved this Express,aap bhi get on the train. Aur waise bhi log kuch bhi bhool jayein,SRK ki movies hamesa yaad rakhte hain. Love him or hate him but you cant ignore him. Thank you.

  56. this article is completely bullshit. i am surprised why KOIMOI is employing such unsound persons. is this person has just awaken form a long sleep and just gone through the records. at first KOIMOI should stop publishing these kind of rubbish. i think the writer has any kind of relationship with some special person.
    hello, bina chhat k building CE has faced BIG releases in its every week of release. pehle to tum movie ko collections k aadhar pe grading dete ho. ab SRK collections me record banaya to fakaiti jharne lage.
    kya kya tumhare paas article nai hai kya chaapne ko.???
    tum log jaise ochche budhdhi walo ka kuch nai ho sakte . zindagi bhar galtiya khojne me hi barbad ho jaoge.
    khair only one suggestion to srk-

  57. beta tumko kon sa movie yaad rehta hai or kon sa movie nai yaad rehta hai isse koi farq nai parta.
    isilye agar ye movie 200 cr cross kiya hai to kuch to baat hoga. agar fir bhi nai samjhe to tum is abadi k nai jaan parte . u should be referred to kanke or agra…

  58. when we are talking about bo collection srk fans scold salman moives for bad content and over the top masala and stereotype moives … and here srk put his leg on same shoe… though shy high collection @ BO srk lovers who loved becasue of his Content based and genuine moives from where he gained fans really disappointed. the collected amnount of tickets hardly Earned from the Genuine srk or Movie lovers and there is no loyalty for srk … there is only loyalty towards Masala Moives and numbers of screen sharing which went very higher now days….
    Its Called Movie not Cinema. SRK is Known for experimental Moives (Swades,His romatic movies , chak de india, even don, pehli etc…) but this time he is not.. Masala entertainer working as same same Chienese products..easy to get lack of quality and very short lives and real values.

  59. Only One Movie Rules the bollywood, in all aspects Direction, Acting, Music, Comedy, Action, Dialogues, Emotions, Even All the Characters of the Movie is and will Be Remembered,in terms of Box Office also


  60. pakao movie hai….aamir khan breaks all the records….amir ka record 4 saal raha, sharukh ka record 3 mahine bhi nahi rahega gaurantee…….

  61. Domestic Collection

    Thursday (Paid Preview)
    06.75 cr nett

    33.12 cr nett

    28.05 cr nett

    32.50 cr nett

    12.62 cr nett

    11.50 cr nett

    12.56 cr nett

    19.60 cr nett

    1st Week Total Collections
    156.70 cr nett

    2nd Week

    06.50 cr nett

    08.51 cr nett

    10.22 cr nett

    03.80 cr nett

    07.06 cr nett

    04.51 cr nett

    03.25 cr nett

    2nd Week Total Collections
    43.85 cr nett

    3rd Week

    02.12 cr nett

    03.61 cr nett

    04.75 cr nett

    01.63 cr nett

    01.74 cr nett

    02.46 cr nett

    Total Domestic Collections
    216.86 cr nett

    Total Overseas Collections
    108.50 cr

    Total Worldwide Collections
    325.36 cr

    Total Worldwide Gross
    392.00 cr

  62. All the critics are being bribed by FILM INDUSTRY, theyjust cant tolerate a simple TV actor grow as big as Srk has done, even akki started getting good movies after becoming kaka son in law, srk life is inpiration to all vommon ppl eho wsnt big in life

  63. this movie doesn’t worth 200 crore ..srk, must have spent150cr …this movie worth only 20cr. we know srk spends money to get awards and name….karanjohar gets something else from srk .

  64. have to admit that the content of CE is way better than bodyguard,ready,dabang..another thing is ce is not a remake of any south tht case we must give the whole team the credit..any making a comparison between 3idiots and ce is lame…because they r diffrent from each other…in the festive season people want to enjoy a muvi with their whole family..ce completely does justice to that..and i think this pure,new script initiative should be taken in bollywood otherwise the copying tendency will continue…

  65. Sholay, Mukkadar ka sikandar, DDLJ, 3 Idiots are milestone of bollywood. Don’t compare wid them.
    As far as record is concerned… Wait for Dhoom-3 :-)
    The record of CE is for some months only. The movie has nt so good concept to compare.

  66. 3 Idiots had a good script and movie would have been proven a hit even if Rajpal Yadav played the lead role in place of Amir Khan. Yes they are memorable movies like Sholay, DDLJ, Chak de India etc we’ll always remember those films dialogues :-)

    For Chennai Express it was a good entertaining masala movie, you dont eat only idli-sambhar daily some days you feast on chiken and gulab jamun also :-)

  67. I dont care who breaks the records of whom? But what i know is the movie 3 Idiots was far better, is better, will be better than all forever and ever

  68. srk is king of bollywood…………..
    ur waste of human being………
    And I am not ashamed to say that ur waste Kenneth Turan, “Critics

  69. What is difference between jadu ki jubee n all is well?nothing,.,because 3Idiots is remake of muna bhai Mbbs part one,.,one can check bt there are two short cursuits with Amir khan in 3idiots,.,.and Barfi is copy of english film Notebook so both film are also copy movies,.,.,

  70. SRK has a different way of approaching things so he accumulates slowly and steadily be it Chennai Express, 3 Idiots or Dabangg one thing is clear all put a good show

  71. when people are jealous of u we should know that we are succediing. thats the case with srk. everybody is jealous of him everybody wants to prove 3i is better than CE. just because u r talking about quality i would like to remind that CHAK DE and SWADES r much better than 3i.

  72. u cant denies the public verdict it is the finally get on the record that it is ATBB in history of indian cinema…y not u said when 3idiot was declaired biggest hit..before 3idiot whichever movie has record which must hav lower ticket price and rupee value then 3IDIOT…and wt u say noone cares bcoz record dont care what u silly people think…loser writer

  73. 3 idiots is gud movie..but u can’t compare one movie with other..SRK proved himself dat he his best actor n stood no1 from part 20 years without any back support..if u wanna compare than do compare chak de India,swades,my name is khan n many more..no1 gonna care ua crap..SRK IS KING n RULZ 4EVER!


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