Aashiqui 2 Movie Poster
Aashiqui 2 Movie Poster

Rating: 2/5 stars (Two Stars)

Star cast: Aditya Roy Kapur, Shraddha Kapoor, Shaad Randhawa and Mahesh Thakur

Director: Mohit Suri

What’s Good: Aditya Roy Kapur is the killer factor of this film. That’s all there’s to look for in this one.

What’s Bad: A bumpy screenplay and dialogues that are delivered at deafeningly high decibels are quite indigestible.

Loo break: Yes. Yes. Hell Yes.

Watch or Not?: Mohit Suri’s Aashiqui 2 rambles on about a love story that turns into a convoluted mess because of alcoholism. With absolutely nothing remarkable in this distasteful blend of Devdas and Abhimaan, I will recommend this film only for Aditya Roy Kapur’s intense acting.

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After a nasty scene of drunken revelry at a concert, popular singer Rahul Jaikar washes down his low self morale with more alcohol. At a local bar in Goa, he spots Arohi, singing his famous number with greater passion than him. An impressed Rahul decides to build her career in order to give his crumbling life a purpose. While slowly he finds himself falling in love with her, her success coincides with his failure, with Rahul settling for being a successful woman’s shadow. Does their love survive the hardships of life? Or dilemmas of pride and ego weigh heavy on them?

Aditya Roy Kapur And Shradha Kapoor in Aashiqui 2 Movie Stills
Aditya Roy Kapur And Shradha Kapoor in Aashiqui 2 Movie Stills

Aashiqui 2 Review: Script Analysis

The film could easily pass as a documentary for Alcoholics Anonymous! Oodles of melodrama and dollops of mush leave you feeling diabetic! But as far as the script goes, there is an interesting and rather impressive point to note. Surprisingly, the script has kept the love story independent of Rahul’s self loathing tendencies. The plot has been written from an enlightened perspective which does understand the necessity of coming of age in terms of ideas. Strikingly, the script writers maintain a strict dichotomy between Rahul’s love for Arohi and how he hauntingly bears failure and bruised ego of a yesteryear star, without mixing the two. At no point is the man’s love challenged by jealousy but it is his own descent that claws him from within, which the film admirably maintains.

It is definitely not a sequel of Aashiqui! But indeed heavily borrowed and at places directly lifted from Amitabh Bachchan-Jaya Bhaduri starrer Abhimaan. The warm archaic romance is very feel good. Don’t try to find logic because there is no scope for it. The climax is abrupt and squanders away awkwardly. By the film’s end you’ll either be moaning with morbid ear pain from all the on-screen screeching, or will be laughing at the film’s most emotional moments which is definitely not a compliment.

Aashiqui 2 Review: Star Performances

Aditya Roy Kapur was conspicuously noticeable because of his obvious good looks and an impressive repertoire of past work! I won’t paint a flawless picture of him because he too has his weak moments in the film. But, in the mushy scenes, he absolutely scores! He is a potent actor capable of doing much better but sadly the film doesn’t use him right.

Shraddha Kapoor has an ounce of childish mirth to her. She looks gorgeous at places. But the woman needs to join an acting school and get down to the basics of emoting with eyes and picking up the right throw of dialogue delivery. At the most poignant instances in the film, she mutters her dialogues robotically with spoon fed neatness.

Somehow despite their intrinsic flaws, their chemistry manages to create a fluttering butterflies-in-your-stomach feeling.

Mahesh Thakur and Shaad Randhava give above average performances in their limited roles.

Aashiqui 2 Review: Direction, Music & Technical Aspects

Mohit Suri delivers a letdown of a film. Aashiqui 2 has not one impressive quality in it when it comes to direction. Bearing the same name as the yesteryear hit film of the Bhatt’s, this film is a show of comatose screenplay, in a script that lacks luster and energy and concludes in an anti climax. The musical has a likeable rhythm but overall the film with its slim plot cannot be expected to grow beyond its assigned surface! Arijit Singh’s Tum Hi Ho is stellar show but will sadly have a short shelf life.

Aashiqui 2 Review: The Last Word

Aashiqui 2 is a sermon on alcoholism. Faintly trying to revive a dead script with soothing music and appealing chemistry, the film has a hasty and unpredictable wrap up which kills its tempo. A stone faced actress and a perpetually stoned protagonist do to the film irreparable damage. Novice Aditya Roy Kapur’s fiercely strong efforts are the only consistent bits of the film, despite a hollow premise. I am assigning a 2/5 for Mohit Suri’s Aashiqui 2. If you have the appetite for romance, this is an apt palette or else it could easily be missed.

Aashiqui 2 Trailer

Aashiqui 2 released on 26th April, 2013.

Share with us your experience of watching Aashiqui 2.

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    • as said correctly by you this movie does not need critiques review and no one in the hall went for a loo break at all!! the viewer’s verdict is better!! hats off to Mohit Suri for creating such an amazing movie!!
      watch again i recommend!!

  1. Aditya Roy Kapur has everything thats required to be a superstar. I wish he chooses good films in future then there will be no stopping him. I am mesmerised by his killer good looks. <3

  2. god this movie killed me i lovedthis movie n shardra n adity was awsome they are going 2 rock the cinema 4 sure :)

  3. Well this time it is awesome again with Mohit Suri completing the hat-trick of sequels Raaz 2,Murder 2 and Aashiqui 2 …. all are in my all time list!!

  4. lgta h k tujhe to rating ka matlab hi nai pta..,
    ashiqi2 is a great mvie wid gud sngs n aswm music
    nd u give nly 2/5rating
    ek thi dayan, david ,3g r bkwas mvie n rating acordg u is 3r3.5/5

  5. wat the hell….hw can one give 2/5 rating to such an amazing movie….i loved this movie and its songs are toh incredibly awesome…..according to me its a 4.5/5 film…

  6. Ashiqui2 is cocktail of Devdas,Abhimaan ­,Rockstar n Fashion.

    1st Half–song-meet ­-song-meet-song ­-meet-song-depa ­rt(Interval)

    2nd Half–meet-song ­-drinks-meet-so ­ng-drinks-song- ­meet-drink-depa ­rt-meet-song-de ­part 4ever(The End)

    Ratings–2 stars

    • awsmmm movie. picturised wid true emotions n expression. songs r jst mindblowing n fantastic. truely very heart touching… will b remembered forever……….

  7. this is once in lifetime story and the power pack performance of shardha kapoor with aditiya roy kapoor …..yeh nahi dekhi to pyaar nahi kiya go and watch i am going to watch it again.. the scene where rahul push her (arohi) out of home and then she asked him

  8. I think this reviewer needs to do a basic film course rather than shraddha kapoor, there is nothing like perfection, everyone has the right to tell his story the way he wants, either u like it or u dont. judge urself before judging or suggesting others.

  9. ARK rocks… what a performance by ARK. i like alot this flim a very romantic movie… Which will be rember in decade. ARK YOU ROCK… you look awosome in blue shirt while playing football in the flim and shraddha kapoor is also too good.

  10. ye film bahut hi dardnak hai un logo ke liye jinhone sacha pyar kiya hai jo bhi is film ko dekhega woh apne bite hue kal men chala jayega ….its best movie for my life…ashiqi22222222…tum hi ho is very very best song

  11. Another master piece from Mohit Suri… Awesome job, Aditya Roy kapur and Shraddha kapoor both rocks.. Songs are beautiful.. But its not Ashiqui 2 its Woh lamhe2..

  12. The movie is best love story movie till yet i have watched.
    awsm movie, all songs are fantastic-mindblowing, truly real heart touching movie.
    I generally don,t watch love story movies, but this i had watched tomorrow. really great movie.

  13. 1 of d best movie i ever saw… far more gud than devdas, abhaiman and all other creepy love story… must watch movie…

  14. What a Movie Really Hurt Touching Movie I HAve Ever Seen Luv This Movie But Ending Was Soo Sad :(

  15. Love chemistry between very sad so fantastic movie shradda looking so gorgeous tum hi ho very nice song

  16. Love chemistry between them very sad so fantastic movie shradda looking so gorgeous tum hi ho very nice song


  18. This movie is just fab.. awesome…… i can watch this movie anytime,
    in love with this movie and the songs are just superb !!!!!! so touching…… one can feel and cry …
    i love this movie !!!
    great acting…. and aditya .. omg he’s so cute and sweet ! <3
    thumbs up guys…. keep it up….. ! :)
    waiting for aashiqui 3 :P

  19. After a long long time i have seen a very very good love story movie, its heart touching. Every one should watch at least once

  20. Baqwaas movie…these guys(aditya n shraddha) shud learn acting first…very regular n predictable storyline…song are irritating…every second minute has a song…missing original Aashiqui…

  21. only one question for all viewor’s?????kya hero ne thik kyi sucide kar ke ya nahi?????so plz see movie again…&..thought ????? & answer…..

  22. we like to see Aashiqui 3 with same two actor again soon……………………………………………

  23. movie suprbbbbbb……ye critics to star value pe rating dete hain….ydi isi film ki star value agar srk sallu ajay akashay aur hritik hote to rating 4.5/5 hoti…..critics banane k liye koi koi qualification to chahiye nhi bas ban gaye……sharadha kapoor ki acting me kya buraai thi??????????????suprb…..kisi film me pahli baar rone ko dil hua…..kya critics banane k liye koi school ho to inka admisson wahan karwao yaaronnn,,,,,

    • hy superbbbbbbbbb’i film like arohi jann and r.j bcz r.j is famous and handsome .a this year of surprise and yeh film bht romantic h or is film ko dekh ke rona ata h pehle br mene ese romantic or rone wali & i m w8 for ashiqui 3 with again two actors arohi & r j i like this type of film grt loverrrrrrrrrrrrr arohi and r j shardha was perfect

  24. this film means that the love is true for each other and mohit suri hands up a beautiful film…….i like this types of films………..aashiqui2…………………..tum hi ho,,meri aashiqui ab tum hi ho********

  25. Whoever says watever, don dare to miss ashiqui2, especially those who love alcohol… Have 2 pegs before watching.. Later u only ll start on.. Nonody ca cjem stop u……….check it

  26. simply in one word outstanding. superb performance of aaditya & shraddha .none other than aashiqui-2 movies

  27. Who d hell says wat, its a superb movie, jst settin a new definition of luv-its death nt 2 create a distance, nt 2 give up s a failure, its death 2 let d lover live, its death 2 make d lovr toppr, its death 2 luv mre closely…….
    dis film is nt 4 al, its 4 dose who undstnd luv, nt 4 dose who criticise it.
    By showing blood, wars, ny 1 cn make u cry, bt wid presence of emotions, its difficult, n ashiqui2 cud do dat… 4 d first tym c-ing a movie, i cried n ocean, hats off 2 dis movie…

  28. Ashiqi 2 to dekhi par ek bat muje achi ni lagi ki pehle wo khud use itne upar lekar jata hai hai fir uski khusi se jalta hai

    par supar hit movie hai

  29. one of the best movies ever heart touching romance, real time story,, not ab bore ,, pll love it,, heart touching g88888888888888 work,

  30. i love this movie aditiya and shradha also but aditiya ko last main marna nhi tha but this is great movie superb love u and u all thanks for give us ashiqui 2

  31. heart touching story hai,,and also goos performance of all actors specially shradh kapoor.,and nice songs,same as first aashqui

  32. […] is the result of the constant struggle he endured in Mumbai, before ‘Sun Raha Hai Na Tu’ from Aashiqui 2 became a hit. The 32-year-old singer made it all the way to where he is without any special […]


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