Salman Khan dons the uniform of a bodyguard to protect Kareena Kapoor in the movie ‘Bodyguard’. Should you watch the movie? What will be its box-office fate? Find out more in the review by Komal Nahta.

Bodygurd Review

Business rating: 4/5 stars

Star cast: Salman Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Raj Babbar, Hazel Keech

What’s Good: Salman Khan’s endearing character; his performance; the mass-appealing action and comedy; the well-tuned music and well-choreographed songs

What’s Bad: The half-baked screenplay; the unanswered questions that leave the audience with a feeling of incompleteness

Verdict: Riding on Salman Khan’s wave of popularity, Bodyguard will prove to be a box-office hit.

Loo break: Not really.

Watch or Not?: Watch Bodyguard for Salman Khan and Kareena Kapoor’s performances.

User rating:

Reel Life Productions and Reliance Entertainment’s Bodyguard, as the title suggests, is the story of a bodyguard. Lovely Singh (Salman Khan) is a strong and super-efficient bodyguard whom Sartaj Rana (Raj Babbar) of Jaisinghpur chooses for the protection of his only daughter, Divya (Kareena Kapoor), who is studying in a city college. At first, Divya is embarrassed by Lovely Singh accompanying her to college and right into her classroom. But when she sees him protecting her from Ranjan Mhatre’s (Mahesh Manjrekar) hoodlums who have come to kill her, she is mighty impressed. Before long, she is head over heels in love with him. However, as she is too scared of her rich and influential father and since she is also aware that Lovely Singh is too indebted to her father to ever even dream of marrying her, she expresses her love to him by speaking to him over the telephone under an alias (Chhaya) and by camouflaging her voice. Lovely Singh also falls in love with Chhaya although he doesn’t know her real identity.

Divya’s best friend and roommate, Maya (Hazel Keech), warns her against going ahead with her love story as she foresees it ending as a disaster. Unperturbed, Divya continues with the romance till one day, she realises that Lovely Singh would never fall in love with her as he would take the act of falling in love with her as akin to backstabbing her father whom he worships as God. Crestfallen, she tries to break off from Lovely Singh only to realise the she loves him too dearly to be able to break all ties.

Salman Khan’s Bodyguard Nets Rs. 21 Crore On Opening Day

Even as her education is about to get over, Divya alias Chhaya musters courage to propose marriage to Lovely Singh who agrees without still knowing that Chhaya is none other than Divya.

What happens thereafter? Does Divya succeed in getting married to Lovely Singh? Does the latter get to know that Chhaya is none other than his Divya madame? Does Sartaj Rana get wind of what his daughter and her bodyguard are up to? What about Ranjan Mhatre and his mission to kill Divya? Is Lovely Singh able to save Divya’s life – and his own? Does Maya help Divya to finally unite in matrimony with Lovely Singh? Answers to these questions are revealed in the long-drawn climax.

Bodyguard Review – Script Analysis

Remake of the Malayalam film of the same name and loosely inspired by the Hollywood film of the same name, Bodyguard has an interesting plot that had the germs of a terrific screenplay and drama. However, the screenplay, penned by Siddique, J.P. Chowksey and Kiran Kotrial with inputs by Salim Khan, is one of so much convenience that the audience is left with a feeling of incompleteness. The entire angle of Divya changing her voice when she pretends to be Chhaya (Karisma Kapoor’s voice is used to dub the dialogues mouthed by Chhaya over the telephone) looks half-baked and just too convenient to really impress the viewers. The funny part is that many among the audience may not even realise that the voice of Chhaya is that of another actress (Karisma Kapoor) because the same result could be achieved by Divya’s (Kareena Kapoor) own voice with, say, a slight huskiness or accent or some such change. It is also not clear why Chhaya keeps treating Divya as somebody whom she doesn’t like or care for, whenever she talks to Lovely Singh. It isn’t as if Lovely Singh is in love with Divya and Chhaya wants to get Divya out of her way or as if Chhaya wants to test Lovely Singh’s love for her. Chhaya’s outbursts against Divya seem all the more ridiculous or redundant given that Divya and Chhaya are the same person – a fact known to the audience.

The writers have not bothered to establish why Ranjan Mhatre is thirsting for Divya’s blood. Of course, one is led to believe that Ranjan Mhatre has a score to settle with Divya’s dad, but considering that so much footage is devoted to the bodyguard protecting Divya’s life, it would have been far more sensible to establish, howsoever briefly, the enmity between Sartaj Rana and Ranjan Mhatre. And if the enmity has arisen because Sartaj Rana failed an attempt by Ranjan Mhatre to sell girls of his village to brothels in Thailand, well, the connection is not properly established.

The twist in the tale, revealed when Lovely Singh comes with his little son to meet Sartaj Rana before he (Lovely Singh) leaves for some time to Canada, may be pretty interesting and even shocking but again, it comes like a convenient twist. That Lovely Singh never tried to keep in touch with Sartaj Rana for years thereafter seems an impossibility because as far as he (Lovely Singh) was concerned, he wasn’t guilty of any wrong vis-à-vis Sartaj Rana. Also, had there been some ground-work leading to the twist in the end, the audience may have found it more believable even if the shock value may have been reduced a bit.

Lovely Singh is shown as a conscientious bodyguard, for whom duty comes before even his personal life, and that is all very fine. But to show him as dumb as he has been shown to be seems like too much of an exaggeration.

All in all, the screenplay writers have done a hurried job and seem to have made a whole lot of assumptions which the audience may not like to make. This is not to say that there are no plus points. There are actually several of them. For one, the character of Lovely Singh is so endearing that the viewer in no time falls in love with him. Similarly, even though Divya goes in too round-and-about a manner to express her love to Lovely Singh, her helplessness does touch the audience’s heart. The songs are not just well-worded but are also well-tuned and well-choreographed, making them a delight to watch. Another major plus point is the abundant action in the film, which will especially be loved by the masses and the audience in single-screen cinemas.

Besides action and romance, the third pillar of the film is comedy. While action is excellent and the romance is fairly good, the comedy track of Tsunami (Rajat Rawail) is often kiddish and irritating and it fails to evoke the desired laughter. However, the comedy of Lovely Singh is often entertaining and even heart warming.

Bodygurd Review

Bodyguard Review – Star Performances & Direction

Salman Khan lives the character of Lovely Singh. He looks like a million bucks and acts very efficiently. In one word, he is truly endearing. Kareena Kapoor does a remarkable job. She makes the emotional scenes extremely watchable in spite of several of them appearing unjustified. She shines as Divya. Hazel Keech does an ordinary job. Raj Babbar is fair. Aditya Pancholi is good in a brief special appearance. However, the scene in which he is shown to be operating a remote-controlled helicopter looks a bit weird. Mahesh Manjrekar does fairly well. Chetan Hansraj gets limited scope and do as desired. Rajat Rawail is not impressive as Tsunami and, in the absence of a strong flair for comedy, often relies on his bulky weight and some funny and not so funny lines to create mirth. Needless to add, he succeeds only very occasionally. Asrani is wasted in an inconsequential role. Sharat Saxena does what is needed of him. Mohan Kapur makes his presence felt in the singular scene he appears in. Vidya Sinha is average. Katrina Kaif looks bewitching and dances extraordinarily in a portion of the title song in a friendly appearance. Karisma Kapoor’s voice acting is good but not many in the audience would even realise that the voice of Chhaya is Karisma’s: they’d assume that it is Kareena’s voice modulated a bit! Shashi Kiran and the other provide the desired support.

Siddique’s direction is good but could have been better. Although he has tried to make a wholesome entertainer, he doesn’t excel in any department. Music is a plus point. All the four songs are appealing but none has been supremely popular. The title track, Teri meri, meri teri prem kahani and Desi beats (all composed by Himesh Reshmmiya) have pep and pace. The ‘I love you’ number (set to tune by Pritam) is also a popular song. Lyrics, penned by Shabbir Ahmed and Neelesh Mishra, are appropriate. Choreography may not be mind blowing but the songs have been picturised in a way that they entertain and also become eye-filling. The dance steps in the title song are different and graceful. The picturisation of ‘Prem kahani’ song is sensuous and visually appealing. The ‘Desi beats’ song is visually rich. The I love you song is youthful. Sandeep Shirodkar’s background score is alright. S. Vijayan’s action scenes have been composed with a special eye on the masses and Salman Khan’s fans. Sejal Shah’s cinematography is excellent. Sets (Angelica Monica Bhowmick) are of a very good standard. Editing, by Sanjay Sankla, is sharp.

Bodyguard Review – Komal Nahta’s Verdict

On the whole, Bodyguard had the germs to become a super-hit fare but it remains a good fare mainly because its script looks contrived and too convenient at places. All the same, it will prove to be a box-office hit because of several extraneous factors going in its favour – Salman Khan riding the wave of popularity, its release on the festive occasion of Eid and the public’s hunger for larger than life star-studded entertainment as there has been no such real entertainer since five weeks, which has resulted in an earth-shattering opening.

Bodyguard Video Review

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  1. Boring Bakwas movie, 3rd class acting, No story line. faltu dialogues. Salman khans ke fans ke liye ek or gatiya movie.
    fans tumhe apne maa baapo ke kasam jo ye movie dekhi, agar dekhi to ek baap ke aulad nahi. Aur nalayak auld ho tum

    • ach6a beta….to aap kyu dekhne gaye?……….ku6 bhi ho…salman rocks.there is no value of 1 negetive response in front of 99 +ve reviews….one of the blockbuster of the year.agar ye movie boring lag rahi he to phhir aah ki 2nd release BOL to fully entertainer hogi ..nai?lol

    • Oye nalayak aulad bakwas band kaar. You idiot unhappy rascal is that how your parents brought you up? At least think about your parents before you utter such rubbish.I really feel so bad for your parents. Bechara!

    • I don’t think you have even seen the movie so don’t talk…and if you hate Salman and despite that you went and saw the movie on its first day then that tells us that you are an hypocrite and your opinion doesn’t matter to the rest of the world because of this and learn to appreciate peoples work regardless of who you like because these movies are meant for the majority and not everyone will like every film.

    • Avinash ji…………….teri maa ko…

      ye film to superhit ho hi gaya hai……suar ki aulad, tum q is film ko dekha ………I love Salman

    • Avinash………Must read

      aap to bade wale kamine ho……dont say about my star salman khan

      warna yahan bahot log hai salman k FANS…..jahan se pakdega 5ser gosht/mans nikal lega,,,,mujhpar ek ehsan karna ke dobara post na karna,nahi to ek baar mai commentment kardi to apne aap ki bhi nahi sunti

    • oye idiot agar tujhe ye movie pasand nahi aaya toh chup reh magar salman ke baare me kuch galat mat bol samjha u useless fellow

    • Avinash tu salman ka face dekhne ke layak bhi nahi hai, ek baar mere saamne aana tujhe toh chapal uthake maarna chahiye,bloody bulls**t fellow.

    • beta avinash.. kya khena chahta hai kii bodyguard movie achi nai haii.. itna hii haii toh dekhne mat jata jarrour apne paise khrab karne ..thai..aur sun (abh salman ki fans tujhe maii itne chehde kare gaii kii tu confuse hoo jaie gaa likhu kaha se ur reply karu kaha seee.)

    • koolmak……aapko film samajh me nahi aayi qk aap gadhe aur gadhe ko achchi baat samajh me nahi aati hai

      kutta,kamina tum ho KOOLMAK

      i love my hero salman khan

    • Lemme ans 2222…
      Koolmak = bohat bakwas movie hai….
      Asif = Confirm kar ke dekh ne jate…

      Koolmak = Yea kc film banai hai.
      Asif = Banadar kya jane edrak ka swaad..
      SRGay’s ke pille…

    • sahi bad he …..srk fans jal gaye…..fattu srk …apni movie ko chalane k liye ab Don2 or RA-1 ko 3D me release karega taki jo public nhi dekhati wo bhi movie dekhne jaye

  2. u dnt knw how to review salman flim..u said bodyguard will be hit bt bdguard will be ATBB…salman flim dsnt need review

  3. All thoze who r pukin out bulls**t for bodyguard r a**holes..n they r definitly S.R.GAY FANS……i knw SALMAN wont get award for this film bcoz he dsn’t pay for d Awards like S.R.GAY……

  4. @abhinash and @koolmak kaun si fillm dekhke aye he ye to puchoooo…salman wali bodyguard ya phir malayam wali hahaha….malayam wali hogi isliye unlogoko samjh me nahi aya hogaaa…..

  5. worst movie of kareena kapoor after kambahkat ishq no story n dat fatty person irritates a lot with his boring P.J only two things is good 1 is salman performance n 2 one is tere mere prem kahani song . movie is damn slow n no comedy sequences not worth watch such type of movie waits of time n money

  6. Salman is a rockstar……….Movie is awesome…………To all Sallu haters n SRK fan F**K OFF……….You guys are just jealous and a big looser…………You guys are useless commenting against Sallu………..Seriously you guys need a life Uff…………And listen you guys keep on thinking ill about Sallu while he will ride on success even more,,,,,,,Go Sallu show them what you are………….Love you so much!!

  7. Hey guys if you hate Salman than just don’t watch his movie……………Simple is that………….Yahan ake sard dhukhane ki jarurat hi nahin………….So silly !

  8. srk chup ja k kisi kamry mai saly sallu nay aik aur hit dy di hai……..sallu rocksss…….super duperhit hai movie…..

  9. aya ry aya bodyguard………sallu bhai we lv uuuuuuuuu………..u rocks again …….dhenka chika ho gai hai har tarf……..biggest opener ever……….pakistan mai sallu dabbang hai sb dewany hain bhai k r srk to farig hai……aik dum farig…..

  10. supr dupr blast.. salman as usual rckss..! frst dabanng than ready nd nw this. it jus luv salmannnnnnn…… i m jus to excitd 4 his nxt movie BOL. nd ol f ans of dat fattu budha SRK juss dnt feel jealous nd simply acccept that srk is a bigggggg flop. bloody srk.

  11. prorly people said salman is doing movie of same time but salman proved it e=wrong it is lovery story with masala different from wanted and dabang

  12. hey why r u all comparing srk with sallu.popularity wise sallu is wayy ahead of srk.i think its more of a competetion between aamir and sallu than between srk and sallu.i see ra-one becomming disasterous for for me
    sallu-no 1
    aamir-no 2
    ajay-no 3

  13. @Rajat Tiawari Agreed 100% here that don’t expect Salman to get an awards becoz he don’t believe in buying awards.He knows and so does his fans know that he is the best. Only ppl like SRK who is insecure buy those awards.Even the greatest of the great actor hasn’t win an awards.Dn’t worry guys Salman was is and will always be the best of all.

  14. i m big salman khan ( SALLUUU) fan but i m not satisfied with this movie, first half was nice,but 2nd one wasn’t that much good. specially the climax . . . but some comedy scenes and action scenes r good. . . now just wait for dabangg-2, ek tha tiger, sherkhan and kick . . . . .

  15. salman u rock man….jabardast story and as always jabardast sallu……..what a climax….aftr long time a good movie i watched…srk fans please kuch apne uss fattu ko samjaye ki kuch aisa act kare ki log appreciate kare…..ra-one nahi raavan hai…dosti nibhani to nahi ati kam se kam acting to nibhayo……..

  16. ****
    Amazing movie, it has got blend of both action and romance.

    Both sallu n kareena gets thumps ups…..

    Climax is exceptional……..

    This will surely gross 200 crs.

  17. There are two kinds of actors in india…

    1. The grt legendary superstar SALMAN KHAN.

    2. The rest actors….

    He Roxx again 4 blockbusters in a row, no actor can reach this man.

  18. i love salman khan.i am his big fan.i always see his all movies.he is the best and he is only my favourite actor in uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu salman love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu again.all the best in future love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu bodyguard

  19. salman is rock bodygurd a sweet movie i watching again n again this movie super duper hit worldwide insha allah

  20. bodyguard is the superduper mindblowing most entertaining movie & salman khan prove once again that he is the no.1 superstar of bollywood.we luv u sallu bhai.get well soon.god bless u.

  21. salman vai always rocks this movie i already saw ye sala avinas kaun hai sala jo salman vaike movie ko bakwas bolta hai tera naam hi bakwas he sala market me dekh gandi nale ke dog salman vai great hai jo salman vai ke bad review dega uski… salman vai we love you

  22. I Am Biggest Fan Shahrukh Khan.!
    But I Loved This Movie.!
    Salman Khan’s Acting Is Fantastic.!
    It Is An Excellent Movie.!

  23. the movie is good guys.but if u r going to watch this movie don’t prepare your mind as u r going to see an action is completely an awesome love story.
    One of the best love story of salman khan.
    He’ll surely rock at the box office….
    Kareena mind blowing…..

  24. this movie is awesome ****:)
    but in some fighting scenes, the movie was unoriginal …:( every1 would have luv to saw those scenes more real..and the story was too lukin incomplete…:( but it was “salman” (the main reason for being this movie superhit)
    But Overall i loved d movie…:)

  25. thank amir for sopating to salman as not hear he is in us and thank to god salman is well the film was amassing i love it

  26. I feel Salman is really an audiance puller butt still i think Bodyguard could have been better direction wise. we are accepting the flaws of dircetion now a days. If some one remember 3 Idoits when Amir Khan driven through the emergancy area of the hospital on bike. How many bikes have been seen in the ICU of any hospitals of the world ……….. never. …….. but the film is super hit. I think there is no big flaw in bodyguard, film also be super hit.

  27. Pathetic Movie.Salman selection is getting worse day By Day.I found it better than Ready though…But funny scenes doesn’t make any Interval is Allright..One time watch 2/5

  28. hey sallu love you bro….wht a superb movie yar…..greatt bro u r bollywood king…
    n avinash a******.. f**k you damn….coolmak u bull s**t just shut ur a******…u both r m********….
    go n watch again this movie….u dumb….

  29. i am srk’s fan but i thought bodyguard was good leaving the climax, i enjoyed the songs and was clapping for salman bhai too…in the end i just have to say one thing there is no doubt salman and shahrukh are the biggest superstars so therez a never ending fight on it but both are no 1 at their own right throne..cheerz to srk and sallu fans..

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  31. Sharukhkhan ko cahye ki film industries ko chor kr ghar pr baith kr bacho k ly games banai. Salman iz real rock star.

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