Deepika Padukone And Shah Rukh Khan in Chennai Express Movie Review (Deepika Padukone And Shah Rukh Khan in Chennai Express Movie Poster)
Chennai Express Movie Poster

Rating: 3/5 stars (Three Stars)

Star cast: Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, Nikitin Dheer,

Director: Rohit Shetty

What’s Good: There is a clever humor, a few really genuine laughs and a man whose charm doesn’t wear out – SRK.

What’s Bad: Being acquainted with Rohit Shetty’s brand of cinema, expect silliness and labored gags

Loo break: None

Watch or Not?: Rohit Shetty’s Chennai Express is regurgitation of his trademark style that comprises his repertoire of work. Bountiful of silly gags, and car-smashing stunts, the film’s hilt is Shah Rukh Khan as he revisits his role of Rahul in an action avatar which he has mostly kept alien from him. Deepika Padukone’s smoothing screen presence is a delight. Chennai Express is a must watch entertaining flick that will juggle between romance, humor and action and is enjoyable for its run time!

User Rating:

Rahul (Shah Rukh Khan) has been entrusted the task of going to Rameshwaram with the ashes of his deceased grandfather. He, high on his new found freedom, dodges it to take a trip to Goa with his friends.

Fate plays its twists in such a way that he ends up reaching South by getting entrapped with a girl, Meena (Deepika Padukone) who is running from her imposing father. The two take the Chennai Express and begin the journey that changes their lives forever! They relentlessly try to ‘elope’ but everytime circumstances fail them and they land up in deeper trouble with each stint. Running from the girl’s father – a don, and an angry notorious fiance called Tangaballi, watch them fall in love in the most uncanny and bizarre ways possible! This one is SRK doing his DDLJ work with a twist of Tamil tadka in it as the romance initiated travels through the road of trouble! This isn’t the 90s anymore and falling in love needs quite a lot of toiling now!

Deepika Padukone And Shah Rukh Khan in Chennai Express Movie Review (Deepika Padukone And Shah Rukh Khan in Chennai Express Movie Stills)
Deepika Padukone And Shah Rukh Khan in Chennai Express Movie Stills

Chennai Express Review: Script Analysis

SRK still does his DDLJ train scene with the same grace, and it still looks just as endearing. Once again this Rohit Shetty film depends strongly on ridiculous humor. Borrowing the clash of North-South, the fight of cultures will remind of Chetan Bhagat’s 2 States for most of its witty part.

The action of the film is something that stenches of typical Rohit Shetty flavor. It is not bad just regular with cars flying in the air and windscreens smashing. It arises quite an unsettling feeling as it is disturbingly follows the same pattern with a mere seasoning of Tamil tadka on it.

Expect no extraordinary mojo as the film is in keeping with previous films of Shetty that defies logic and reason. A word of advice for SRK – you indeed have greater potential than resorting to such scummy ways of entertaining.

I wasn’t expecting cinematic brilliance or a sprinkling of classic feel, hence I allowed myself to laugh at the desperate comedy that felt like an overstretched joke! Go await for the film to oblige you with laughable content. If you aren’t finicky like me about films, this one could be quite a captivating entertainer.

Chennai Express Review: Star Performances

Deepika essays her role with immense confidence and delight almost to make you reminiscent of her last screen outing with SRK. This film emphatically recounts how she has traversed a long way from her amateurish acting in Om Shanti Om. She doesn’t bend under pressure of an obviously magnanimous co-actor rather carves for herself a delightful and entertaining space to compliment Shah Rukh. With a perfect diction and correct comic timing, she gives a delicious crackling feat to savor as Meenamma!

King Khan remains King Khan for a reason and he doesn’t disappoint. As Rahul he is befitting as ever. He romances with the same charm as always even trying his hand at action which isn’t really his forte. His inspired performance and marvelous chemistry with Deepika is what keeps you glued through the film’s sagging, repetitive bits.

Nikitin Dheer is robust but hardly has a role enough to perform. His chiseled body is quite a pretty sight but that’s all for him.

Chennai Express Review: Direction, Editing and Music

Rohit Shetty is someone who swears by gags and corny jokes, and for audiences who are tired of their morose, mundane lives, Shetty offers to them a few hours of constant laughter. He makes Chennai Express revel in ridiculousness and has a superstar crack jokes that are certainly beneath him. But he succeeds in his mission to entertain simply because of his actors who add marvel to his second rate jokes. Perhaps the best part of the film is when Meena and Rahul communicate through Hindi songs; it is the only place where the screenplay reflects imaginative quality, surprisingly!

The film’s melodrama wears you out in the second half mostly because of its sketchy editing. The music of Vishal-Shekhar is dull compared to their caliber.

For most part, Rohit presumes you to be without logic and its best if you are without it. You are sure to have an enjoyable time.

Chennai Express Review: The Last Word

Chennai Express is another average fare which stars King Khan. He will make you laugh with his flawless comic timing, romance with Deepika with a flattering charm and Rohit Shetty helps him absorb some superhero powers as well by which he beats to pulp a man twice his size. Yes, the last part doesn’t quite make sense but then Chennai Express comes with an unwritten statutory warning – it isn’t supposed to embody logic but it is, nevertheless, quite fun! I am going with a 3/5. Go with your family and have a good time!

Chennai Express Trailer

Chennai Express releases on 9th Augast, 2013.

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  1. Waise Bhi Rohit To Keh Chuka Hai Ki Critics Ke Liye Pcture kaun Banata Hai
    That’s Y He Is Best Director
    Chennai eXPRESS kI Iss Baat K Liye Me Bohat Khush Hu Ki Ye Movie Aap Family Ke Sath Dekh Sakte Hai

  2. I just saw movie…its a pure entertainment…and hv repetitive value also…koimoi go get life…just dont go in theatre with negativity as at any cost you have to find out demerits only…keep eye on positive side…which is more in chennai express…

  3. Bad review, I’m sure it deserves much more ! You gave Raanjhanaa : 2,5/5, Fukrey : 1,5/5, Aashiqui 2 : 2/5 and the audiances proved you wrong…please, learn how to do a good review !

  4. king remains king,,,,,deepy is fantastic,,,,,go and watch with ur family……lean and hillrious comedy,,,,,loved it ,,,

  5. reading other reviews of chennai express just in all saying that deepika padukone is amazing with her south indian role and she makes the movie so much fun. shahrukh khan is so cute as rahul. shahrukh khan and deepika chemistry is sizzling and that it is a true rohit shetty fun movie for sure and now this review confirms it same as what all viewers are saying

  6. great movie ,, must watch and as having multiple genres of comedy , action and romance deserves 4.5/5


  7. i just watch the movi last night,, wow its amaizing, rohit shethy first time made movi with good love story.SRK acting is superb spcielly his face expression was brilliant.depica surprise me in this roll.i m going to watch it again with my younger brothers & sisters & ofcourse mumma papa on this sunday.

  8. reviews on twitter by other film critics who agree with u and are saying the the south accent of deepika is soo awesome and that chennai express is lots of fun especially the second part. they are talking about an awesome train part with shahrukh khan and the before titli . this is the rahul we love for sure

  9. Flawless movie after watching this I think SRK is really King Khan… though some days ago I hate SRK bt now he is my fav. actor from bollywood..

  10. back from preview of chennai express being a hugee deepika padukone fan and she was awesomeee and looked so great in chennai express. shahrukh khan is a new rahul in chennai express and his comic timing is soo great. the movie is for sure a family movie. titli and K2K rock. awesome and fun rohit shetty style :D

  11. fun rohit shetty , sizzling deepika and soo cute shahrukh khan in chennai express. saw it in malaysia now
    chennai express is soo much fun and cutee too :D

  12. WOWWWWWWWWWW….king remains king,,,,,deepy is fantastic,,,,,go and watch with ur family……lean and hillrious comedy,,,,,loved it ,,

  13. Saw the prepaid preview at 6 pm and have to say this was the best laugh i have had in a long time. The entire theatre was laughing the whole time. Chennai express rocks

  14. Srk must do some flims like swadesh again romance is not every thing.he’s a senior actor with some vgood acting skilss..
    Dont waste tym on these kind of movie..

  15. Saw the paid preview today hats of SRK and rohit Shetty guys dnt listen to any1 just go and decide yourself i will guarantee you any1 in the world will like it…. even salman khan will like it…..! hats off SRK DEEP RH SHHTTY ……
    Going again tommo!

  16. After getting such a excellet review and wom, the boxoffice pridiction of ce for domestic
    Paid preview 6to 7cr
    friday 32 to 35cr
    saturday 22to 25cr
    sunday 25 to 30cr
    weekned 85 to 95cr
    1st week 135cr to 150cr
    Lifetime 202cr plus.

  17. Just saw the first 30min of the film, I could fairly say this is the worst nonsensical movie I’ve seen this year!

  18. awesomeeee moviee shahrukh khan and deepika chemistry in chennai express is sizzling especially in the songs. the train part and the shoe one is sooo much fun. shahrukh khan is awesome as this rohit shetty rahul. deepika’s accent is soo cute. titli was soulful the temple steps partt is justttt tooo good . awesome and reallly fun :D

  19. HI everyone,
    Paisaa wasool Movie. If you like comedy + action + love story+ nice songs all masala in this movie
    completely satisfied with SRK’s gift on occasion of this EID
    everyone must ready steady po…

  20. the movie is full of shit and shit…and doesn’t have anything except shit…i want my money back or i sue Rohit Shetty for making such a shit movie

  21. and the Golden Kela Award for best director goes to Rohit Shetty for CE
    now the Golden Kela Award for best actress goes to Deepika Padukone for CE
    and now last but not the least the Golden Kela Award for best actor goes to…any guessing….goes to none other than Shahrukh Khan for CE

  22. jab SRK pasand nahi to kyu 1st day show dekhne gaye the you sallu fans???just to publish negative publicity???& I am sure many sallu fans who are giving bad reviews would’nt hv even watched the movie…they are simply spreading rumors…movie is good and worth watching.

    • Hi Saurabh,

      You are absolutely correct. Movie is great. Jab Hathi Chalta Hai to Kutte Bhonkte Hai… Critics ke liye hi ye kahaavat bani hai vo aaj maine confirm kiya..

      Friends, movie is great. we can watch with family… this is major positive thing about CE. Just watch movie & give review…

      • I am not a fan of BOTH. I watch movies of all the famous stars and frankly admit that the movie is not worth watching. As usual the performances of actor and actress is highlighted. NOT A QUALITY MOVIE.

  23. Another himmatwala & Joker..Bol Bachhan is good comapred to Chennai Exp… Do not waste your money on this movie..

    this movie is of 1 star rating….

  24. i m surprised what superb movie SRK deliver this time,amaizing nice story with naughty fun with rohit shety shtayle.. want to watch it again & again

  25. fantastic movie….great cinematography…..superb acting… great action….movie of the decade “chennai express”

  26. I like this movie.this is family movie.srk is awesome asusual.comedy,love,rohit, respect,fight everything in this movie.4.5\5

  27. Its a BOKWAAS MOVIE……..not like previous movies of SRK……..its very much boring movie…….waste of money / time.

  28. superb movie.dont listen to haters.just go and watch the movie.srk expression and acting is simply superb.full to dhamaal

  29. just saw chennai express. it’s such an awesome rohit shetty movie. deepika and shahrukh khan should do more comedy moviess like this one. it’s awesome :D

  30. Come on haters, where are you now that the first collections break records ??!! King Khan is back, and he will silence you forever !

    • Initial collections are only becoz of the publicity earned and grace of KING KHAN. Otherwise movie is bakwas. Else explain the quality!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Its a great movie
    its a Block buster
    and 10000000000 times batter then ek the tiger ……..
    srk rock baadshah khan always stay at front ..

  32. Srk tune itni lambi line dor di hai ke 2 sal tak koi use par nahi kar sahkta.congratulation to srk,deepika & rohit


  34. just saw chennai express. was soo much fun . rohit shetty shows why he makes comedy. deepika was soo sizzling and really fun in it. shahrukh khan was too cute :D

  35. Saw Chennai Express, It was good direction by Rohit Shetty. The scenes and the places they’ve shot are just fabulous. You should have written about the places too in the Direction Part of the movie Review.
    It’s not an simple story, a great combination of Rohit Shetty’s action, King Khan’s romance and Deepika’s Tamil style. It was a great entertainer.

  36. had. waited a bit to see reviews before going to see it and it was soo much fun :D deepika’s accent was soo cute and shahrukh khan was really great. will go see it with family now this week again

  37. Its such a shame that a movie like chennai express breaking records…after 15mins watching the movie i was just wanted the movie to end so i could go out ..
    Seriously by liking such movies we are actually making fun of the real cinemas & ourselves !!!

  38. Honestly speaking this is the worst of SRK. His comedy was good in Main hoon na & Om shanti Om. This is a kind of overacting..

  39. This type of movie is breaking records….Joke no Bollywood.
    Standards of movie is all time down now….God bless bollywood.

  40. very very great movie of this time,are srk se jalne walo we dont need your review please keep in your pocket,dont try to be komal nahta.

  41. SRK ne sabki bolti band kar di.Abhi kuch 1 din pehle Ek Tiger Chennai Express dwara kuchla gaya tha aur kuch dino mein 3 idiots ki deadbody milne wali hai… :)

  42. its a family entatainer……those srk haters knw vry well that salman does nt knw to act…his hits are only becoz those r entertaining movies……..nd sallu is a entatainer…………..but if u say ek tha tiger or ready r better than ds.then its so pathetic……salman has got highest fan base in india….nthng more……….he does nt knw acting.

  43. Fun-rolled Masala Entertainer. CE is a Completely Family Entertainer…. All in One Action-Comedy-Romance-Dialouge Bazzi – A Winner from every angle

  44. i think it is low break story and low break music of Rohit Shitty’s film CE, Eik Tha Tiger was so impressing story music and huge film all time

  45. Havw u lost it Mr. Nahta?
    3 stars
    shahrukh ne paose khilaye kya se b gayi guzri movie h…Chennai express suckzzz..


  47. its a unique combination of tamil dialouge with rohit shetty experiment was succesfull good entertainer srk rock again

  48. SRK’s first little silly movie……….but obviously better than that Rowdy, Son of sardaar, Dabangg n Bodyguard Shit!!! SRK atleast has some class in Masala movies also!! SRK rocks and Deepika is just amazing and beautiful!!!

  49. If you like Comedy movies
    Chennai Exp. not better movie than Ramaiya Vastavaiya
    Chen.Exp.+SRK=Block buster hit.
    RmyVstvya+new hero=Flop
    Chen.Exp+Rohit Setty=Hit
    Bollywood is so fake.
    Because that, Public is not interested in Awesome movie ,,,,This is interested Starcast movie…
    Thats true

  50. Bakwas move tha re srk tumse to ketna guna acha rajpal yadev hain.
    Salman khan se camprizan krna to sallu bahi ka insult krna hoga.

  51. i don’t understand why people love salman. it’s irritating to see a salman’s movie. just bullshit. salman should learn acting from srk the king.

  52. srk srk srk.srk vai CE2 kab parde me aaraha hai……..don vai app har movie pe alag alag style se acting kaise karlete ho….

  53. What all we are seeing is only layers & layers of Marketing cloud by SRK ,today by his marketing stunt only film collects more than 100crore………….but later realized that its false world……not a worthwhile movie to watch with this much hype……….

    Rather I rate this movie 1.5/5

  54. CE is one of the best masala movies of recent past. Dabanng and Singham are my personal favourite masala movies. CE has decent story .. story of a common man and an ordinary girl. Good , neat and clean dialogues, no vugarity or nudity. First half is funny and fast that kab interval hota hai, pata nahin chalta. Good acting from SRK, however Deepika is better. She is looking gorgeous throughout the movie in south Indian dress. Her dialogue delivery is very nice. This is her second best performance after YJHD.
    Locations are very good, the view of Doodhsagar waterfalls and Munnar are very nicely shot. Picturisation of Songs like Titli and Kashmir mai are nicely done.
    Rohit Style actions are good. Ending is also good. The best way to escape from problems in life is to face the problem. The hero knew, that he was physically not strong enough to defeat the rival, even though he decides to fight for the sake of love.
    The hero had never seriously realized the love and sacrifice of his grandparents, but he realises everything when he disposes the ashes of his grandfather. Another thing is .. we must remember some important phone numbers in our memory, otherwise it could be dangerous when we lose our handset. Entertainment quotient is reasionably good in the movie.

  55. Srk is great, Muje nahi lgta k es dunya mey mujhse zyada koi Shahrukh ka bara fan hoga, Srk ka muqabla koi nahi krskta , he’s a global super star, Mujhe bohot khushi hoi jab yeh dekha k Chennai express ne Highest Paid Previews, 1st Day 33cr+ highest Weekend collections aur sirf 3 din mey 100cr ka business kiya, aur abhi mazeed Bullet train ki tarah jaraha hai lekin yeh film SRK ki nahi hai, mujhe bohot khushi hogi agar Shahrukh SWADES, CHAK DE INDIA AUR MY NAME IS KHAN jeisi films karey, Please Shahrukh hum jante hain k Masala movies business zyada karti hain lekin es se Message acha nahi jayega , Do something different, We r expecting from u movies like Swades and My name is khan…

  56. srk ka mujhse bada fen na to koi hua hai aour na hi hoga par srk ne wakai kamal kar diya 3idiat ka record to samjho tut gaya

  57. I think the Peoples who is saying movie is blocksbaster ,awesome. . . .are not mature . . . Why peoples always put their fav. Stars on ahead of movie story ,direction . . .etc. . . . .finally in movie Is nothing story and humor is very boaring . . . . . .there should be mame SRK EXPRESS INSTEAD NF CHENNAI. . . . .

  58. i had seen movie 3 times..i get bored..because of reasons i pointed
    1.sark first comedy films after a many years
    2.chennai express enjoy south language, people n culture has mosty good music based on south films i.e.1234 get on..n lungi dance may not remember as briliant story..heart 3 ediat..but ce is remind for a good time movie for any time.._
    congratulation sark n ce team 4 d achievemt of 200 cr tonight…@bijayaramg

  59. bollywood always ignores south actors…ce enjoy south people culture n lauguage….it joint south to bollywood…
    200 cr is dream 4 every film.. But ce has done just in 14 days..its amazing

  60. bollywood always ignores south actors…ce enjoy south people culture n lauguage….it joint south to bollywood…
    200 cr is dream 4 every film.. But ce has done just in 14 days..its amazing

  61. chennai express is full entertaining….it deserve to be history creator…….presence of global star,king,baadsah…..the SRK….MADE IT THE fantastico movie

  62. From around 20years, according to my knowledge:
    Aamir-10 to 12 hits, 40 to 50 flops (4 to 5 awards).
    Salman-12 to 14 hits 60 to 70 flops (6 to 7 awards).
    Shahrukh-50 to 60 hits, 10 to 12 flops (150 to 160 awards).
    Aamir aur Salman toh Shahrukh ke saat compare honeke khaabil bhi nahi, wo dono Bollywood Badshah ke kahin aas paas bhi nahi aa sakte. I like both Aamir and Salman but the fact is fact.. ek do hit dene se koi super star nahi banta…
    Asli Bollywood Super Stars:

  63. mein heran hun salman khan aur aamir khan ke fans
    chennai express ki kamyabi se kyun tension
    mein hain shahrukh khan is real king of bollywood film industry shahrukh salman aur aamir ki pichley 20se25year ki parfomance of best actor winning awards ko dekha jaye to king khan sab ka baap hai
    shahrukh khan total awards 187
    salman khan total awards 52
    aamir khan total awards 46
    shahrukh khan hi bollywood ka asal badshah hai

  64. 3 Idiot had come in 2009 and CE in 2013 with Extra 60% increase in ticket price then tell how could it would be better than the 3 idiot. 4 to 5 year + sudden increase of 60% (216-216*60/1000=>216-130=>86CR totoal collection)129 CR increment that means if we leave the 4-5 years Rs valuation still it is lower than what it is. it is just media management CE has only earn 86 CR.

    and rahi baat media ki to real report to bata hi nahi sakte kyu ki Sabh aaj kal google use karte hai….Aur jiska Google material use karte hai ya to wo beneficiary hota hai ya paise dekar likhwaya jata hai. rahi kasar Paid comment ya Employee rakhakar puri ho jaati hai………………….ye thik waise hi baat hai jaise koi aap ko khae Bhaago Sher Aaya to aap bhaagne logoge waise hi Chennai Express ne 60% ka explossion kar Weekend collection ka nuclear bomb bana kar phod diya aur public Fas gai…………The Picture is Nothing infront of 3 Idiot. 3idiot is All Time Block Buster

    • Jindagi bhar……….or yar marte dam tak…Ansoon bahate rahaneka…our apne aap ko tassaliiiiii denaka…our bahane bolte rahneka……… BOSSSSSSSS BUT SRK AND OUR MOVEI OF BOLLYWOOD HAS BROKEN ALL EXISTING RECORD OF 3I AND BOLLYWOOD”S CINIMA IN 100 yrs

      • CHAK DE INDIA had come in 2007 and 3idiot n 2009 with Extra 60% increase in ticket price then tell how could it would be better than the Chak De India.
        so better don’t talk about nonsense here…..if i go according to inflation,DDLJ is a bigger blockbuster thabn 3idiots
        and 3 idiots got 3 months open with no competition with any films unlike SRK starrers which all released with competion reducing the screen size…if 3 idiots could have relased along with another big films .it won’t even touch 150cr…..audience had no option to see 3 idiot that time because there were no films along with that… better don’t give lame excuses

    • faraz 3 idiots i 2009 1800 screens or 70 days run kiya without competiton or 1800*70=126000 screens ek cheez or dusri CE ne first time 7 din tak koi competion face nai kiya to sub record ki band bja di or ce ne 7 din3800 screens par thi so 3800*7= 26600 screens phr 7 din bad OUATIMD ka competion face kiya or 2000 screens us ne lay li phr madras cafe or phr satyagara or screens ki tadad bi decrese hoti gi ab bol k kis ne good business kiya or ticket ki baat karta hai to 70 days CE ko run kara without competion phr bi CE he jeetay gi 100% bolta hn bhai g ya dam sirf SRK ma he hai k wo competion ma film relize kare or jeetay na k tere amir or salu ki tarah jo solo film relize karte hain kyun k wo dartay hain k agar SRK ki tarah competion ma relize ki to film kahi flop ne na ho jaye agar hai dum un ma to salu or amir dono ek sath ya ek week k fark say film relize kare phr dekhtay hain k kn 200 cores karti hain 100% bolta hn ek bi nai kare gi ek baat yad rakh DON’T UNDER ESTIMATE THE POWER OF KING KHAN


  66. chennai expressssssssssss is the blockbuster for ever…..srk you are the real king of bollywood without any doubting

  67. chennai express good run up-to 6 week then it is only blockbuster, whereas dabang ,ghajini good run only 3-4 week they called atbb, it is sure misjudgement to chennai express,

  68. Teri amma ku besharm film me karya tere baab ko srk interval me karya so kya re jhant ranbir aur sharuk khan salman khan tera film 100% flop khan is hit

  69. Srk ki acting ko aisi films suit hi nahi karti he chennai express jaisi faltu film kaise chal gayi .han movie me deepika bhi to thi isliye

  70. Yes u have given much info on the reviews which is much impressing it gives us info about should we watch it or not.

  71. Aamir,Akshay,Ajay,Hrithik kisi ki vi le lo agar unke film mein content nehi hoti woh nehi chalta for ex: (talash,boss,kites) they dont have star powers like SRK & SALMAN. yeh 2 stars ke film like dabangg,chennai express kharab hai kyun ki inme koi story nehi hai bakwaas hai lekin phir bhi 100 crore/200 crore kar li.infact 2009 mein wanted ke bad aur 2010 mein My name is khan ke baad yeh 2 stars jitni bhi film kiya hai woh 100 crore+ hai.toh yeh sabse yehi sabit hota hai SRK & Salman are the biggest super stars of bollywood.abhi in do no mein kon no.1 hai isme hamhe nehi jana chahiye kyun ki 2 no hi equal hai.lekin baki sab pani kam chay hai…..kudos to SRK & Salman

  72. Chenni Express is the best movie in the 2013.Sharuk Khan is best actor in the Bollywood. Sharuk Khan acting is brilliant.he He is good actor.

  73. i love srk srk is the best i love king khan
    srk realy king khan i like shahrukh khan all mobie
    srk making movie very nich

  74. Faadu film…

    Love uh srk..

    I am always wid uh srk..

    i am ur die hard fan..:*

    I’ll support uh till last breath ;)

    No matter what kind of film uh make..

    I am gonna watch it anyway ;)

  75. bakwas / dubba movie. I like SRK but he should not abuse his fans intelligence. one time watch at the most. songs were good… but not worth 422 cr. what is going on with indian audience?

  76. srk key is faltu aur bakwas actor gadha kahika bkwas apni wife guri khan ko producer bana diye sale ne om shanti om me

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