A small time thief (Akshay Kumar) wants to mend his ways for the love of his life (Sonakshi Sinha). But he ends up taking care of a young girl who thinks he is her father. Where does this lead them? Read the review of Rowdy Rathore for more.

Akshay Kumar and Sonakshi Sinha (Rowdy Rathore Movie Poster)
Rowdy Rathore Movie Review

Rating: 3/5 stars (Three stars)

Star cast: Akshay Kumar, Sonakshi Sinha, Nassar and others.

What’s Good: The comic scenes; the action sequences; Akshay Kumar’s performance; the music.

What’s Bad: The contrived screenplay; a few boring portions of the drama.

Verdict: Rowdy Rathore entertains in parts.

Watch or Not?: Watch it for Akshay Kumar’s performance and the comedy.

User rating:

Rowdy Rathore is the remake of the Telugu film Vikramarkudu.

Shiva (Akshay Kumar), a small-time thief in Mumbai, falls in love with Priya (Sonakshi Sinha), a girl from Patna, who is in Mumbai to attend a marriage. Shiva makes his way into Priya’s heart and she also starts loving him. Shiva tells her the truth about him being a thief and resolves to give up crime forever.

But before that, he decides to swindle one last person for a large sum of money. This leads Shiva to Chinki, a young girl, who thinks that Shiva is her father. Flummoxed by what is happening, but forced to keep Chinki with her [as a police officer (Yashpal Sharma) keeps his eye on him], Shiva slowly starts loving the innocent child. Although he tries keeping Chinki away from Priya’s eyes, the latter finds out about Chinki. Angry and hurt, Priya leaves for Patna.

Shiva is heartbroken. Soon, unknown goons attack him, taking him to be Vikram Rathore, Chinki’s real father. While many unknown persons help Shiva run to safety with Chinki in his arms, he is soon surrounded by the goons. It is then that Vikram Rathore (Akshay Kumar) makes an appearance and saves the day. But he is grievously injured in the fight.

What happens next? Who is Vikram Rathore? Does he survive? Why are the goons attacking Vikram and Chinki? What does Shiva do next? Is he able to win back Priya’s love? The rest of the drama and the climax answer these questions.

Akshay Kumar and Sonakshi Sinha (Rowdy Rathore Movie Stills)
Akshay Kumar and Sonakshi Sinha (Rowdy Rathore Movie Stills)

Rowdy Rathore Review: Script Analysis

The screenplay, based on the Telugu hit, is commonplace but entertaining in parts. Especially, the comedy scenes work well with the audiences. The initial portion of the drama, when Shiva’s character is being introduced, is lovely. Ditto for the pre-climax and the climax. The screenplay of the latter half is such that there is ample scope for action, which has been choreographed very well.

However, the portion, where the fact that Shiva and Vikram Rathore are look-alikes is revealed to the viewer, is not convincing at all. The writer provides no explanation behind Shiva and Vikram Rathore looking exactly the same. Moreover, the revelation is not even shocking to the audience as there already is a clue that Shiva has a look-alike in Chinki’s father. If this aspect had been dealt with more deftly, the scene where Vikram Rathore rescues Shiva and Chinki from the goons might have been much more explosive. Logic and common sense has been given a short shrift at many places in the drama but this won’t necessarily prove to be an obstacle for the layperson to enjoy it. The more discerning audiences might ask several questions, which, mostly, will remain unanswered.

The latter half, when all the action moves to a fictitious village in Bihar, is fast-paced. Emotions abound the script, but at most times, they fail to touch the heart. Dialogues, penned by Shiraz Ahmed, are outstanding at places and alright at others. All in all, the script works because of the action and the comedy.

Rowdy Rathore Review: Star Performances

Akshay Kumar is in his element as the conman Shiva. He makes you laugh with his comic timing and eccentric mannerisms. As Vikram Rathore, he is endearing beyond doubt, but he seems to be trying too hard to play the honest cop at times. Overall, he does very well in the double role. Sonakshi Sinha, as Priya, is alright and does what is required of her. Nassar is villainous to a fault. His dubbing could have been better and clearer. Paresh Ganatra is a delight in the role of Shiva’s friend. Yashpal Sharma, as a police inspector, is fine. The girl playing Chinki is cute. The actor playing Titla is far from scary. Mushtaq Khan, Anant Jog and others offer good support. Kareena Kapoor adds glam value in a cameo. Prabhu Devaa and Darshan Jariwala are alright in their guest appearances.

Rowdy Rathore Review: Direction & Technical Aspects

Prabhu Devaa’s direction is good as he manages to make narrative fast-paced and interesting for the most part. Sajid-Wajid’s music is super-hit, although, the film could have done without a couple of songs. Lyrics, penned by Sameer, Faiz Anwar, Shiraz Ahmed and Sajid, are nice. Background music, by Sandeep Chowta, adds to the drama. Saroj Khan, Prabhu Devaa and Bosco Martis’ song picturisations are wonderful. Wasiq Khan’s sets are realistic. Cinematography, by Santosh Thundiyil, is very good. The action is well-done. Visual effects are near-perfect. Sanjay Sankla’s editing is sharp.

Rowdy Rathore Review: The Last Word

On the whole, Rowdy Rathore is entertaining in parts. You’ll enjoy it if you do not have too many expectations. Watch out for the return of Akshay Kumar to some serious comedy and action!

Rowdy Rathore Trailer

Rowdy Rathore releases on 1 June 2012.

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    • tere ko to atankwadi khan hi pasand hai na sale isiliye flop bol raha hai…..itni badhiya film hai ki sab khan atankwadiyon ke 6kke chuda de aur isi baat se tere pichwadein mein aag lag gayi hai……

      • Movie is too bad..without seeing it you wont be able to know how bad the movie is…Migraine Guaranteed

        • tujhe toh bas suny leone jaisi movie achi lagegi not rowdy achi film tujhe kahan usme fight scene na ki s-x thts why c

      • what the hell is going khan and a ….
        keep this political s in ur pocket only .. this is to give review not to demonstrate how illiterate you are

  1. Good movie especially sonakshi looks very good her acting is very good and she is beautiful Akshay’s return to Action is good a good movie for Akshay after a long time seen the return of old Akshay

  2. I wonder what Akki was thinking while signing for this Movie..Bad Bad decision i must say..Akki should work in better scripts in future.If he still fails then he should quit acting and concentrate on his family.

  3. it was not as good as i have thought seeing the combination of prabhu and akshay….
    it’s waste of time and money too.

  4. Kumar ko acting karna kab aayega..uski dialogue delivery itna Ghatiya hai ke pucho mat…ye film karne se behtar hota kuch acting lessons prabhu deva se wo leta..waise ye movie banana nahi banane ke barabar hai..flop hai

  5. It may suit south masala audience but realistic flim should go well rather than these masala shangaai is good flim explain corruption of india please watch it

  6. This movie is proved that akki is a true action king or rahi movie ki baat toh khiladi is back with action n aage sabka faadne wala hai. I’ll give this movie 4star.

  7. bollywood me rajesh khanna ke baad dusre supar star amitaabh hai the king of bollywood aur agar koi us sthaan pr baith sakta hai to vo sirf aur sirf akshy kumaar hai -midia ne bollywood me kai yo ko alag naam diya hai kisi ko jubli star kisiko tregdi king kisi ko sadabahar kisi ko he men kisi ko jamping jack king khan aur bhi na jaane kitno ko kitne naam diye lekin supar staar ki jagah koi nahi bhar paaya aur agar koi teesra supr star hoga to vo akshy kumaar hi hoga.

  8. This is addressed to Niki Jaan who said:

    “bad critic..cannot appreciate a mass appealing entertainer…loooking for logic…ha ha.”

    When did we all become retards or inept humans to discard logic for a film to be entertaining? And why do we haul up a critic for being bad when he or she seeks logic?

    This is what is wrong with regular people who have started to believe everything that Bollywood tells us and started to treat it like the written word of God.

    They will tell you “leave your brains at home is great cinema” as long as that is what they are selling. Don’t buy into the BS. You have a mind, think for yourself.

    There is logic even in fantasy / sci fi films. Why characters behave the way they do is what makes a compelling and interesting story / cinema.

    Do not let go of your own intelligence to believe what they tell you.

    Today they’ll tell you Product A is the greatest product until Product B signs them on and then they’ll say Product B is the greatest. They have a reason to say that, it’s called vested interests. They make money that way. You spend money, you’ve got to be smarter.

  9. It’s very good movie. Agar is movie ko kharab biloge to achhi kon si? It’s super duper hit. Must watch. Pls ingnor who sad it’s bad they defo don’t like akshay that’s y sad that. Other wise movie is superb. Blockbuster movie.

  10. Superb movie. Jo koi bhi Bol rahe kharab he to samjo ki unko akshay pasand nahi he. Baki jordar film he dekhne k layak. Jarur dekhe ar kiss ki Na sune. Blockbuster movie he. Silvar jubilee.

  11. miss sonia ji aap shayad bhool rhi hai aapke pati sallu mian ki wanted tapory thi !
    apke pti dabangg me kya dabangai thi zara smjaye hum logo ko
    aapke body gaurd to subhan allah body gaurd km chhichora londa zrur dikh rha tha
    aur iss movie me aapke pujyaniy pitaji ne full action kia hai+comdy ka badshaah to hai hi
    movie block buster hitt gyi to bukamp aa gya nah?

  12. Rowdy Rathore” has broken first record on 1st day of business. Film has taken nation by storm with highest ever opening on non holiday Friday.

  13. superb movie, jo bhi is film ko kharab bol rahe he uske sirf do resion ho sakte he, ek yaa askhay pasand nahi ya film dekhi nahi baki ye film achhi he ar dekhne layak he. agar akshaty pasand nahi to ghar pe betho dusre hero ki film dekho aur maja karo baki galat mat bolo film super hit he ar jordar he…. namste…

  14. dil khush kar diye akki bhai super duper block buster hit hai boss ye sale log jo comment de rahen hai bhai rating de rahen hai na bhai ye movie ka income hi bolega deakhna bhai dil jit liye action se bhai

  15. RR 3rd highest opening ever and all the crites give gud review… Ab bad comment karka saalo tu apne he bazati karwa rha ho….

  16. aap logo ko film ki pahchan to h nhi,aapko to bas emraan hasmi ki ladki ke sath hot seen pasand h.fil dekho .isme bhi thode gande seen hote to aapko pasnd aati.

  17. RR is blockbuster of the year.. Akki hater ki pichwade jal gayi…. Dabbang and Don2 ki maar ki 1st day collections me… weekend pe Agneepath ka dhajjiya udayegi Rowdy..

  18. Good Movie, hilarious and nice act by Akshay, I don’t understand why people are giving with negative reviews.

  19. This is the best movie of bollywood till date and akki is back in action thats why akki haters geting worry and talking rubish about the all time blocbuster rowdy rathor

  20. Excellent Movie…it is remake from telugu movie vikramarkudu..Hero raviteja director rajamouli…….excellent screenplay…..

  21. All the guys giving -ve comments r fans of khans if they did dis movie there comment wud hav bin opposite n 1 more thg da 1s sayin akshay doesnt no how2 act get a life evry1s sayin akshay actin in dis film is brillant so all of u f*** Off da 1s who wan there money back can go n s you’ll get it back there lol

  22. I loved the comic & action sequences. even story tightly binds u till interval, leaving u curious. Akki performance is way par as V Rathore. Full of drama & masala. Should watch if want entertainment. And don’t go if wanting some critically claimed movie.

  23. vikram rathore iss film se jyada toh dance bar par thumka marta hua acchchha lagega…. khiladi out ho gaya

  24. Its block buster movie.. ful of entertainment.. ful mass masala.. Akki join to another 100Cr club.. Congrats to AKKI..

    But if direct Original director of Telugu Movie(Vikramarkudu) Mr. Rajamouli.. then it goes 200Cr may be..

    His new Movie (EEGA need to be released).. check in google to know his Direction Levels..

  25. Rawdi rathode is remak vikramrku telgu movie telgu acter raviteja is spicali good profomans akshya is good .prabhudeva is godfather in remakmovie salman khan akshya kumar next ? best of luck .

  26. awesom movie must watch
    khiladi rokzz.
    gud action, gud comedy and awesome rowdiness of akshay with style.

  27. ekdum bakwas movie akki to 3rd class actor se bhi
    bekar hai na koi story ya logic bas puri pic meh ghadey
    ki tara daant dikha te rehta

  28. Hi there colleagues, I am again here, and reading this piece of writing Rowdy Rathore Movie Review. its also a pleasant post


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