Jab Tak Hai Jaan Review (Jab Tak Hai Jaan Movie Poster)
Jab Tak Hai Jaan Review (Jab Tak Hai Jaan Movie Poster)

Rating: 3.5/5 stars (Three and Half stars)

Star Cast: Shah Rukh Khan, Katrina Kaif, Anushka Sharma, Anupam Kher, Neetu Kapoor, Rishi Kapoor.

What’s Good: The well-played out love stories; the music; the direction and cinematography.

What’s Bad: The tiring climax; some performances.

Loo Break: None.

Watch or Not?: Jab Tak Hai Jaan is worth a watch

User Rating:

Akira (Anushka Sharma) is a spunky student out for a project in Ladakh when she chances upon the story of Indian army’s bomb disposal officer Samar (Shah Rukh Khan) and decides to make a documentary on him: The Man Who Cannot Die.

The story goes into flashback mode as we learn about Samar’s lost love. A hard working chap in London, Samar worked a couple of jobs to make ends meet but always looked at the brighter side of things. A chance meeting with the rich heiress Meera (Katrina Kaif) changes both their lives. While Meera wants Punjabi singing lessons from him, Samar barters it for English lessons from her. Soon, the two fall in love, though Meera is betrothed to someone else.

On the other side of the timeline, Samar is now a bitter, reticent army officer who doesn’t even bother with a bomb suit while defusing explosives. Akira finds herself increasingly drawn to Samar and even he thaws a bit.

But why did Samar and Meera part ways? Will they meet again? And does Akira have a chance with Samar?

Jab Tak Hai Jaan Review (Jab Tak Hai Jaan Movie Stills)
Shah Rukh Khan And Katrina Kaif (Jab Tak Hai Jaan Movie Stills)

Jab Tak Hai Jaan Review: Script Analysis

Devika Bhagat and Aditya Chopra’s screenplay manages to strike some wonderful romantic chords. Aditya Chopra has penned some really lovely dialogues. His story though, is not as flawless. While the love, romance and amorous feeling are beautifully conveyed, you feel more frustration than pity at Meera’s pacts with “Sir Jesus”. Neetu Kapoor’s love story may sound romantic, but it doesn’t make much sense.

Coming to the climax. There’s no way to put it kindly: it is just terribly long. Watching paint dry would make more interesting activity and you just want to get the heck over with it.

Jab Tak Hai Jaan Review: Star Performances

The best performance of Shah Rukh Khan in the movie is when he has joined the army. As lover boy Samar, he’s just hamming it. Katrina Kaif does well as Meera but falls short in quite a few places. Anushka Sharma is darn good and your heart goes out for the kid Akira. Neetu and Rishi Kapoor are cute in their guest appearance. Anupam Kher has very little to do as Meera’s father.

Jab Tak Hai Jaan Review: Direction, Music & Technical Aspects

It would be very difficult to not view this film without knowing that it’s the last by Yash Chopra and letting it colour your view a bit. But the auteur mesmerizes you with two love stories and gets to root for each of them. If only he had managed to trim the climax, the film would have really stood out. But, alas.

The picturesque Ladakh, Kashmir and London attest Anil Mehta’s cinematography. Rahman’s music is very good, though not as memorable as some of his earlier songs might have been. The music in Shah Rukh’s entry sequences are power-packed. Namrata Rao’s editing is good.

Jab Tak Hai Jaan Review: The Last Word

Jab Tak Hai Jaan is worth a watch, and that’s not just to pay your last respects to the legend Yash Chopra. It’s a movie that puts the mushy, filmy craziness back in love stories.

Jab Tak Hai Jaan Trailer

Jab Tak Hai Jaan released on 13th November, 2012.

Share with us your experience of watching Jab Tak Hai Jaan.

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  1. The “JTJH” is the not only movie it is the Blockbuster and by this movie the king of Romance sorry the king of bollywood is back with lots of love so watch this movie and feel the touch of emotions,love,adventure and romance because…………
    Oye Bahut Ho Gaya Yaar Copies Dekh-Dekh Kar Thakte Nahi Kya Kuch Real Bhi Dekho………

  2. WTF…!!! Roshni Devi… I think aap ki ankho ki Roshni vi chaligayi he… That is why you are talking like that… Stop analyzing film and do what you good at…’House Work’…(Of Sallu).

  3. a movi that can be watch again & again.everything in movi is excellent,what a superb story,performances & most of all yash choprha direction,,he was the steven spellburg of india,,& last of all SRK heart throb performance, he proved that he is the undisputed king of bollwood… its a movi for those who love or loved someone Deeply in his life .

  4. for all people who r going to watch sos due to salman… you are worthless creatures and you are the people responsible for downgrading of Indian cinema…nahi to ETT ko pure 4 show bhi nahi milte….salman is nothing but a coward…ek bhi original script hit hui hai uski??? saala fattu…bt galti uski nahi…uske fans ki hai..saale sab ke sab sarakchap lucche hote hain…if you don’t believe ..just observe them…you will come to know…..

  5. a movi that can be watch again & again.everything in movi is excellent,what a superb story,performances & most of all yash choprha direction,,he was the steven spellburg of india,,& last of all SRK heart throb performance, he proved that he is the undisputed king of bollwood… its a movi for those who love or loved someone Deeply in his life .

  6. i love this movie frm the bottom of my heart, i wached it in 2nd show,superb All time classic, i will wach it 4,5 times more with my friends.

  7. must………… must………. must……. watch…,..
    yashji aapka jawab nahi………….your last movie will definately

  8. Isse ghatiya movie mene aaj tak nahi dekhi..
    Achcha hua yash ne nikal liya nahi to usko muh chhupane ke liye jagah nahai milti

  9. awesome…………its a best storyline…….and thanx to yashji give such hearted movie to watch…far after daysssssssssss

  10. I realy waiting for this moment. finaly i’m going for 1st show of JTHJ blockbuster movie fantastic……………wow 9ice. gr8 SRK

  11. What a Awsomme Movie, Really hats off u GULJAAR, A R REHAMAN, YASH SIR AND SHAH RUKH KHAN.It’ Real Master Stroke of YRF Only After ‘VEER ZARAA’ !

  12. I know roshni you are the fan of srk thats why you praise of jthj simpathy k liye koi apna waqt aur paisa waste nahi karta ok wo bhi uske liye jiska humse koi relation nahi.

  13. Ekdam bakwas movie hai jthj sahrukh ke fan toh lagta hai sadakchap bhikari hai sahrukh is gandu & fattu hero salman bhai is best hero.

  14. beautiful movie from most beautiful people(yash and srk) in the world.today i am proud to be an srk fan.srk thank you again making people to remenber love and life.people who are beautiful watch beautiful movie, and who r ugly and crap watch ugly crap (ett,sos,etc..)movies..

  15. JTHJ is AMAZING, FABULOUS, MINDBLOWING, EPIC!!!!! SRK is soooooo INTENSE that u fall for him not once, twice, thrice but more than 10 times.. that is why he is the GREATEST ACTOR EVER… each frame is flawlesss!!! At a time when film-makers are making stupid masala movies catering to low class audience for money, here we have SRK-Yashji making movies from heart.. these masala stuff stay for a weekedn and perish… JAB TAK HAI JAAN is already a part of history and will be remembered for years to come!!! The greatest love story of all time.. You can also call it modern day DDLJ.. SRK- Anushka and Katrina weave a magic that will remain forever!! Needs multiple viewing to completely absorb the intensity of the movie!!! TOOO GOOODD!! Much above my grand expectations!!!

  16. bye nature if u r romantic this movie is mind blowing just go and c the beauty of love by Yash chopra i will say only one thing it is a master piecefrom the master of love.

    • 1st day was Diwali, we all r with family at our home, so no time for movie + two movies released on same dates… obviously public money divides for 1st day collection… to Mr. papa ke bachche.. agar tera Dada bhi koi movie banata aur issi din release karta to 1cr bhi nahi collect kar pata… ‘Ek tha tiger’ vo to THA… but SRK is King… abhi bhi king hi hai… aur rahega…

  17. watched jab tak hain jaan,what a shit film,yash chopra must have known that this kind of films are long goner,i wished only that i watch son of sardar. Jthj is nonsense movie isne to love feeling ki aisi ki taisi kar di. What a flio movie. But jo bewkuf srk ke fan jo raone jaisi bakwas movie ki v 100 crore de sakte hain unka kya bharosa. Jthj is bakwassssssss……..

    • Tum jaise salman ki Bevakoof fan ek tha tiger ko 100 crore de sakte hai tho ra one ko kyun nahi and be honest yar jthj is good

    • For Pramod..:

      If you don’t like Ra.One… then why u hv spent ur money for JTHJ…?? We love SRK. He is the hero from middle class family & no any back ground of film industry… like other nange punge, sensless heroes…. we love srk’s acting.. movie result depends on person’s choice…

  18. Those who are saying JTHJ is not good they are worthless people.They don’t have sense and intelligence.They all are useless thirdgrade people.

    • I don’t know who u r but u just don’t have right to use such abusive language against those people who didn’t like the movie. Infact, i didn’t like the movie. So whats the problem? Its my choice. Its my opinion.
      It seems that u r a die hard SRk or katrina or Anushka or YRF movies. Just open up u r eyes and try to see the flaws. U will find many. The story is old and so are the sequences. And all that “promise” stuff was really out of date.
      But again I am not a critic or a renowned person to pass my comment. Plus its u r choice. But whatever is the matter u should have the respect for other people’s choices and should not use words like those which u have used.

      • For Angshu Dutta..

        If you r not a critic then why r u talking about STORY…?? R u Yash Chopra…?? Just stay out of this war… If u dont like movie… just say ‘You dont like”. Thats all. Dont comment for movies any part or the people who like this movie… Otherwise, come to ground & lets battle… ok.. I like this movie..

  19. JTHJ is a great movie! I understand it bit long, it is the way Yash Ji tell the story. SRK has acted superbly, Kat looks stunning & anushka bubbly great.

  20. first time i felt like im in love or i should be in love………once love story should be like this movie……. it was like im in heaven….feels great…….hats off to SRK AND YASHJI….THNX ALOT……..WE MISS U YASHJI

  21. The movie is Good and it’s little bit lengthy. If they cut few shots and make 15 minutes short it will be superb to watch few more times..And once again Shahrukh Rock and no body will come close to him in Romance..

  22. JTHJ: Amazingly Awesome movie, Definitely a must watch for all..SRK..rocks with is acting..Katrina..she a darling..Anushka was super cool..A Complete love Story..

  23. A romantic live story. Gone little lengthy during climax.
    Need some more editing. katrina’s dance was awesome.
    But totally a very good movie. SRK LOOKS SOOOOPER KOOOL


  25. ek dum hopeless.. time waste.. nonsense movie hai Jb Tk h Jaan… Siff Kat ko dekhne ke lye paise lagaana sense nahi hai…. I wow NEVER EVER TO SEE SHARUKH’S movie…

  26. We have forced to like action movies in last two years so we became senseless, while all others making remake action movies srk stick to new concept movies…srk said we hav big animation industry we hav to use it…big b said this is best after swades.

  27. Jab Taak Hai Jaan Is Wel But EK THA TIGER Is Better. JTHJ 1st Day Collection Is Half Of ETT 15cr. ETT Was 32-35Cr @1st Day. Friends Plz Don’t Compare Between these Two Films. U can Compare the Two movies SOS & JTHJ

  28. I will rate movie .0/5. if there is any thing below that i would like to give that. worsttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt movie



      “aur tiger nam rakne se koi tiger nehi baan jate.

      SRK se kuch sukhne ke liye bol kyu ki


      tor akar bolte kichu jay asbe na. because publc jeta chai be sety hobe…………………….

    • Tiger ke bache….

      Diwali pe teri maa tere baap ke sath hoti hai aur tu teri bahen ke sath. kyonki india is a country of Hindu… pura hindustan Diwali manata hai aur family ke sath hota hai… Second thing, two movies released on same date… obviously it divided money from people. to agar salmaan ka baap bhi koi movie banaaye aur vo diwali pe realease ho + ek movie tussar kapoor ki ussi din release ho to dekh tera tiger kitna ETT kar paata hai… agar meri ye baat sallu ke londo ko samajni ho to dimaag lagao… baaki jo 5 hai… SRK, REHMAN, YASH SIRJI, GULZAR & KETRINA.. they all are best on his role…

  30. srk rocks in jthj aur kamse se kam srk ki film ki story kisi s’indian film se copy to nahi hoti! Baki salman ki kaha kaha se copy hoti sab ko pata hai.srk we r with u

  31. jthj rockssssssssss…..awesome movie….jthj is like a dimond and sos,ett is like a steal ,srk rockssssssssss,salu aur ajay sirf tamil movies ko copy kartey hain………waise,sallu ke fans ko jthj bekar lagi hogi kyonki sallu ke fans ko bina sar par ki movie dekhne ki adat hai

  32. Yash Raj did a good job before leaving film industry . Storyline is excellent. some website had detailed that movie has some objectionable scenes which I didn’t prefer for my kids to watch but movie is too good to see as compare to Son of Sardaar

  33. Jab Tak Hai Jaan is the bet movie in 2012……………
    1st day 1st show ……………..
    2nd day 2nd show…………… dekhliya.

    phir se dekhne ja raha hu aj ………………

    SRK is ROCk

  34. Jab tak hai Jaan Is Saal Ki Sabse Pyari movie hai Or bahot Villegers ko San Of Serdar Jyada pasand hai Kyuki Unhe Har Har Hero ko Super man Cahiye Na SRK jesa Charm I thing JTHJ Ver Zara ke baad Dosre top movie hai

  35. Jab tak hai jaan Nic Movies Agar kisne Sacha pyar kiya hai to wo Samgh sakta baki movies to lve shav the chiken khurana hai Use dekh ke maza le lo.
    San of Sardar dekhne se acha hai ki main South ki koi movie dekh lo

  36. Jab tak hai Jaan mughe Sabse Achi lagi Salman ki Dabang, bodygard, ek tha tiger, ek tarf Or Srk ki jab tak hai Jaan Ek tarf SRK Rock

  37. Seems like you got biased at watch or not its really a boring movie and I think everything goes to slower I still like the anushka best.. I would prefere a one time watch..

  38. The clash between Sos and Jthj save the Record of ETT ,,,,,,,,,,,……….Becoz both the film has potential to cross 200 crore,……..ajay is such a FOOL ……….SOS toda brain vi use kiya karo,,,,,,There was no need of CLASH….

  39. jab tak hai jaan is very awesom movie shah rukh khan is looking very handsome and katrina and anushaka were also nice and it is a yash raj flim its the best movie i watch its about true love story agar app ko love ka matlabe pata hai to ap ko yehe movie bhot achi lagege….. i love it srk rocksss.

  40. Very boring and long movie. Shahrukh looked old with Katrina & Katrina was just a beautiful doll in dramatic scenes. Only Anushka was worth watching

  41. JTHJ is fantastic movie ,EK THA TIGER is more boring movie if you want to know meaning of love then you must watch this movie

  42. The peole who critising JTHJ are the salman’s fan,,,,,,i request all those to please,,,,,,,forget this Rival,,,,,,,,enjoy the last GIFT of Yash ji,,,

  43. JTHJ failed 2 touch heart but beautiful for eyes. Puri picture me ek baat samaj me hi nahi aai, saala jagah jagah par bomb kaun rakhta tha ?

  44. the Bakwas movie…. yashraj banner cant ever make the love stories totally real. Bomb is diffused without safety jacket. and the cops allowed him to diffuse !! Actually bollywood mein koi bhi Bomb nahin fat ta. Sad Very very Poor Story. and much more unreal activities.
    My Dear Aditya Chopra, u should learn from Korean Lovestories…

  45. JTHJ is really wonderful.Truely one of the best movies ever.Its perfect and so heart touching.SRK,Katrina & Anushka gave great performances and the songs are extremely lovely.We will always remember you Yash Chopra sir,Jab Tak Hai Jaan…

  46. awesome luv story what i have seen in my entire life except VEER-ZAARA.Yash jee tussi great ho n S.R.K u r really Super Rocking Khan.

  47. Jab Tak Hai Jaan Was The Best Movie Its All About Love Stories And Srk is the best actor ever I Think I Want To Watch Jab Tak Hai Jaan Again :)

  48. Jab Tak Hain Jaan is a complete WASTE of MONEY and TIME. How hardly it is struggling to reach 100cr. I feel very bad for Yash Chopra.

  49. wow! best love story i’ve ever seen as usual srk has proved he’s d best when it comes 2 romancing a heroine thx yash sir

  50. SRK is the realy king of bollywood,salman khan king khan se darta hai,is liye us k sat eik sat film realse karny se darta hai

  51. Fantastic visuals,good music,excellent performance by lead actors,superb background score and average story. One of the best perfomance of sharuk.

  52. jab tak hain jaan is a beautiful movie…loved srk’s performance…katrina ws looking like a princess and anushka also did a good job…

  53. Can you please update the final verdict of JTHJ and SOS. JTHJ has now crossed 120 cr in india, so i think it should be ‘Super Hit’ and ‘SOS’ Hit.

  54. jthj was very good and awesomw movie…its like best movie in the world…srk rocks…love u srk…jthj overses collection is 205 cr…rocks…

  55. Jab Tak Hai Jaan is a good movie..accrdng to me 1st part is simply awesome bt d 2nd half is lil bit slow..d mst special part in d film is d katrina dance b4 Ishq Shava song she look dam hot in it…we cn watch dis movie its a simple luv story but dey shuld hv to make d film lil bit shot..its really too lengthy

  56. jthj is a beautiful movie it is defferent because there is no mindless action no senseless dances and no silly songs like ponpon sharukh look very young and handsome in challa song

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  58. […] of 2018, Zero reunites the trio of Shah Rukh Khan, Katrina Kaif and Anushka Sharma after 2012’s Jab Tak Hai Jaan. Directed by Aanand L Rai, the film will have Shah Rukh Khan playing the role of an obsessive fan […]


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