After establishing his supremacy over the Asian underworld, Don (Shah Rukh Khan), wants to rule the Eurpoe underworld. For this, he hatches a complex plan to loot currency note printing plates from a German bank. He enlists the support of Vardhan (Boman Irani) and others for the same. Roma, an Interpol detective (Priyanka Chopra), is closely following his case.  What is his plan? Read the review of Don 2 for more.

Don 2 Review (Don 2 Movie Poster)
Don 2 Review

Business rating: 3.5/5 stars

Star cast: Shah Rukh Khan, Priyanka Chopra, Boman Irani, Lara Dutta, Kunal Kapoor, Om Puri, Hrithik Roshan.

What’s Good: The engaging post-interval portion, Shah Rukh Khan’s endearing performance; the canvas; the stylised acting and narration; the revelation of the suspense.

What’s Bad: The slow-paced first half; the technical details in the drama which will confuse a section of the audience; the music; the boring portions which spring up at several places.

Verdict: Don 2 is a winner. It will score at the box-office and yield good profits to all concerned.

Loo break: A couple in the first half.

Watch or Not?: Definitely watch it for Shah Rukh Khan’s performance and the stylised narration.

Reliance Entertainment and Excel Entertainment’s Don 2, an action-thriller, is the sequel to Don. Having established his supremacy over Asia, Don (Shah Rukh Khan) now wants to rule over the underworld of Europe too. But for this, he needs the support of Vardhan (Boman Irani) who is in jail in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia). Don surrenders before Interpol detectives Malik (Om Puri) and Roma (Priyanka Chopra) in Malaysia and meets Vardhan in prison. He tells Vardhan of his plan to himself escape and also make him escape from jail – and carries out the plan.

Vardhan has one key and Don, the other key, of a locker in which is a recorded tape with evidence to blackmail J.K. Diwan (Aly Khan), vice president of Deutsche Zurich Bank in Berlin (Germany). Don shares with Diwan the incriminating footage and in return for not exposing him, asks him for the access codes used to lay hands on the plates necessary to print currency notes in Germany. He plans to smuggle the plates out of the bank, print currency notes and become a billionaire. Even if new and different plates would be made by the authorities, he is sure that it would be impractical and impossible to make the existing currency notes useless.

Diwan hires Jabbar (Nawab Shah) to kill Don so that he does not have to give him access to the plates but Don not only escapes but also takes Jabbar on his side. He forces Diwan to now give him the access codes, which the latter does. He also uses his own ways to ensure that he and his team can gain entry into the bank and the vault where the plates are kept. He hires the services of Sameer Ali (Kunal Kapoor), an expert computer hacker. Assisted by his girlfriend, Ayesha (Lara Dutta), Vardhan, Jabbar and Sameer Ali, Don hatches the master plot to enter the high-security bank and escape with the plates kept in a highly-guarded safe deposit vault. Everything goes according to plan till Vardhan and Jabbar turn against Don and demand the plates from him with the intention of ditching him. Don has no option but to give them the plates.

Meanwhile, Interpol detectives Malik and Roma have also reached the bank in Berlin to interrogate Diwan as Roma is sure that Diwan has links with Don. There’s further setback in store for Don when Sameer Ali telephones the police and has Don arrested while Don and he are escaping from the bank.

What happens thereafter? Does Don get back the plates? Do Vardhan and Jabbar again join forces with Don? Do Malik and Roma get to know the truth about J.K. Diwan? What happens to J.K. Diwan? Is Don arrested and put behind bars? Why did Sameer Ali get Don arrested? Was he acting on someone’s behest? What happens to Ayesha?

Don 2 Review (Don 2 Movie Stills)

Don 2 Review: Script Analysis

Farhan Akhtar, Ameet Mehta and Ambrish Shah’s story and screenplay are basically about plotting and planning, which keep the audience’s interest alive. The first half, however, moves at a leisurely pace and takes a while to come to the point. It is after interval that the pace picks up but even in the post-interval part, the initial reels are too technical and get confusing for the average viewer. But the last few reels are very engrossing and the revelation of the suspense (like in the first part, Don) is the highlight. Intrigue, suspense, style and drama – the four highlights of Don – are in evidence in the sequel too.

By its very nature, the film relies too heavily on computer hacking and technicalities when Don and his team break into the bank and try to reach the plates. This portion will be difficult for the audience in the small centres to understand. The multiplex audience may find it engaging but the viewers in single-screen cinemas would not care too much for this part of the film. But the last few reels have a lot of appeal for all kinds of audience. Besides, the charm of Don works so effectively that the public would enjoy the film despite the aforementioned limitations. Because Don is such a charismatic character, the audience roots for him and feels a sense of elation when he accomplishes a task or proves one-up on his adversaries. This is indeed creditable because Don, after all, is a negative character. Credit for making this possible would go as much to the writers as to Shah Rukh Khan who plays Don.   

On the minus side, all that Don and his team do seems so easy that it appears rather unbelievable at times. Besides the confusing portion of the drama, this is another drawback of the script. Farhan Akhtar’s dialogues could’ve packed in more punch and power as they, at places, seem quite tame, especially those mouthed by Don, given that he is so powerful. But his dialogue about his mother being happy if she were alive and his dialogue about ‘Sir’ not going well with his personality are brilliant. Light moments are few and far between and had there been more of them, the appeal of the film would’ve been bigger.

Don 2 Review: Star Performances

Shah Rukh Khan is the life of the film and charms his way into the audience’s hearts. He shines in the role of Don and uses all the charisma at his command to make his character supremely endearing. His dialogue delivery, facial expressions and wicked laughter add up to an enjoyable package. His attitude and body language are oh so endearing. Priyanka Chopra gets limited scope and is suitably restrained as the Interpol detective. She looks sexy. Lara Dutta is alright but somehow, she does not add the desired dose of glamour in a fairly long special appearance, and even her scope, is restricted. Boman Irani shines in the role of Vardhan. He is menacing and manipulative, as is the demand of the character. Aly Khan plays his part with calculated coolness. Kunal Kapoor leaves a mark. Nawab Shah is alright as Jabbar. Om Puri has been wasted. Sahil Shroff looks handsome and does a fair job as Arjun. Hrithik Roshan springs a surprise in a special appearance and does a fine job although the track looks forced. Others lend fair support.

Don 2 Review: Direction & Music

Farhan Akhtar’s direction is stylised and suited to the story. He has given the film a huge canvas and his approach makes it look like a very slick Hollywood film. His shot takings deserve distinction marks. But it must also be said that his drama and narration lack too many high points and excitement. In the absence of a solid antagonist, Don’s journey looks almost unchallenged and, therefore, unexciting at places. Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy’s music is disappointing. None of the songs has a memorable tune and is far from being a hit. Given the ordinary music, the song picturisations (Vaibhavi Merchant) also lose their impact. Javed Akhtar’s lyrics are meaningful. Background score is effective. Jason West’s cinematography is outstanding. The brilliance of his work is evident in outdoor as well as indoor shooting. The locations of Germany, Malaysia and Switzerland look stunning. Action scenes, composed by Action Concept, are lovely. Anand Subaya’s editing is very sharp. Production values are grand. Technically, it is a very superior product. The film has also been converted into 3D.

Don 2 Review: Komal Nahta’s Verdict

On the whole, Don 2 may not give the discerning audience a great high but it will be loved by those who like style, intrigue, suspense and attitude. It will score at the box-office and yield good profits to Reliance Entertainment (worldwide distributors). The producers, of course, have already made a huge profit by selling the worldwide rights and also by getting heavy subsidy from the German government. Business in big cities and multiplexes will be far better than in smaller towns and single-screen cinemas. The film will work wonders in the Overseas circuit.

Don 2 Trailer

Komal Nahta, the Editor of, is Bollywood’s most trusted trade analyst & film reviewer. You can follow him on Twitter and check out his Video Blog.

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  1. As par as boxoffice concern.It will definitely cross Ra one,may be fall short of Bodyguard in India but it will rock in Overseas.Biggest grosser of 2011 worldwide.

  2. Opening in multiplexes will awesome but single screens may be average or above average.So 1st day collection will be 14-16 (3000 prints)

  3. Review does not mean to tell the audience the whole story!
    Filmmakers work hard for the script and you (critics) tell it which cause fall in interest in movie
    VERY Dissappointed with you!

  4. srk at his best guys.ten out of ten.superb action.guest appearemce of hrithik was great mindblowing.i will watch it again.srk is the real king.

  5. What is the reason to take Hritik in the film? nahi maloom…. because Shahrukh ko belly dance nahi aata tha, ha… ha… ha…….. aur germeny main nachna tha. desi title, but movie not desi. monday se khallas.

  6. yes the king is back, and SRK IS LORD KRISHNA for the article srk is lord krishna u need to go to that address www. srkislordkrishnareloaded. blogspot . com

  7. in one word, don 2 is awesome. ….. don ko sirf 11 mulko ki police hi nahi, main vi dhoond raha tha…… sirf DON hi nahi mujhe ra one ka paisa vi wapas mil gaa……

  8. Ye saare critics paise khaaa kar aam janta ka paisa barbaad karte hain……frnds don’t watch this BAKWAAS moview….kuch nahi hai story hai, na acting hai na aur kuch..mujhe is film me 2 scene hi achcha laga….only 2 scene is gud in this movie….1st jab interval hua ar 2nd THE END hua…………..baki kuch achcha nahi……………….ye saare critics shahrukh khan jaise actors k chamche hain

    • Very well said Arif, really gone are the days when after reading honest critics reviews we use go to watch movies but now all of them have become fake. How can they praise a movie like Don2 I really dont understand. I find it disgusting………..can understand if Srk or the producers praise their movies as they want their movie to earn money but what’s wrong with these critics why they are baised! why are they fooling aam janta by asking them to watch movies like Ra.One and Don2 ……………………Sad Very Sad.

  9. public review..

    best movie of 2011..the GOOD FEELING smile which comes out after watching OCEANS, BOURNE series will happens again aur bologe “kuch to dekha hun”..u cant expect this type of mov fron bollywood but it happens..just enjoy,,through out performance style turn-twist.. SRK-FARHAN CHEERS..for taking bollywood to such level…shocked n rocked totally

  10. trying for online ticket,but due to huge booking website is working very slow, so, can’t book ticket for today, let see for tomorrow

  11. DON2 is awesome, cool and too smart movie ! Loved it ! SRK overshadows each and every character and actor…Truly. SRK Rocks !!! And, I think…This DON is now SRK’s franchise ! SRK is back…And its ROCKING !!! Loved the surprise, Hrithik’s sexy and stylish dance ! He is hot, and SRK as in DON is back with a bang ! :)

    Outstanding ! 5 Stars ! :)

    SRK is literally BACK and I am so so so so so happy with this movie that I am planning to go again watch it in 3D with friends as we loved it ! :)

    I so love SRK as DON !!! Love you, SRK !!!

    SRK is the HEART of this movie, and he delivers mindblowing, and flawless performance ! He carried DON so smoothly that eventually you find yourself in love with this smart, devil, wicked and witty DON ! SRK proved himself once again that he is a brilliant actor not just a star ! And, PC is damn hot and sexy and this little unconventional romance between Roma and SRK is worth watching and enjoying !

    Script and lines are awesome, this movie is smart movie in which you can’t afford to lose your 5 mins outta screen ! And, plot is catchy, it does not bore you at all ! And, Thank god (No! Thank Farhan) that there was no emotional drama at all ! DON does not need emotional, lovey-dovey track to get viewers ! DON himself is enough ! I think I will wait eagerly for DON3. And, very sorry to say this but now when I read or hear DON, all I can remember is Mr. Shah Rukh Khan and not the original one ! Eventhough SRK himself is saying that the original is original but SRK as and in DON is my generation’s DON and I am in love with this new all wicked, witty, devil, smart, cool and calm DON !

    Go for DON3, Farhan ! Good Work, Music, Screenplay, Script everything is wonderful ! Nice team work ! Loved it !

  12. i think this film is mind blowing and will break all records. sallu flop khan and should’nt even think about becoming the king of bollywood.

  13. watch it only for srk.he is outsanding.the movie is not upto the mark.slow pace ,lack of engaging script,lack of suspence .just style is there,not the content.we have seen such in several movies.some parts reflect hollywood copy.still it works for it………

  14. DABBANGG jese kai policewale Don ko dhoond rahe he lekin Don ko pakadana muskil hi nahi,na mumkin he. Don akela hi dushmano se ladta he..not with bodyguards..he the king !

  15. Loveeeeee u srk ,,,my exam is going on but i watch it and i say its make my exam awesome outstanding parfomance,look,atitude, defenetly i m going to wach it again & again

  16. i dont understand, why are people so negative about srk. the movie seems to look good. i have not seen it my self but 90% of the reviews are saying it is good. the critics have also gave it 3.5/5 stars (most of them). there are some which say that it is not up to the mark like rediff, but that is 1 out of 10 and if the majority is saying it is good then it is.

  17. SHAH RUKH KHAN =amir+salman+hrithik+akhshay+saif+amitabh+bollywood.,+…..+….
    shah rukh khan..
    THE KING..
    THE DON…
    THE LORD OF bollywood..
    the .. THE GREATEST ONE..

  18. the king is back as a don aur isbaar baadshah sallu ka nind udayega srk ko pakadna sallu ko mushkil hi nahi namunkin hain lekin sallu tho ekbaar jo cmitment kartha apne apki bhi suntha lekin king bole tho bodyguard ko sun na hi padega………..

  19. please, overcome srk vs salman phobia.., and ask them to deliver some gud work over screen.. Don 2 is as dumb as was Bodygaurd…

  20. ek dam pakau or bekar movie, dailog bhi bekar not watch this movie west your time but MISSION IMPOSIBAL 4 IS GREAT THRILER AND ACTION MOVIE WATCH NOW MI 4

  21. Don 2 apne makshad se bhatki huei film hai, yeh movie nato class oriented hai na to mass oriented hai, aur nahi yeh film samajik drastikod se sahi hai. aisi filmo ko vain kardena chahiye, zisako dekhane se bholi bhali jantta ka mehnat se kmaya huva Rupia best ho.???? ….

  22. its juz awsmmmmmmmm mve breaking all d records of d yr.. a must watch mve. mind blowing actions… no 1 els cud take d mve to such an xlent level except srk urf king khan of btown.. hahaha

  23. boring,dissappointing,dull flick.and dat 3d version is literally a headache,makes u feel dizzy & why is there LARA DUTTA if she doesn’t have a pivotal role?

  24. Shahrukh is amazing in Don2.Some of the critics are too intelligent like Mayank&Sanjukta who are trying to write off SRK.Whenever an Indian director tries to raise standard of hindi films,our intelligence critic s and few section of audience who are over smart start comparing with Hollywood movies.A Cheap and senseless movie like Delhi Belly,Ready,Bodyguard is Superhit for them.However the intelligent critics and audience who think SRK is finish,this movie is a slap on their face.

  25. “SRK” in My Favourite Actor. No one in Bollywood can Express the LOVE on screen as he does. Badsha of Bollywood is the ICON of romantic expressions…..

    Now under Farhan Akhtar’s direction he looks so Stylist and Owesome than ever before…

    This Movie will change SRK’s image to the new Icon of DON.. after DON 1 people was finding it very Difficult to choose the real DON “Amitabh Bachchan” or “SRK”…

    Now in DON 2 SRK had changed the Image of DON… Once you watch DON 2

    ***Must Watch Movie***

  26. Komal Nahta is so biased towards SRK. I didnt expect such a review ( review was worse).And the only good part of the movie was the cinematography by farhan akhtar. SRK is not suited for action and its proved again. All those saying it a Blockbuster, GET A LIFE!!!!

  27. Don2 is not at all good. How can these SRK fan speak lies. The movie is 1.5 *First half was so slow and boring and nothing great about the second half and at times Srk was very annoying and repetative. Music is below average. Srk has lost it even I feel he should either retire or concentrate on the scrpt and sign some good movies and not waste his talent on films like Don2 Ra.One Dulha mil gaya, Billu, Always Kabhi Kabhi etc. which was his last genuine movie I dont remember. He is doing blunders after blunders by signing all these movies and poor his fans are always at his support. I feel realy pitty for Srk’s fans …

  28. movie is very good. something new to watch in bollywood after many brainless movies like dabangg singham bodyguard n ready….masses(lallu fans) may not get the story of the movie totally for class audience(SRK fans). good action scene can be compared with hollywood infact very good than some hollywood flicks

  29. Don 2 is a pathetic movie. I cannot understand how can a movie like Don2 gets 3 1/2 stars????? The start was slow, the script was bad , music was faaaaaaaaaar below average, Hrithic Roshan was not required, action scenes were the same what we have been seeing from so many years, the same SRK, stupidity like Priyanka’s escape after being shot on her stomach…………..and the error list is endless. Komalji, kya ho gaya hae aapko? AAp tou aise na the? Don2 is undoubtedly the WORST MOVIE of the year 2011.

  30. really very very very good awesome movie superb acting by srk really d great movie by d great actor for great audience not for tapori chapp people like deepa bhatia n pooja tiwari i really woders smtime how some creep peoples doing these types of silly comments over d great movies like don 2 & i guess they r actually paid by certain media, and khans like ms tiwari & bhatia they should feels ashamed on themselves they r actually giant spot on d name of our country and our society …

  31. srk previous don was much better than this don 2. this film no upbeat songs, not very stylish. it was just ok. hopefully if any don3 then it should be in much bollywood style

  32. after reading this review.. muskil hogaya hai ghar me baethke rahena.. just got and update in fb from one of my friend i.i “Thrill at his Best…!!!
    Just “Experienced” Donism of KinnG..!!!
    Really, it was an awesome experience to experience the Real thrill…!!! 2nd half was Rocking enough to feel the Thrill..!!!! Unfolding the twists at the Climax was the best scene..!! S.r.k at his best in Comic scenes and hilarious dialogues.!!
    A must watch Film..!! My rating- 9.5/10 (-0.5 for piggy chops acting)..!!

  33. SRK is great as always in DON 2. One can experience a different type of very cool and stylish sophisticated DON , screen play is excelllent. He can easily handle all kinds of roles ,” including action comedy”. Now he should take up Cop’s role. All the best for Yash Raj upcoming project. Farhan has handled the script very smartly.

  34. After watching the film i realize that why bollywood calls him king khan. He holds up the whole film in his shoulder. Don 2 is an excellent action thriller.


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