Son Of Sardaar Review (Son Of Sardaar Movie Poster)
Son Of Sardaar Review (Son Of Sardaar Movie Poster)

Rating: 2/5 stars (Two stars)

Star Cast: Ajay Devgn, Sonakshi Sinha, Sanjay Dutt, Mukul Dev, Juhi Chawla, Salman Khan (guest appearance).

What’s Good: Some humour; the action scenes.

What’s Bad: The dearth of comedy; the stretched story.

Loo Break: Anytime.

Watch or Not?: Watch for the laughs and over-the-top action scenes

User Rating:

Son Of Sardaar opens with Ajay Devgan’s bone-crunching fight scene in a club. In a guest appearance in the film, Salman Khan packs a few punches for his sardar friend and warns the goons, “Pathan ke yaar ke saath panga mat lena.” There’s a certain smugness in this whole sequence that pervades the entire movie and proves Sallu bhai really wrong.

NRI Jassi (Ajay Devgn) gets a courier from India after the above mentioned fight stating that the government wants to buy his land, which he had inherited from his late father. Now Jassi’s Randhawa clan lost most of its male members in bloody fights with the rival Sandhu family. After the death of Jassi’s father, his mother had taken him and fled the country.

Back home, the last fallen Sandhu has not been forgotten. His brother Billu (Sanjay Dutt) abandoned his sweetheart Pammi (Juhi Chawla) at their wedding, vowing to marry only when he has finished off the last Randhawa. Likewise, Billu’s fatherless nephews Titu (Vindu Dara Singh) and Tony (Mukul Dev) have sworn to stay off ice-cream and cold drinks.

Presuming that the anger must have cooled off in 25 years, Jassi returns to India where he falls for the sprightly Sukh (Sonakshi Sinha). A couple of coincidences later, Jassi finds himself as a guest in the Sandhu household. Then why isn’t Jassi roast meat yet?

By custom, the Sandhus treat their guest as gods and no harm must befall them while they are in the house. Another catch: Sukh is Billu’s niece.

So how does this good natured sardar come out of this jam?

Son Of Sardaar Review (Son Of Sardaar Movie Stills)
Ajay Devgn and Sonakshi Sinha (Son Of Sardaar Movie Stills)

Son Of Sardaar Review: Script Analysis

By now you probably know that Son Of Sardaar is a remake of S. S. Rajamouli’s Maryada Ramanna (which is a remake of a silent Hollywood film). The film has the germ of an entertainer but doesn’t ever get there. There are parts of the film that are funny but there should have been more than just those perfunctory laughs to salvage this one.

The writers also seem fine with the fact that a 15 second bland speech at the end should assuage viewers about the ending of a three decade long rivalry. The twist in Sukh-Jassi’s love story is some more reel time gone to waste.

Son Of Sardaar Review: Star Performances

Ajay Devgn tries his best to play the lovable, bumbling sardar and it doesn’t work all the time. Sonakshi Sinha does well as the sardarni. Sanjay Dutt is very good as Billu; it’s much fun to watch him wring his hands in frustration as he waits for Ajay Devgn to step out of the house. Though it’s probably Mukul Dev’s repeated innings as the thug Punjabi, he’s quite a treat to watch him in his form. Juhi Chawla is lovely even as she pines for Billu.

Son Of Sardaar Review: Direction, Music & Technical Aspects

Ashwani Dhar’s direction is good. While you get the feeling that he’s trying to make a northern version of Rajnikanth, the feeling doesn’t last long. The action scenes are well done and over-the-top with water tanks bursting, horse chase scenes and crumbling concrete everywhere. Himesh Reshammiya’s music is catchy. Aseem Bajaj’s cinematography is nice. Dharmendra Sharma’s editing is just alright.

Son Of Sardaar Review: The Last Word

Ajay Devgn does his best to be the endearing sardar in this masala flick. Go for the laughs and over-the-top action scenes, though it can get repetitive and tedious.

Son Of Sardaar Trailer

Son Of Sardaar released on 13th November, 2012.

Share with us your experience of watching Son Of Sardaar.

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  1. Whats wrong with this Roshni devi..Whenever she rated Low to any Movie that movie turned out to be a Hit.She rated movie like 1920-Evil returns only two stars..Have you gone mad ?

  2. son of sardar was a collection of santa banta jokes and some terrible acting put together. You better not waste your time and money over this like i did

  3. What a bad movie. Reminded me of Joker. Skipped the srk flick as not asrfan but now how I wish I had seen JTHJ instead afterreading the good reviews. Over all went due to Singham but last word. Don’t spoil ur diwali watching this movie.

  4. Mind blowing movie… full of entertaining i have seen it & mark my words u’ll enjoy dis more than Jab tak hai jaan as i seen both movies…. sorry yaar duniya bekaar widout watching son of sardar

  5. nothing new in it…
    Same 2 same copy…

    if anythng is a lilttle bit change, these are some highlights of muvie scenes like Jab we met and Yamla Pagla Dewana…


  6. watched jab tak hain jaan,what a shit film,yash chopra must have known that this kind of films are long goner,i wished only that i watch son of sardar,anyway maybe next week

  7. First half is averg bt 2nd haf iz boaring .. So slow story ..nt so funny !!
    JTHJ is love story and friend says tht is gud movie … So going to JTHJ

  8. SOS was nice but some cheesy lines n cheap jokes r der … so its full tym pass n in dis diwali if u r going alone for movie den watch SOS otherwise JTHJ…….

  9. Aaj kal filme sirf box office ke lia baneye jati,,,,,,,,paise kamao,,,…….kuch naya karne ki kosis koi karta hi nahi..?????kuch din bad south me hamse acchi filme banegi,,,,,,,,,?!

  10. if it was not competion for both movies, they both had excellent collection on 1st day! For me i’ll see sos with my family because i’ll like to watch action comedy then romantic movie with my family. I think that is the best choice with family to watch. Afterall who want to watch romantic movie when we have sos, which can make everyone laugh! So happy diwali with a great fun and action near your theatres!

  11. Full bakwas movie ajay devagans bad time starts you dont have heart entire industry including all khans who supported you are saluting god of romance but you filed a case against his company one or two hit films means you thougt that you became king or what you only see you have hit movies only with rohit shetty i pray to god that definately your himmatwala movie flops

  12. Watched both the movies. SOS is high on entertainment factor and was appealing to masses as claps, screems and whisles were heard every now and then. it delivers waht it promised and the critic ratings will be what a masala flick gets. ie average, but no one can deny the laughs and hilarious moments in the film. JTHJ a nice movie with good performances and some touching moments. it lacks entertainment and speed. Though not what we expected from YRC and SRK, it is still a nice experience, specially for people with Romantic flavor.

  13. Full bakwas movie ajay devagans bad time starts you dont have heart entire industry including all khans who supported you are saluting god of romance but you filed a case against his company one or two hit films means you thougt that you became king or what you only see you have hit movies only with rohit shetty i pray to god that definately your himmatwala movie flops

  14. I saw sos kya gajab movie h yar agar srk ajay se takkar le to wo top action scene karke dikhaye
    sorry yar din raat bekar without watching son of sardar

    • action is the worst part of the movie. may be u havent seen the movie and still u r writing comment to fool the readers. dude, i have wasted my money. i know wats the truth. bahut bura lag raha he rs.330 waste karke.ek toh ticket price bada diye he ssale ne.believe me guys, audiences were leaving the theatre in interval. but i bear the whole irriatating movie jst becoz i invested my 330.nothing else.

  15. guys pls dont go for sos. its irritating.i m a sallu fan, but pls save ur movie for D2. its really a crap movie.sirf po po song ke liye mat jao yar. m very disappointed.ab se me ajay ki koi bhi movie nahi dekhunga.

  16. Bakwasss film hai,,,,,,jthj is lovely,,,,,,,,Sos jaisi filme saal me 10 baar aati hai………..,,,,,,Jthj 10 saal me ek baar,,,,,..

  17. ftw? sala trailor to aisa nikala jaise bht mast movie hoga. sara paisa dub gya.
    usse acha jthj dekh lete km se km uske reviews to ache hai.

  18. The film’s theme is a copy of a 10 yr old Kannada movie while the film itself is a remake of a probably 3 yr old telugu movie… Didn expect anything better…

  19. supppppppppppppppperb movieeeeeeeeeeeee not SOS dearrrrrrrrr friend JTHJ dont watch SOS its fullly bakwaas movie… JTHJ is the best movie of the year…

  20. If we compare the screen level jthj has 2700 and sos has 2000 only screen. Sos collection are very good than sos is super duper hit movie.It is a block buster movie i Like ajay devgan.i wish to ajay touch the gretness for sky

  21. Son Of Sardar is Bakwaas, Faltu Movie…Waste of Money and Time.

    Jab Tak Hai Jaan the Best Movie. Worth watching two to three times.

  22. boring movie Dont go for it… Bakwaas movie aur Bakwaas salman ki akal salman lai toh ek bakwass movie ek tha tiger bollywood ko diya aaur apni khadhus akal sai ajay ko bhi ek bakwaas movie banane ko kaha

    • tja pata e kya hai…………….srk bacha hai ok salman srk ka bap hai ok………. ya kbi b salman ko ab har nai skta……………………………………..ok bacha

  23. Son of Sardaar is Very Awesome Movie…… Full on Action masala, Comedy,& Entertaining…. Sos is Superbbb Blockbuster Movie as Compaired Than jthj…. Jab tak hai Jaan is a Boring movie…… Jthj is Bakwasss…

  24. jthj is the best movie srk ki acting best hai Salman ki acting nahi hai har movie boring bodyguard, ek tha tiger and ready.jthj is blockbuster movie srk is bollywood king

  25. jthj is a very good maovie as compair to sos. but i like both. because jthj is a love story and sos is a funny movie…

  26. This simply shows star power and nthng else.
    These kind of movies which get a hit tag are just insult and humiliation for movies like gangs of wasseypur,chhitagong and many more who gets vanished away due to lack of star face.

  27. mai samajhtaaa hun jo ye kahta hai ki shahrukh ke din chale gye ye wo phalana dhimaka wo ullu hai jab salman ki ek tha tiger 100crore kamaye to khub shor machta hai wo bhi bkwas movie par lekin shahrukh ki filmen 100 crore kama rhi hain to log pata nhi kya baka krte hain jabki shah
    rukh ki filme aur acting dono best hai.

    • nice bro ap ne bil kul thk kaha hay log na jane kion shah rukh se jalte hain jb ke shah rukh aur salman 2ono 1 hi year main filmoon main ayee the aur salman to pichle 3 ya 4 year se bolly wood main hit films de raha hay jb ke shah rukh pichle 15 year se hit films de raha hay

  28. I’m very happy bcoz despite of fewer screen,it has croosed 100rs.i think,it’s just warning to srk.bugdet of sos-30 crore,jthj-50 and earned respectively 103 crore&109 crore.

  29. बड़ी बाजी खेलने के लिए कलेजा भी बड़ा होना चाहिए. ऐसा ही कुछ ऐक्टर-प्रोड्यूसर अजय देवगन के बारे में भी कह सकते हैं. तभी तो उन्होंने दीवाली के मौके पर अपनी फिल्म सन ऑफ सरदार को यश चोपड़ा के निर्देशन वाली आखिरी फिल्म जब तक है जान की टक्कर में उतारा. बतौर प्रोड्यूसर अजय पर कई दबाव थे. नफा-नुकसान की बातें हो रही थीं. लेकिन अजय ने कदम पीछे नहीं हटाए.

  30. after seen this movie i felt Ceated ,,,,there is nothing in this movie this is woggas moive,,,,,this movie cross 100 cr. just because realse in festive season

  31. jo bat ajay me hai woh pahle amitab,dharmendra,jaise super star me the isliye ye banda life me kabhi har nahi manta,tino ki tigri bigar kar rakh di srk,yesh chopara and a.r rahman the par ajay sab par bhari para

  32. Super hit filem hai. Kui ki ajay bhai takar me jeet gaai. its really funny movie and title song is so good son of sardar also sanjay dutt plays very good role


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