Housefull 2 is a madcap comedy of errors that makes you laugh. Find out more in the full review.

Housefull 2 Movie Review
Housefull 2 Movie Review

Rating: 3/5 (Three stars)

Star cast: Akshay Kumar, Asin, John Abraham, Jacqueline Fernandez, Shreyas Talpade, Shazahn Padamsee, Ritesh Deshmukh, Zarine Khan, Mithun Chakraborty, Rishi Kapoor, Randhir Kapoor, Boman Irani, Chunky Pandey, Johny Lever, Ranjeet.

What’s Good: The entertaining screenplay; a majority of the comedy dialogues; Akshay Kumar’s performance.

What’s Bad: A few gags that don’t work; a few boring portions in the pre-interval portion.

Verdict: Housefull 2 entertains. It will do good business at the box-office.

Loo break: A couple during the songs.

Watch or Not?: Certainly watch it as it is a madcap, albeit mindless, comedy.

Eros International and Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment’s Housefull 2 is a comedy about how four friends get married to four different girls.

Chintu Kapoor (Rishi Kapoor) and Daboo Kapoor (Randhir Kapoor) are step-brothers who do not see eye to eye. Even their daughters, Heena (Asin) and Bobby (Jacqueline Fernandez), love to hate each other. The step-brothers, who are involved in a game of one-upmanship, decided to get their respective daughters married to the richest person in London.

The step-brothers hire a marriage counselor, Aakhri Pasta (Chunky Pandey), to find them suitably rich bridegrooms.  Pasta takes Jai (Shreyas Talpade) father’s to Chitu Kapoor. But Chintu Kapoor insults Jai’s father and the latter lands up in the hospital. Jai decides to get back at Chintuji. Aiding him in this is his friend Jolly (Ritesh Deshmukh), the son of a well-known rich person JD (Mithun Chakraborty).

To exact revenge, Jai and Jolly enlist the help of Max (John Abraham), their former good-for-nothing college mate. They plan to send Max into Chintu Kapoor’s house as Jolly, son of JD, in order to propose marriage to Chintu’s daughter and, then, to dupe him. Max, a street-smart thief, is more than happy to do their bidding for a fee. But when Max lands up in Daboo Kapoor’s house by mistake, Jai and Jolly have to bring in another former college mate, Sunny (Akshay Kumar), to pose as Jolly for Chintu Kapoor’s family.

Eventually, both Chintu Kapoor and Daboo Kapoor accept Jolly (that is, Sunny and Max) as their to-be son-in-laws. The only problem is that Heena and Bobby have not fallen in love with Sunny and Max. Also, there is JLo (Zarine Khan), Jolly’s (Ritesh) model-girlfriend who desperately wants to meet Jolly’s father, JD. Even Jai has left behind Parul (Shazahn Padamsee), a girl whom he is in love with.

What happens next? Is Jai able to exact his revenge on Chintu? Do Max and Sunny get rich by marrying the Kapoor daughters? Does Jolly tell his father about JLo? What happens when the four boys’ web of lies is exposed? The rest of the film answers these questions.

Ritesh Deshmukh, Akshay Kumar, John Abraham, Shreyas Talpade (Housefull 2 Movie Stills)

Housefull 2 Review: Script Analysis

The story of Housefull 2, penned by Sajid Nadiadwala, is entertaining and gives a lot of scope for comedy. The screenplay (by Sajid Khan, Tushar Hiranandani and Sajid-Farhad) capitalizes on this and creates many situations where the audience finds itself laughing out loud. Despite the preposterousness of the whole plot, the audience is engaged as the drama moves at a swift pace. Several sub-plots in the screenplay [like Max and Sunny’s enmity; the secret behind JD’s real identity; JD and Batook Patel’s (Boman Irani) friendship] also provide for ample doses of entertainment. The drama takes a real good turn in the second half, when all the characters somehow land up in JD’s palatial mansion. Here, Sunny improvises by the second to make sure that he and the other boys get the girls they want to be with. Even as this is happening, Patil (Johny Lever), an associate of JD’s, is so flummoxed that the audience is in splits over his poor condition. To their credit, the screenplay writers have made sure that in spite of the confusion in the drama, the viewer is never confused. The tracks of two brothers (Chintu and Daboo), two friends (Max and Sunny) being reunited, will appeal to the family audiences. The dialogues, written by Sajid-Farhad, are very good for the most part.

On the flip side, a few gags – like the one involving the snake and the crocodile; the one where Max, Sunny, Heena and Bobby end up on an island – seem rather over the top. Also, the pre-interval portion drags a bit and bores the audience. Another rider: Housefull 2 does not pose to be an intelligent film, and as such it might not appeal to a section of the audience which looks for other things in a film. A few action scenes, inserted just for the sake of it, fail to impress.

Housefull 2 Review: Star Performances & Direction

Akshay Kumar is in his element. He wows with his performance as Sunny and beings a smile to the audience’s lips as he reprises the cunning and wicked ways one remembers him for. John Abraham is plastic in most scenes but makes a spirited effort. Ritesh Deshmukh does a fine job as Jolly. Shreyas Talpade is alright as Jai. Of all the girls, Asin and Jacqueline Fernandez get the meatiest of roles and they do not disappoint. Shazahn Padamsee and Zarine Khan add glam value. Mithun Chakraborty is a delight as JD. He has some very good scenes with Akshay Kumar. Rishi Kapoor and Randhir Kapoor entertain with their nutty characters. Boman Irani does well as Batook Patel. Chunky Pandey is fine as Pasta. Johny Lever steals the show with his histrionics. Ranjeet, Suparna Marwah, Neelu Kohli, Virendra Saxena, Sandeep Garcha and others offer good support.

Sajid Khan delivers on his promise of an entertaining package. Although he could have made the drama sharper, and hence, more entertaining, one cannot really complain much about his narrative style. Some songs in the film act as fillers; others take the story forward. Papa and Anarkali songs are nice. Sajid –Wajid’s music is fine. Sameer’s lyrics are alright. Choreography, by Farah Khan, is commendable. The background score is effective. Manoj Soni’s cinematography is functional. Rameshwar S. Bhagat’s editing is sharp. Technically, the film is very good.

Housefull 2 Review: The Last Word

On the whole, Housefull 2 is an entertaining fare. It could have been better, but one can’t really complain as one comes out of the theatre smiling. It will do very good business at the box-office.

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  1. Fantastic,entertaning movie..
    Mera toh pet dard de diye haste haste kuch scene me..akshay ka acting jabardast laga…luv u..akki….
    In short PAISA WASOOL….watch it nd njoy…

  2. hi m gaurav m dancer n codeographer too plz give me chance to dance n proof my self my talent plz sir n thnx ful 2 u 9811635558

  3. Housefull is a superb movie must watch……..akki rockssssssssssss.its too good………floop master akki nahi hae srk hai……….


  5. My friend went to watch this movie and he regret it still now , he went to watch the movie and started crying as he was tortured by the movie , then he started banging his head on seat and started crying loudly , he not wanted to go out as he spent Rs 80 on movies so he slept then he became very happy as movie ended he started dancing with joy and came out , when i asked him what you watched he told , i don’t know , That s HOUSE FOOL , then he told me the story what had happened to him , now we had a plan we gave one ticket to our biggest enemy , then we started following him we were standing outside movie hall and miracle happened 2 employees of movie theater were dragging him out of theater you want to know why , because he lost his mind , as he was watching film the film tortured him so much that he started wandering in theater there he saw on couple were doing there honey moon so he went too , then song started “Papa to band bajaye ” then his husband kicked him , now he had nothing to do rather than watch the film so he started throwing any which came in his hand (shoes on screen)then he spitted on screen then he wanted to pee on screen and he opened his zip and stared pee on scree at that time song was going on “Anaar kali disco chali” and he was shouting and saying To watch TITANIC 3-D on 5 April releasing on same day ,rather
    than wasting money on this HOUSEFULL 2 crap , childish , loud , (Zabardasti ki
    hui comedy) even Taarak mehta ka oolta chasma or laugther show are much better
    then it ,
    Every Thing is copied
    see from where PAPA TOH BAND BAJAYE is copied from (even the scene is also
    copied of band mans rishi kapoor etc as bandman)- “We No Speak Americano
    ” by Yolanda Be Cool

    Better to watch TITANIC 3-D , HOUSEFOOL is unbearable movie , many of my friends wen out of theater before interval , many regretted , many were crying ” when this movie will end “

  6. It could have been far more better then expected.. a pure sajd khan movie , still I feel actors like boman irani, superstar as mithunda , actors like shreyas being total waste and not been given the role as the potential each actors have. whole movie is akshay , akshay where each reel is like meant only for him….overall still njoyable…BUT if you miss ITS ok…nothing gr8 apart from comic scenes where johnny lever is best in climax, chunky pandey is good and even rishi kapoor has done gr8!!! if free at house and not houseful then plan for the movie else in three months time see on TV…

  7. I would like to say WATCH OUT Salman bhai and Amir khan Akshay is behind you .next time ROWDY RATHORE will break records. haaaaaaaaaaaah.

  8. BaKwAs Movie waste of time n money. Copy of a Telugu Movie HUNGAMA Starring small actors (Venu Madhav & Ali). Now a days all the Telugu n Tamil movies are getting copied in Hindi. Ex: Gajni, Wanted, Ready, Bodyguard, Singham, Rowdy Rathore, Hera Pheri etc.

  9. the worst movie i have eva seen HOUSEFULL was better dan HOUSEFULL 2…. god knws watz wrong vt people nowadays how can dey lyk such a crap nd boring movie…..sajid khan has proved dat he is nothing more dan a brainless fool come on sajid khan rather dan wasting ur tym thinking how to insult people who r famous use ur brains to make a gud movie dat vl b a request or else plz stop making such stupid movies………….

  10. Housefull 2 is very entertain movie…akshay,john and ritesh all are owesom but boman irani role is very small…

  11. ekdum bakwas movie akki to 3rd class actor se bhi
    bekar hai na koi story ya logic bas puri pic meh ghadey
    ki tara daant dikha te rehtaComment


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