You Season 5: Penn Badgley's Leaked Photos From Final Season Makes Fans Nostalgic About Iconic Gossip Girl Kiss With Blake Lively!
Penn Badgley Got His Breakthrough Playing Dan Humphrey On Gossip Girl ( Photo Credit – IMDb )

Hey, Upper East Siders! It looks like a certain lovelorn serial killer is looking back at his lonely boy days! Penn Badgley is returning to the streets of New York in the final season of the thriller series You. Recent pictures from the set have sent fans down the nostalgia route. Badgley is seen kissing his ‘You’ Season 5 co-star Charlotte Ritchie, but we remember something like this all too well. Throwing back to his Gossip Girl days and that iconic Blake Lively kiss. Penn is channeling his inner Dan Humphery after all these years.

You, starring Penn Badgley, end up being the unexpected success on the streaming platform. I was engrossed in the tale of Joe Goldberg, whose peculiar rendezvous and romantic destiny typically culminate in the death of one party and his escape.

The show’s fourth season ended dramatically, with Joe again on the run and falling in love with Kate. Fans were intrigued when Netflix released the first glimpse of Joe Goldberg, who was residing in New York City.

A particular picture from the sets is an exact recreation of the 2007 Gossip Girl kiss between Dan and Serena. Fans and users pointed out the similarities between the two images; now, we can’t unsee them.

Check Out the Picture Here:

( Photo Credit – Twitter )

Isn’t this picture giving you Gossip Girl flashbacks? Fun fact: Blake Lively and Penn were dating at that time. Penn’s character Dan was the OG Gossip Girl, and that reveal still shocked fans.

You Season 5 Release Date

Season 5 has many new changes, including some new cast members joining and some leaving. Sera Gamble, the show’s creator, is passing the reins as showrunner to Michael Foley, Justin W, and executive producers.

The first Look of YOU season 5 only reveals a little, except Joe’s location. Penn Badgley is well-known in New York City for his breakthrough performance in Gossip Girl as Dan Humphrey. This time, the lonely boy returns as a serial killer consumed by love. The way Badgley dresses as Goldberg reminds me of Joe from Season 1.

The show was renewed for a final season 5 in March 2023, and the last season is currently in production. We could get the final season in late 2024 if everything goes well.

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