When Lord Rama's Childhood Scene In Iconic TV Series Ramayan Was Facing Difficulties Mounting 9 Lakh Per Episode Cost Of The Shoot When A Miracle Happened & Director Ramanand Sagar Started Crying Witnessing The Impossible!
When The Cast Of Ramayan Witnessed A Miracle While Shooting For A Scene With Lord Rama’s Character ( Photo Credit – IMDb )

The entire nation currently is immersed in Ram Bhakti, and while everyone is hooked and glued to the news channels for live coverage and visuals of Ram Mandir’s inauguration, actors from the famous television series Ramayan – Arun Govil, Sunil Lahri, and Dipika Chikhlia are also present in Ayodhya.

Ramayan is clearly one of the most watched shows on Indian television, and during some of our research, we came across a beautiful anecdote that definitely needs to reach more people.

While shooting for Ramayan, an actual miracle happened on set, and the entire cast and crew were overwhelmed by witnessing the miracle while they were struggling to shoot a scene with a child actor who played Lord Rama on screen.

It so happened that one of the scenes from Lord Rama’s childhood needed the child actor playing Lord Rama to play and feed food to a crow. The scene needed Lord Rama to play with a crow and feed him, but how would that happen, and how would a crow hop around and play with a kid? How a kid would control the motion of a crow and maintain the camera angles was a major concern for everyone.

However, to everyone’s surprise, when the shot was ready, a crow suddenly came flying from nowhere and sat on a tree near the set, cawing endlessly. As quoted by Medium, director Ramanand Sagar was relieved, went near the tree, and, with folded hands, said, “Oh Kakbhushundi Maharaj, finally, you have come! This child is playing the role of Lord Rama. Please sit here for a while.”

What happened next was nothing less than a miracle. The crow came and sat near the child who played Lord Rama. In fact, the child kept playing with the crow, which helped accommodate the scenes, while Ramanand Sagar kept rolling the camera. Finally, when the shot was cut, the director could not stop crying, overwhelmed by the miracle he witnessed.

This entire 10-minute-long sequence was shot effortlessly without any panic. The crow and the child who played Lord Rama kept playing for 10 long minutes, and after the scene was completed, the crow immediately flew away.

Didn’t this story give you goosebumps? While we all believe miracles do happen, this was one such miracle that became a surreal anecdote since it involved Lord Rama. Hope you liked reading the story.

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