Bigg Boss 14: After #SidNaaz, Is It Going To Be #SidBoli?
Bigg Boss 14: After #SidNaaz, Is It Going To Be #SidBoli? (Pic credit: Instagram/nikki_tamboli, realsidharthshukla)

The Bigg Boss grapevine is abuzz with strong rumours about Sidboli being the new sweethearts of BB14. As the show gets spicier day by day the fans just can’t keep calm with a recent Sidharth Nikki episode. The chemistry between the two started booming as Sidharth Shukla was seen supporting and complimenting Nikki Tamboli that she is right on taking a stand for herself and hardworking since the very beginning of the show.

Their likeness has taken a new turn altogether as Sidharth Shukla confesses that he really likes Nikki to which Nikki Tamboli responded saying that she is fond of him and given a chance she will marry him. Which was an aww.. moment for the fans. Not only that, it has been proven time and again that the two were fond of each other as Nikki Tamboli was witnessed praising Sidharth Shukla and openly admitting her fondness for him in the recent interviews held before the show. With the member’s of the Bigg Boss house (Gauahar Khan, Hina Khan, Jasmin Bhasin) teasing Shukla with Tamboli.

The Bigg Boss 14 episode also concluded with a task performed where the bond and the sizzling sensual chemistry between Sidharth Shukla and Nikki Tamboli was quite evident. Excited much? Hope it’s all beautiful for the two and continues to be so.

Nikki Tamboli’s accuracy and consistency in her attitude may it be in arguments or while working have highly pleased the seniors (Sidharth Shukla and Hina Khan) so much that they claimed Nikki Tamboli to be a perfect fit for Bigg Boss 14 and see her as one of the top 5 contenders of the season.

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