Key Foreshadowing Moments in Attack on Titan
Key Foreshadowing Moments in Attack on Titan (Picture Credit: IMDb)

“Attack on Titan” anime recently came to an end and we have not moved on. Eren’s storyline slowly unfolded to be one of the most thought-out and complex storylines in the history of anime. Now that it has concluded, fans are picking up on the foreshadowing in the anime that hinted at the ending we have today.

It goes to show how far-sighted Isiyama Hajime, “AoT’s” creator, actually is. In an interview with The New York Times, Isayama reiterated that the current ending of “AoT” was always what he had imagined.

Here are five instances where Isayama Hajime showcased his genius by dropping hints about the eventual ending. Surprisingly, some of these moments can be traced back to as far as season 1 — that’s how insane the foreshadowing is. Let’s break it down.

To You, 2,000 Years From Now

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The first episode of the anime (and the first chapter of the manga) is titled “To You, 2,000 Years From Now.” This seems like an innocent play on words most anime do with their first titles, however, nothing is this simple with “AoT.”

These words did not have much substance to them, until the release of season 4 episode 21 titled “From You, 2,000 Years Ago” (chapter 122 of the manga). This brought the whole ordeal into a full circle. Although it’s still not confirmed who this was referring to, according to some theories and scenes in the finale, the “You” here could be Mikasa being addressed by founder Ymir and vice versa.

Ymir saw herself in Mikasa. Her devotion to a lost man who could never love her back was reflected in Mikasa’s love for Eren. She wanted Mikasa to do what she was unable to, and that was to liberate herself from the confines of that love.

Eren and Reiner’s Spar

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Eren and Reiner were paired for sparring sessions during their military training. In one part, Reiner tells Eren to “play the bad guy next.” A subtle foreshadowing of Eren’s role as the eventual antagonist.

Eren and Reiner’s spar in season 1, episode 4 was a minor scene that no one paid much attention to. In fact, in hindsight, some may call this easter egg very far-fetched. But it’s the subtle hints like these that make the turn of events all the more mind-blowing.

Eren Kruger

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Eren Kruger was probably the most important minor character in the “AoT” franchise. His importance was consolidated when he mentioned Armin and Mikasa while talking to a young Grisha about his vision for the Eldians suffering under Marley. What was odd about the conversation was this was way before Eren, Mikasa, or Armin were even born.

So how did Kruger know about Armin and Mikasa? It was revealed that the Attack Titan — the only titan with seemingly no noteworthy power — was able to transcend through past and present. So Kruger, with his Attack Titan abilities, could see into Eren and Grisha’s memories.

Eren Kisses Historia’s Hand

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Eren kissing Historia’s hand was a key moment in the history of “AoT.” It was this very moment that set off the chain of events that led us to the end.

The memories unlocked when Eren kissed Historia’s hand remain unclear, with the only ambiguous hint being a connection to the future. But one thing is for certain, that this was where his personality started to change. The once loud, cheerful protagonist was on the road to becoming the most ruthless villain of the series.

Eren’s Dream

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“Attack on Titan” started with Eren having a dream. We see glimpses of that dream at the start, but its details are unclear. Mikasa wakes him up, inquiring about the dream, and Eren’s only response is that it was a “long dream.”

Mirroring that, the last chapter of the manga and one of the parts of the anime finale are titled “A Long Dream.” We can go into the nitty gritty of it, say how it alludes to Eren’s plans from the start, or how it’s connected to Mikasa’s dream in the finale. But one thing’s for certain, the series has completed a full circle, leaving a trail of shattered hearts in its wake.

The complete “Attack on Titan” series can be streamed on Crunchyroll.

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