Ahead Of Young Sheldon’s Last Season, Here’s What Happens To The Cooper Family During The Big Bang Theory
Ahead Of Young Sheldon’s Last Season, Here’s What Happens To The Cooper Family During The Big Bang Theory ( Photo Credit – IMDb )

The Big Bang Theory’s main character Sheldon Cooper’s childhood and humble beginnings has been widely explored in CBS’s Young Sheldon. The show introduced all the Coopers who briefly made appearances in the original show. As the story of the Coopers attracted millions, the show is set to come to an end with Season 7; here is a look back to TBBT and what the Cooper family’s future looked like.

In TBBT, Sheldon often mentioned his childhood in Medford, Texas, before he moved to Pasadena, California, for his post-graduate studies at Caltech. All of the Coopers made their cameos in the show and Sheldon’s relationship with them was explored.

Young Sheldon began with Sheldon’s story and slowly looked deeper into the rest of the Copers’ lives. It saw how everyone contributed to making Sheldon a successful theoretical physicist. Here’s how the Coopers were shown in The Big Bang Theory. Let us tell you that apart from George, every member was played by a different actor.

George Cooper

Sheldon’s father, George Cooper’s name often came up in The Big Bang Theory but not always in the best way. The scientist and his mother often mentioned that George was neither a great dad nor a good father, but not in Young Sheldon. The show revealed how George was a caring and considerate father despite his drinking problem.

Coming to his appearance in TBBT, Lance Barber already made a cameo as Leonard’s high school bully. However, later, Barber appeared as George in a pre-taped video when Sheldon was struggling with his Super Asymmetry paper. For the unversed, George was not alive during the events of the original show.

Mary Cooper

Mary Cooper was Sheldon’s first family member to appear in the show. In Season 1, Episode 4, The Luminous Fish Effect, Leonard calls Mary, played by Laurie Metcalf, to visit them. While her personal life was not much explored on the show, it was clear that Mary lived alone in Texas after Missy and Georgie moved out and George died. She is a devout Christian who enjoys her life among her Church circle.


Apart from his mother, Sheldon stays most attached to his maternal grandmother, Connie Tucker, whom he calls Meemaw. The role was played by June Squibb. Meemaw appears in Season 9, Episode 14, The Meemaw Materialization, where she visits Sheldon in Pasadena and does not approve of his girlfriend Amy. It was also revealed that Meemaw still lives in Texas.

Missy Cooper

Missy came out to be one of the most reliable Coopers among all. She is a great sister and daughter. In The Big Bang Theory, Missy was played by Courtney Henggeler, who first appeared in Season 1 Episode 15, The Porkchop Indeterminacy. In the show, it was evident that despite how far Sheldon was from her, she still had her back and loved her twin brother dearly.

Georgie Cooper

Jerry O’Connell played Georgie Cooper in TBBT’s Season 11. The show revealed that Sheldon and Georgie had a fallout, as the former did not appreciate how much his elder brother sacrificed to provide a good life for Missy and Mary while he was out studying at Caltech. They resolve their conflict and Georgie attends Sheldon and Amy’s wedding. He also has a huge tire business.

Young Sheldon’s last season premiered on February 15, 2024.

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