The Big Bang Theory: Do You Know Johnny Galecki AKA Leonard Used To Wear Lensless Glasses For The Show?
The Big Bang Theory: Do You Know Johnny Galecki AKA Leonard Used To Wear Lensless Glasses For The Show? (Pic credit – The Big Bang Theory/ Instagram )

The Big Bang Theory is loved by most people because of Sheldon (Jim Parsons). But everyone will agree that Leonard Hofstadter was another really adorable character in the show. Played by Johnny Galecki, the character has given us innumerable ‘Laugh Out Loud’ moments.

While you have loved Leonard in all these years, we are going to share something about him that will leave you surprised. Back in 2010, fans of The Big Bang Theory noticed that Leo wears lensless glasses. Yes, that’s true!



A fan wrote on one of The Big Bang Theory forum, “I don’t think Leonard’s glasses ever actually have lenses in them. There never appears to be any reflection to indicate a lens. Especially noticeable when you see Leonard side on.”

When Johnny Galecki was asked about the same during an interview with The Huffington Post, he said, “Oh, man. You’re killing the magic.”

Then he shared the reason behind wearing lensless glasses and said, “We rehearsed the first episode for about a week and a half, and when we started to shoot, they said, ‘Well, you’re gonna take your glasses off, right?’ I said, ‘No, I want Leonard to wear glasses.’ They said, ‘Oh, we just thought you were wearing them as Johnny for rehearsal all week,’”

Further explaining how while looking up and talking to Sheldon, his lenses were catching the light, he said, “I quickly popped out the lenses and that’s the movie magic behind that.”

Johnny Galecki even recalled a funny incident and shared how he once made everyone laugh by accidentally putting his finger through the empty frame. “That kind of killed the moment,” he said.

Now that’s hilarious! Isn’t it?

What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comments section.

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