Johnny Depp Once Cried Like A Baby After Getting The Script Of Edward Scissorhands Beating Tom Cruise & Tom Hanks
Johnny Depp Once Cried Like A Baby After Getting The Script Of Edward Scissorhands Beating Tom Cruise & Tom Hanks (Picture Credit: Instagram & IMDb)

Johnny Depp is one of the finest actors in Hollywood, and his work clearly reflects in the choices he makes. The actor was not as big a star as he is today and hustled his way up in the 1990’s. Edward Scissorhands is one of Depp’s earlier movies which helped him prove his mettle in the industry, but bagging a role in the film did not come easy for the actor. In an interview, Depp once shared how he cried like a newborn after being finalized for the role. Scroll down to read the details.

Johnny was in the race for the movie Edward Scissorhands against actors like Tom Hanks and Tom Cruise. Depp also spilled the beans that he was under-confident as an actor and believed he had no chance to land this role.

Johnny Depp once revealed he could not believe his fate when he did bag the role. According to Fandom Wire, he got emotional and wept like a baby after reading the script. “I was asked to go and have a meeting with Tim Burton. This was ’89,” revealed Depp. The actor continued, “It was for the role of Edward Scissorhands and the screenplay made me sob like a child. I cried like an infant. Like a…like a newborn. It was so…it just touched me.” Depp added, “Just moved me greatly and so much so that I called my agent and cancelled the meeting with Tim [Burton].”

The Pirates of the Caribbean star earlier thought the leading role would go to Tom Hanks or Tom Cruise as they were the studios’ favorites at the time. “I was sure there was no way he would cast me in the part. Tom Hanks was talked about but 20th Century Fox thought would be the best option for Edward Scissorhands at the time was Tom Cruise and he would have been great in his own way,” said Johnny Depp at the time.

Tom Cruise apparently wanted to change the ending of Edward Scissorhands, and also he used to ask weird questions about his character, which Tim Burton refused to answer. The role ultimately went to Johnny Depp, and the film ended up receiving a great response from both critics and the audiences.

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