When Daniel Radcliffe Called Hollywood Racist!
Daniel Radcliffe Once Slammed Hollywood For Being Racist ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

Hollywood is where many dreams are made while several more are destroyed. Underneath all the glitz and glamour lies a dark side, and the industry is often accused of being racist. Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe once opened up about how the film industry lagged when it came to appreciating people from different ethnicities. Stick to the end of the article to get the deets.

In 2016, Oldboy director Spike Lee and Kramer vs Kramer fame Dustin Hoffman boycotted the Oscars in protest at the lack of nominees of color. Daniel’s comment on Hollywood came after that. Many actors have fallen victim to racism in the industry, and Hollywood has been occasionally criticized for whitewashing several projects.

Daniel Radcliffe, who is known for playing Harry Potter and will remain tied to his identity forever, admitted the lack of diversity in Hollywood. In an interview with BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire, the actor said, “Yes. I mean, it’s pretty undeniable, that’s the thing, we like to think of ourselves as being a very progressive industry, but we have been lagging behind in all kinds of areas, and it’s been very well documented.”

Further explaining the situation, Daniel Radcliffe added that many fantastic performances go unrecognized at the Oscars, and he felt “there’s a lot that’s unseen about the process.” Besides racism, the actor also shared how gay people were afraid of coming out in Hollywood for fear of being typecast in only gay roles.

However, Daniel Radcliffe also believed that things improved a little. He admitted seeing changes in the scripts and stuff. For the unversed, when this interview came out, the Harry Potter star was on the panel that chose Oscar winners. Meanwhile, when actors were boycotting the Oscars, people praised the Emmys.

Rami Malek called his Emmy win for the Best Actor category a progress, as per USA Today. He said, “For me to stand here as not the typical leading man and to come home with this speaks a lot about where we’re headed.” Rami received the Award for his performance in Mr Robot.

Things have been changing gradually, and the change is visible. It is slow but still happening, and things will be even better soon.

Daniel Radcliffe made headlines on the work front with his ripped physique for his show Miracle Workers. Fans started rooting for him to be the next Wolverine in the MCU as they thought he would be perfect to replace Hugh Jackman.

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