Robert Pattinson Leaves The Set Of The Batman, Thanks To Matt Reeves
Robert Pattinson Once Stormed Off The Sets Of The Batman Because Of Matt Reeves? (Photo Credit: IMDb)

The Batman has been in the news for quite some time now, but not for all the good reasons. In fact, rumours have it that the main lead, Robert Pattinson didn’t get along too well with the director Matt Reeves. Maybe that is why the shoot of the film stretched on for close to fourteen months, which was reportedly blamed on the pandemic. But did you know there were times when Pattinson stormed off the sets of the Caped Crusader’s upcoming reboot when he couldn’t face Reeves anymore?


Yes! You heard it right. Robert and Matt found themselves at loggerheads most of the times, and this reportedly is one of the reasons behind the shoot extending for so long and becoming treacherous.


Several occasions have been reported that Robert Pattinson and Matt Reeves do not get along too well on the sets of The Batman. According to reports in Reddit, there came a time when Robert was so pissed that he stormed off the sets. But as they say, sometimes a creative conflict can result in a much better movie. As far as we know, both Pattinson and Reeves have not reached a point where they cannot work with each other at all or are difficult to work with. So maybe there must have been something that might have rubbed both of them the wrong way.

It’s not like either man will admit it publicly, so for now it remains entirely speculative. But whether it’s true or not, let’s hope that it doesn’t have any sort of noticeable effect on the quality of The Batman. Also, we just hope whatever it is between Robert Pattinson and Matt Reeves, they really find the time to sort out the differences. Coz we think they surely make for a great team and we would want to see them collaborate in future as well.

What do you think must have gone wrong with the two? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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