Is Selena Gomez's Single Soon About Her Rumored Ex Charlie Puth? Well, May Be!
Selena Gomez’ ‘Single Soon’ Is About Charlie Puth? Here’s What Timeline Suggests (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Selena Gomez and Charlie Puth don’t talk anymore, but there’s a lot of history that keeps the two tied. Both pop titans, Selena Gomez and Chalie Puth were once known to be a potential couple – before they swept the rumors under the rug by referring to each other as ‘only friends’ and ‘just friends.’ But, that did not stop quick-witted netizens from putting two and two together, especially after Puth dropped a song titled ‘Attention’ with all signs pointing that he was crooning about his ambiguous relationship with Gomez.

Selena Gomez – who was recently seen making heads turn at Rare Beauty Impact Fund with her sizzling looks, dropped behind-the-scenes footnotes of her latest track ‘Single Soon’. In it, the Come & Get It singer has shed more light on what went into making of the song, and many think it may be about Charlie Puth. Scroll below to find out why!

Charlie Puth is set to embark on a new chapter of his life as the singer recently popped out the big question to his girlfriend, Brook Sansone, and she said yes! But for a long time, the singer was rumored to be hung up on Selena Gomez after they both collaborated on his song ‘We Don’t Talk Anymore’ in 2016, right after her split from her on-again, off-again boyfriend Justin Bieber. Despite dropping what he back then claimed to be a truth bomb, citing he is ‘just friends’ with Selena, Puth released ‘Attention’ where he talked about a girl who lured him enough to keep him interested but never intended to sleep with him. The reason many thought that the song was about Selena Gomez was because it came at the time she got back with Justin Beiber for a short while.

In 2018, Puth also told Billboard that he had a “very short-lived” but “very impactful” relationship with Selena, adding that it really “really messed” him up. He added, “I’m trying to put this the best way possible: It wasn’t like I was the only person on her mind. And I think I knew that going in — what I was getting myself into.”

Now, Selena revealed in the footnotes of “Single Soon” making-of-video that she wrote the song seven years ago (that is, 2016), but it wasn’t until recently that she felt that she was in a place to release it. “We wrote this song about seven years ago, and I’ve held onto it because it didn’t really match where I was at that time in my life. Now I can relate to it,” Selena wrote as a footnote.

Interestingly, ‘Single Soon’ talks about a single ‘high maintenance’ girl who would rather be on her own than give up on her standards. The song does not mention any situations or names for the record, but the fact that it was written around the time she and Charlie Puth were a rumored flame now has netizens thinking it might be about the ‘Girlfriend’ singer.

What are your thoughts on Selena Gomez and Charlie Puth‘s rumored relationship? Let us know.

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