Avengers: Endgame's Thanos-Like Dangerous Super Villain To Replace Kang The Conqueror In Marvel Cinematic Universe's Upcoming Phases? Read On
Avengers: Endgame’s Thanos-Like Dangerous Super Villain Kingpin To Replace Kang The Conqueror In Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Upcoming Phases? [Reports] (Picture Credit: IMDB)

Ever since Jonathan Majors became involved in unresolved legal issues related to an alleged assault, Marvel studios are facing some tough decisions as Kang the Conqueror is the key villain in Marvel’s upcoming phases. It seems the studio is bringing over another supervillain who is as dangerous as Thanos.

While Thanos loomed as the ultimate menace in the early stages of the MCU, he didn’t truly step into the role of the primary antagonist until “Avengers: Infinity War.” Prior to that, he made cameo appearances in mid and post-credit scenes or was discussed by various MCU characters. Nevertheless, due to the extensive build-up throughout the Infinity Saga, Thanos already felt like a well-established and formidable presence in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Likewise, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is in the process of establishing a new antagonist to fill the void left by Thanos, and intriguingly, it’s not Kang the Conqueror, reports Screenrant. Kingpin, although initially portrayed as a mere crime lord from New York City, shares surprising parallels with the Mad Titan. Originally introduced in “Daredevil,” Kingpin made his official MCU debut in “Hawkeye.” Wilson Fisk is a formidable business tycoon and crime boss who wields significant influence in New York City, as “Hawkeye” illustrated the impact of his power on characters like Clint Barton and Maya Lopez.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe strategically positions Kingpin to follow a trajectory similar to Thanos. While Kingpin has already made more on-screen appearances than Thanos, he has yet to be presented as the central main antagonist. In addition to their parallel MCU storylines, Thanos and Kingpin share many character traits. Both characters are driven by a common goal: the desire to create a better world, even if it means resorting to extreme measures to achieve it. As we know, Thanos infamously aimed to eliminate half of the universe’s population to provide a better life for the survivors. Similarly, Kingpin sought to rejuvenate his hometown, Hell’s Kitchen, by dismantling it and rebuilding it as a crime-free haven.

When it comes to sheer scale and cosmic threats, Kang the Conqueror might appear to be the natural successor to Thanos, given their comparable levels of menace. However, while not posing a galactic threat, Kingpin exudes a similar aura to Thanos while remaining a human antagonist.

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