Tiger 3 Box Office Disappoints: Is 245 Crore In 10 Days Not Enough In 2023? What Went Wrong With The Salman Khan Starrer? War 2: Spy Universe's Reset Button!
Tiger 3 Box Office Disappoints: Is 245 Crore In 10 Days Not Enough In 2023? What Went Wrong With The Salman Khan Starrer? War 2: Spy Universe’s Reset Button! ( Photo Credit – YRF/YouTube )

Earlier today, comparing the ten-day total of Tiger 3, Jawan & Pathaan, I mentioned about the ongoing social media debate around Tiger 3 box office collection and how even 245 crore in 10 days is criticized. Yes, there are multiple reasons for the same. Let’s go through them one by one and see how many of them y’all agree with.

1. The Controversial Release Date

Yes, the opening shouldn’t matter much if you’re playing for the long run, but for films like Tiger 3, Jawan, and Pathaan, it becomes important to hit the sixer on the first ball for the hype just to blast things up.

YRF took a different route and went against the flow to release on the weakest day (box-office-wise) of the year. To their credit, they got a bumper opening of 43 crore (Hindi), dodging all the odds. But, imagine the film to release on Monday with 65 crore+ opening and taking things from there. Yes, it’s all ifs & buts, but it could’ve easily beaten Jawan’s 65.50 crore that day. That would’ve surely meant something.

2. The World Cup, BT!

The film didn’t just face one but two matches, and that came with the additional BT (bad trip) of the Indian cricket team losing Cricket’s most prestigious tournament, the World Cup. During the semi-final eve (Day 4), the film collected 20.50 crore, a drop of almost 53%.

This was already a considerable crash; it further dropped nearly 44% on the evening of finals (Day 8 compared to Day 7), collecting a mere 10.25 crore. For reference, Pathaan and Jawan’s Day 4 box office collections were 51 crore and 71 crore, respectively. Fun fact: Jawan’s day 4 of 71 crore is almost 71% higher than Tiger 3’s day 4 of 20.50 crore.

3. The CONtent! (Pun, OF COURSE, intended)

Tiger Zinda Hai remains one of the best commercial potboilers to come out from Bollywood, and let’s all mutually agree that this one failed to cross the legacy. What went wrong? YRF’s idea of switching directors in every installment for a ‘new feeling’ might have cost them a couple of hundred crores.

The only good film Maneesh Sharma has made is 2010’s Band Baaja Baaraat (BBB) and, to some extent, the first half of Fan maybe. I’m not at all against giving chances to talented individuals, but Sharma hasn’t shown in a single film of his that he can manage a scale as high as Tiger 3. What were the judgment criteria to bring him in? Just FYI, both BBB and Fan were YRF films.

4. Missing The ‘Jawan’ Josh!

A masala film is made great because of its elevation scenes, and I can’t remember even a single one from Tiger 3. As it’s pretty evident from the name, elevation scenes are those that elevate fans’ excitement by pumping them up. Don’t be a blind fan and say Salman’s entry, Shah Rukh Khan’s entry, or the climax were elevation scenes; those weren’t. Jawan had Vikram Rathore’s entry scene, Vikram lighting his cigar from the sparks of his running bike & many, many more. These were missing!

Bonus Point:

5. War 2 Looks Like A ‘Reset Button’

I’m not putting any spoiler warning here, but for those who still haven’t seen the film and have reached this point of the article, I’d like to thank them because I’ve managed to engross them with my writing so much. The post-credit scene of Tiger 3, reportedly directed by Ayan Mukerji, is the best thing to come out of Salman Khan’s Diwali entertainer.

You’ll feel how it’s a totally different film from what you watched for 150 minutes, not just tonally but direction-wise as well. Now that I think of it, it looks like YRF might press a hard reset on how things work in the Spy Universe with Hrithik Roshan’s War 2. Bringing in Ayan Mukerji (from outside the YRF camp) after Brahmastra is a clear indication of them wanting to change how things used to work before. War 2, with Jr NTR‘s menacing villain and Hrithik Roshan probably jumping to the dark side, might finally change everything in the Spy Universe‘s route post-Tiger 3.

Note: Box office numbers are based on estimates and various sources. Numbers have not been independently verified by Koimoi.

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