When Shah Rukh Khan Roared, "You Don't Have To Push Me Too Far…" Shutting Down A British Journalist Who Mentioned Kangana Ranaut
When Shah Rukh Khan Roared, “You Don’t Have To Push Me Too Far…” Shutting Down A British Journalist ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

Shah Rukh Khan is called king of wit for a reason. Time and again, we have seen the superstar giving it back to journalists or fans in the funniest yet wittiest way possible. The actor, who’s currently basking in the success of his latest hit film, Jawan, grabs headlines every now and then. Despite all the love and admiration coming his way, we recently stumbled upon an old video of Shah Rukh Khan where he was asked about se*ism and parity in the industry.

The old video, which has resurfaced on the web, sees the actor giving epic comebacks to the British journalist who has asked him about se*ual assault and harassment allegations made by Kangana Ranaut. Scroll down for details.

In 2018, Shah Rukh Khan appeared on the BBC channel for an interview where he was asked about se*ism and parity in Bollywood. It all happened when the journalist named Kangana Ranaut spoke about her se*ual assault and harassment allegations she faced in the industry. Reacting to the same, SRK cleared that no one dares to misbehave with a woman on the sets of his film. The journalist further spoke about him putting actresses’ names ahead of his as a mark of respect.

Shah Rukh Khan told BBC, “You know personally, at a level when I’m making films or working in films, we’re very clear about the attitude to women. Even the smallest aspects, of the names coming first in the title, which is not going to do anything, but the kind of respectability.” Later, when the anchor called it an ‘empty gesture to admit it’, he asked her not to push him too far to agree.

He added, “You don’t have to push me too far to agree with this, but it’s a way of trying to say even this small thing needs to be done just to bring about equality, just see what we’ve reduced ourselves to. You know, to put a girl’s name in front just to show what little guys we are, thinking of them as equals. And that is sad and that is strangely dichotomous when you’re talking about creativity, and you have boys and girls working together. I’ve never personally, first hand and nobody, if I may say, nobody dared misbehave with a woman on my set, I’m very clear on that.”

Further when Shah Rukh Khan said that she’s close to women he has worked with, the journalist quickly asked about Kangana. Responding to which the Jawan actor added, “I’ve never personally been told on my sets. You know Zeinab maybe it also stems from the fact I’ve just been, mother, my sister, my wife, my daughter, I’ve just been with women. I’ve been brought up by women.”

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