Shah Rukh Khan May Be The Star Of The Year But Here's The Hero Of The Year 2023 Who Deserves A Thunderous Round Of Applause - Vikrant Massey
Vikrant Massey’s 12th Fail Act Undoubtedly Makes Him The Best Actor Of The Year 2023 ( Photo Credit – IMDb )

As we crawl towards 2024, looking back at 2023 is a usual ritual. The regrets, the achievements, the lessons, the mistakes – a peek through them all. This year, Bollywood witnessed huge box office successes. But very few of these successful films were mounted on a power-packed story, not even Shah Rukh Khan‘s Pathaan, Jawan, or Dunki. But there is a man who outperformed every actor this year – Vikrant Massey, and this piece is an acknowledgment of his brilliant work, which left an imprint on our hearts.

Definitely, there were films like SatyaPrem Ki Katha that tried dealing with a different subject, and then there was OMG 2, which, despite getting brutally slaughtered at the censor table, managed to hold attention. But there was none like 12th Fail.

It is a heartwarming film, an endearing struggle story, a visionary filmmaker like Vidhu Vinod Chopra and a terrific performer like Vikrant Massey. 12th Fail deserves a thunderous round of applause. Why? We’ll break that down for you so that nothing gets missed about this little star shining at the horizon of the year 2023 and the brightest of them all!

The Honesty and Simplicity

Vidhu Vinod Chopra presented such an honest and simple film that honesty will break your heart. There was no drama, no flashy dance numbers, no over-the-board motivational dialogues in a motivational film, and no larger-than-life heroes. And still, he wins, above them all, proving his experience in filmmaking is grounded so strongly in his wisdom that one shall not doubt his expertise.

Vikrant Massey – Actor Of The Year

Shah Rukh Khan may be the superstar of the year, but if there’s any recognition for the actor of the year, then give it all to this man who rightfully deserves it. I once wondered why don’t filmmakers cast Vikrant Massey in a lead role, and then I saw him shining in 12th Fail. I also wondered why this man isn’t commercially fruitful. And I understood that it takes a film like 12th Fail to prove the worth of an actor as excellent as him!

While he has touched a string somewhere deep down in our hearts with 12th Fail, here’s hoping that the actor keeps living up to his dream of acting. That is the honesty he translates into every single frame of 12th Fail.

While 12th Fail has made its mark and impact clearly visible, we all need to personally thank Vikrant Massey for bringing a film and an act so honest, so personal, and so impactful. Thank You for giving us, Manoj Kumar Sharma!

Wishing for more beautiful films to touch our hearts in 2024!

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