Dunki Made Me Cry In Funny Scenes, Laugh & Cringe At Emotional Scenes - 5 Most Absurd Things Said & Done In Shah Rukh Khan's Film
5 Most Absurd Things Said & Done In Shah Rukh Khan’s Film Dunki (Picture Credit: IMDb)

It has been seven days, and after the initial reviews for Dunki on day 1, all my enthusiasm for Shah Rukh Khan’s Rajkumar Hirani film had gone down until the other day when I was surrounded by a swarm of film buffs and all everyone could talk about was the social drama. And the reactions were extreme – from disgust to hate to shock to disbelief – any negative word you can remember, you could have heard it there.

This leaves us with the next obvious question – then why such appropriate silence over his overly-flawed film? It may be SRK’s stardom, probably, or it may be out of respect. But this was not the reason certainly, as the silence seemed to be coming out of a sympathetic zone – The Bechara vibe!

Now, cutting a very long story short, let us come to the bottom line. Dunki is the most pathetic thing I have seen this year. And trust me, the big Shah Rukh Khan fan inside me died a thousand 1000 deaths watching him struggle to the point of being mocked in the theater.


This is probably the only Shah Rukh Khan film I have seen where people walked out of the theater, and this leaves us with the next obvious question – why? Is it that pathetic? Yes, it is.

And if you are still deciding to watch this film in the theaters to ring in the new year, I feel morally obliged to prepare you for this mess of a film. So here are the 5 most ridiculous things you might have to watch and make your peace with, or else it will keep you haunting for a few days.

1. Every One Is Too Lazy To Act In This Film
No one, literally no one, in this film is interested in acting – including Shah Rukh Khan, who literally plays Shah Rukh Khan from any #AskSRK session, to be honest. He walks like him, talks like him, laughs like him, and makes puns like him. Even if one had named his character Shah and not Hardy, nothing would have changed trust. He is this disinterested or this disillusioned.

The next superstar (in her head) is, of course, Tapsee Pannu, who decided to give two and a half expressions in the two-and-a-half-hour-long film, and those 2-1/2 half-expressions landed at the most incorrect timings. (We don’t want to give spoilers, so let us keep something for you to watch and figure out.) But when you spot that, remember that I warned and alerted you to grab those precious chunks of expression in this otherwise stagnant film.

2. Being Ignorant To The Point Of Being Stupid Is The New Mantra!
No one in this film is interested in being aware of the concept of the evolution of man as a society, eventually into borders, states, territories, nations, and more. So they keep on blabbering any stupid stuff, thinking it is a cool ideology. I mean, as idiotic as it might sound, they are comparing themselves to birds and animals who can commute to wherever they want.

“Hamare Pancchi un doosre desh ke panchhiyon ko rokte nahi hain,” says Shah Rukh Khan very emotionally. How do you even say that without studying birds and animal worlds, Sir? Any Animal reacts if you barge in their territory. The reason wild animals are roaming on roads in cities is that we’ve cut their forests!

Moreover, why are we living in this ‘Panchhi Nadiyaan Pawan ke Jhonke, Koi Sarhad Na Inhe roke’ world? So yes, throughout the film, they put up all these weird logics and mantras about pulling an illegal act of migration. It a story that deserved so much research, but Rajkumar Hirani, Abhijat Joshi, and Kanika Dhillon chose to turn a blind eye and live in a disillusioned parallel world where the world is a clean slate with borders and territories and anything close to civilization and management.

3. Every Department In This Film Is Lazy & Tapsee Pannu’s MAU Should Be Fired!
Not only the actors but even the crew of this film is lazy. Lazy to the point that they present a 60-year-old Tapsee Pannu with a wrinkled face wearing a midi with perfectly toned and waxed legs. I can never, I swear never, unsee her grotesque shot!

4. Even Making The Most Loved Character Die Doesn’t Make Sense
Okay, trust me if I am giving you a major spoiler here; I secretly pray that you decide against this film. I am that friend who warns you a day or two before that painful heartbreak you have gone through! So, just like every Rajkumar Hirani film, someone needs to die to hype the emotional quotient and unnecessarily push the film emotionally. Honestly, that has worked for every film – be it Jimmy Shergill dying in Munna Bhai or Paresh Rawal’s Sunil Dutt in Sanju. The dying definitely works in favor of the film.

But not here with Dunki. Since the only person worth watching disappears in what seems to be one of the most fake, dramatized, technically tone-deaf scenes coming from one of the visionaries of Indian Cinema!

5. They Want You To Believe They ‘LET’ Britishers Come Into Their Country!
So, as I told you, this bunch of people – Rajkumar Hirani, Abhijat Joshi, and Kanika Dhillon, who live in some parallel disillusioned world where they are creepily comparing bird behavior to Human behavior are unapologetically ignorant about their social blunder in a social film. In fact, to the point that they keep establishing the fact through their ‘uneducated’ bunch that they’ve let the Britishers come into their country.

No, Sir, the Britishers plunged in, looted, and ruled over us. We were their slaves! To be very specific and precise. So casually comparing that you want to go to London because they came to India is the most insane piece of statement I’ve heard.

Also, I take it as an offense if you think it was a clever move to let these words come from an uneducated, simple, innocent Punjabi guy who doesn’t know much. The state and the people who faced the wrath of Partition the most do not know the difference between ‘letting Britishers in your country’ and Britishers taking over your country and RULING. Do you really think so?

Okay, My Brain Has Officially Resigned!
My brain officially refused to function for almost 10 – 12 hours after Dunki. I’m heartbroken, irritated, disgusted – all at the same time. The jokes and puns in the film were so bad that they made me wanna cry. And the emotional scenes were so horribly acted by a whining Shah Rukh Khan that they made me laugh.

Oh, I do not even want to have any conversation about this film anymore. It’s making me dizzy all over again!

Good luck, though, if you decide to watch it over the weekend. Hopefully, I have prepared you for the worst. Remember, only the brave and die-hard fans could survive this nightmare! Guess who would you enjoy the most in this film? It would be MS Dhoni’s ad who acts better in 1 minute than all the painful 160 minutes of Dunki.

PS. No, I have purposefully not taken Vicky Kaushal‘s name in this piece. He should be officially detached from this piece. He’ll melt down all my angst and disappointment in this film, and I can’t afford it! I want to remember Rajkumar Hirani’s belief about us – thinking the audience is lame, all my life!

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