"Shah Rukh Khan Isn't Handsome & He Can't Act": Pakistani Actress Mahnoor Baloch's Statement Unites Fans From Pakistan & India...
“Shah Rukh Khan Isn’t Handsome & He Can’t Act”: Pakistani Actress Mahnoor Baloch’s Statement Unites Fans From Pakistan & India… ( Photo Credit – Instagram; Hasna Mana Hai / YouTube )

Mahnoor Baloch, an actress who has names of three countries in her Google bio – American-Canadian-Pakistani director; whose Wikipedia intro states she’s often praised for “her fitness and younger looks on-screen.” She in her recent interview, gave a statement against Shah Rukh Khan, which made his fans furious.

She said that he’s neither ‘handsome’ nor is good at acting, but he’s an amazing businessman. This not only made SRKians from India get offended, but also his fans from Pakistan also slammed her for her comments.

In an interview with ‘Had Kar Di,’ she said, “Shah Rukh Khan has a very good personality, but what you consider as ‘handsome,’ he doesn’t come under that. But, because his personality is so strong, he has an aura which makes him look good. I think it’s a combination of things; there are many handsome people who lack strong aura, so they go unnoticed.”

The host asked, “We’ve heard you mentioned somewhere that Shah Rukh Khan doesn’t know how to act?”

“Yes, and everyone is entitled to have an opinion. I think he’s a great businessman; he knows how to market himself. This is purely my opinion, and there will be many fans here who’ll think I’m wrong; I may be wrong, but it’s my opinion. He has a great personality, is a good businessman, and knows how to market himself. There are a lot of actors who are not as successful, so he has to have some business mind to do that.”

To which fans from India and Pakistan started to slam her in the comments, here’s what they said:

“The entire world knows SRK. I am sorry, but who are you?”

“She asked for one movie with SRK, but he refused. That’s the matter.”

“The best way to get noticed is to talk Against Global icon SRK.”

“Chalo srk k wajah se aaj mai Inka YouTube m search Kiya.”

“Madam ko fame mil gya. That’s the power of Shah Rukh Khan.”

“I swear to Allah she is trying to get famous by picking SRK. We know from day one that SRK is not good-looking, just a normal guy. You don’t have to say that in public… We all know about his acting. He is the best.”

2023 was an unforgettable year for Shah Rukh Khan, and if anyone from any country thinks he doesn’t know acting, they should watch Swades or Chak De! India or Devdas or many other films through which he has been proving himself since forever.

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