"Shah Rukh Khan Used To Smoke On 'No Smoking' OSO Set, I Had To Go Out...": Here's What Happened When Pakistani Actor Javed Sheikh Approached SRK For The Same
“Shah Rukh Khan Used To Smoke On ‘No Smoking’ OSO Set, I Had To Go Out…”: Here’s What Happened When Pakistani Actor Javed Sheikh Approached SRK (Picture Credit: Instagram & Youtube)

If you know Shah Rukh Khan beyond the actor he is, you know he has a habit of smoking, and many actors have shared interesting anecdotes about him around it. One such actor is a Pakistani actor, Javed Sheikh, who played Rajesh Kapoor in Om Shanti Om.

He’s the same Javed Sheikh who was slammed last year when he revealed that he charged just a rupee to star in Farah Khan’s film because it was such a big honor for him. But, because many can’t respect the artist’s vision, they went to thrash him, saying he had no self-respect brutally.

In a conversation with Desi TV, he shared an incident how, on the sets of Om Shanti Om, his ‘smoke buddy’ Shah Rukh Khan hugged him and said, “I’m here for you, whatever you need.” He asked for something even Shah couldn’t refuse and immediately fulfilled his wish.

Javed Sheikh revealed, “Two things weren’t allowed on the sets of Om Shanti Om – one was to click pictures of anything, and the other was smoking. Back in the day, I used to smoke; I don’t do that nowadays. So, I had to leave the set every time I had to have a cigarette. I did this a couple of times, but then I saw when Shah Rukh Khan used to enter the set, his boy used to set a table for him and kept an ashtray as Shah took out his cigarette.”

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He added, “When we were starting the film’s shoot, SRK hugged me and told me, ‘If you want anything on the sets, directly come to me.’ I told him that you think this much about me is also enough for me.”

“I want to smoke like you…”

He then revealed how SRK promptly granted his wish, “Now, Shah Rukh Khan used to smoke on the sets, but I had to go in and out for smoking constantly. He used to even smoke with so much style. I suddenly remembered how he told me to go straight to him for any issue; I went to him and said, ‘Even I smoke and have Black Coffee,’ to which he replied, ‘Very good, yeh toh achi baat hai.’ But I said, “Even I want to smoke like you on the set.” He immediately arranged a table and an ashtray for me and said, “Peeyo!” Om Shanti Om also started Arjun Rampal, Deepika Padukone, Shreyas Talpade in pivotal roles.

Would things ever go back to normal?

Keeping the political differences of both the countries aside, these little moments between Indian & Pakistani artists make us wish that things could ever return to normal. One thing that will stay immortal is Shah Rukh Khan’s suave-filled style.

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