Salman Khan, Arshad Warsi & Sushmita Sen Recreate This Iconic Scene From Friends In Their Movie, But Netizen Says "Bhai Kuch Toh Apna Likh Lo"
Did Salman Khan Starrer Movie Copy This Scene From the Friends Series? Netizen Says “Bhai Kuch Toh Apna Likh Lo” (Picture Credit: Maine Pyaar Kyu Kiya & Friends Poster)

The first season of Friends was released in 1994, and the last one dropped in 2004. While it has been almost two decades since the show went off-air, it still enjoys a massive fan base. Friends: The Reunion that dropped in 2021 was a reminder of just how much the show is still relevant. Another thing to prove its stardom is the fact that several Bollywood movies took inspiration from the show and recreated its scene.

A clip from Salman Khan and Sushmita Sen’s movie, Maine Pyaar Kyu Kiya, has surfaced online for a hilarious reason. It’s an exact copy of one of Friends’ scenes, and the fans cannot stop laughing and commenting at the uncanny resemblance. Scroll on for more details.

An Instagram page called Shefoodie shared a clip from Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya that released in 2005. In the scene, Salman Khan and Arshad Warsi were driving to the airport to stop Sushmita Sen from leaving. The actors were talking to her on the phone and lied that the flight’s mag-wheel was malfunctioning. When Sush’s co-passenger, aka Arbaaz Khan, heard the news, he made a ruckus and asked everyone to get off the plane. The cabin crew members tried informing him that there was no ‘mag- wheel’ in the flight, but he did not listen. Obviously, the scene sounds pretty familiar! This is what happened in the Friends finale episode.

If you remember correctly, Phoebe and Ross tried to stop Rachel from boarding the plane to Paris. Phoebe made up an excuse and said that the ‘phalange’ of the plane was not working properly. This created chaos, and everyone deboarded the flight. When Ross and Phoebe reached the airport, the actress screamed Rachel’s name to get her attention, just like Arshad Warsi did for Sushmita Sen while Salman Khan waited.

Take A Look At The Video:

Here’s what the netizens commented –

“Well still this feels more better than a Hindi version of tvd”

“There’s no left PHILANGE!! 🔥 My eyes!!!!!”

“I watched this movie before watching friends😭imagine my surprise after watching the friends scene😭I actually thought friends copied this scene🏃‍♀️💀”

“Arshadwarai nailed phoebe in this scene”

“See they copied this one too. Bhai kuch toh apna likh lo”

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